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Antony Del Rio: ‘Kid Icarus: Uprising Is Magic’

VideoGameHeat has conducted an interview with the voice actor of Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Antony Del Rio. Del Rio was asked many questions that were related to the game and he reveals many interesting tidbits. Del Rio enjoyed being the voice actor for both Pit and Dark Pit and says that “Nintendo is amazing to work with.”

Kid Icarus: Uprising’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, revealed that he has no plans to make a sequel. Del Rio wishes that a sequel to the game will be released but he “respects Sakurai’s decision because he made such a masterpiece with the first game.” Do you want the Kid Icarus franchise to thrive, or should it be left alone for a while?

25 thoughts on “Antony Del Rio: ‘Kid Icarus: Uprising Is Magic’”

  1. Uprising is amazing, but they should give Pit a rest for a while. I’d like another Star Fox, F Zero, Metroid, Pikmin, Smash, DK, etc first. Nintendo has a lot of great franchises they haven’t done much with in a while. I think another Kid Icarus in about 7 years would be good. Prevent it from becoming stale, leave the consumer wanting more.

  2. They did really, really well. A sequel (or more Accurately, another entry in the franchise) will be a long time from now.

    My fear is that the world Sakurai has imagined here will be hard for a different team to continue on with. The voice actors, the scope and general presentation. It will be a tough act to follow.

  3. I hope we see more pit but uprising should hold us over for quite some time. I think eventually though pit will become a “new” franchise for nintendo.

  4. It is a good sign when a voice actor wants to continue a voice. It means it was a good character. Don’t worry Antony Del Rio, you will have your chance in the next Smash Bros. Speaking of which, how awesome would it be to have Magnus as a playable character?!

  5. Look at my buddy go getting on mynintendonews! Interview was fantastic and really well done! :D

  6. Well, it does have that Nintendo magic. Maybe some other team at Nintendo will make a sequel. Hopefully they’ll have more options to control the game so that many more people can play the game and not complain about the controls.

  7. I was definitely expecting more about Ponies when I read that title. I have been sorely disappointed.

  8. After Sakurai is finished with Smash Bros 4, he should totally make a new Ice Climbers and a new game starring Mr. Game and Watch

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