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Is Nintendo’s Online Infrastructure Its Weak Point?

The Wii U is the single new confirmed video game console that will be showcased during next week’s E3, which will make Nintendo the center of attention as they fully-unveil their latest hardware. While the Wii’s online capabilities are not as robust as the PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s online network, the Wii U will be an improvement.

The Nintendo Network was revealed earlier this year for 3DS titles, but Nintendo has not talked about it in detail. At this point, it seems like the Nintendo Network is just another name for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection but expect Nintendo to discuss the name change and its online plans next week.

40 thoughts on “Is Nintendo’s Online Infrastructure Its Weak Point?”

  1. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata said, “Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts, we are aiming to establish a platform where various services available through the network for our consumers shall be connected via Nintendo Network service so that the company can make comprehensive proposals to consumers.”

  2. I think Nintendo Boycott the online in the Wii for making it shine better in the DS(for a while) and for the same time, support the Local Multiplayer for the Wii(the key of his sucess), and at the same time, remember that in Japan the Online Infraestructure is pretty ‘bad’ against ‘Western’ Standarts and unlike Sony who have enough money to burn against going the XBOX with Internet as his selling point, Nintendo was pretty well with the wii for a long time.

    Again here in Latam all thing are expensive, only with the console is enough for me

  3. Online has always, ALWAYS been Nintendo’s weak point. The 3DS has shown improvements but it’s still not quite there.

  4. Yes, Nintendo’s weak point is its online. Very much so. There online as of now is fucking terrible. Hell, They’re still refusing to let some of their big names like NSMB and Starfox have online, and that’s just ridiculous. Don’t try to defend Nintendo’s online when there is nothing there. I’ve seen people actually say Brawl has absolutely no lag, which is so bullshit.

    1. Have you played Mario Kart 7 or Kid Icarus Uprising online? They’re both pretty much lagless.

      And Brawl could be lagless in very rare situations… :P

      1. Yes, 7 didn’t have lag. That still doesn’t mean the online is good. Still have stupid, stupid friend codes, still can’t join groups, still can’t turn off certain items (Blue Shells seriously need to die), still can’t invite someone to a game…etc. Having no lag is only the very first step in a long line of things you need to have good online.

        1. The friend codes really aren’t that annoying now that you have one per system instead of one per game. Not that different from having to type a friend’s online ID or something.

          You can join a friend’s game. And there are communities in MK7. As for turning off items, it’s simply a game thing. You can do it in Kid Icarus, for example. Unfortunately, this particular game didn’t offer that option.

          1. You could argue that Friend Codes are like phone numbers, but while phone numbers have 7 numbers (usually the most a human can easily remember), friend codes have 12. Its just annoying. Yes you can start a race with a friend, but you can’t join an already existing one with random people. Besides, you would need to have at least 8 friends that are online at the same time to have a full race.

            Communities…ugghh. More fucking numbers! We seriously couldn’t type in the name of the community instead od numbers? Not to mention, you need a large community to actually get any racers. You can’t just start a community and expect to have a race, your community needs to have some way to get out there and people will want for some reason to type in all of those….numbers….to join. Its just annoying.

            Sorry this was so long btw, I kinda get carried away easily :p

      2. There’s a difference between running a game at 60 fps without frame rate dips and playing a game that doesn’t lag. MK7 runs perfectly at 60 fps online but there are very serious connection problems.

      1. I meant I know there are going to be people on here that say “Nintendo’s online is perfectly fine, I don’t think they need to change a thing!”. Yes they are improving, but at a snail’s pace. Microsoft and Sony already have had online for a good 5-6 years. Its going to be next to impossible to draw “Hardcore Gamers” in without a good online.

  5. At the moment, Nintendo’s online infrastructure is kinda weak but from the sound of things and latest announcements, the company has learnt from its mistakes in the past, learnt what went down well with its competitors and adapted their own version and are looking to correct the wrongs. Whether that happens or not is something we’ll know more detail about come E3 and even more so when the WiiU system is launched with the Nintendo Network.

  6. I’d give it a resounding “YES”

    Nintendo is a great company, makes great games and you have fun playing those games. For the most part, you are alone. While this is not bad, some games could benefit from multiplayer. So they throw Co-op and split screen. But with other games connecting 10 people from around the world together, that split screen looks even smaller. Nintendo needs to PROPERLY implement a high quality online connectivity function and be more open to developers who use that specific platform.

    But this is nothing new; we all know Nintendo needs to do this and they do to. It just remains to be seen how long they’ll take to do so and how they’ll fair without it in the time being.

  7. They’ll keep friend codes on the 3DS, because honestly it doesn’t really need much more. Most 3DS online play is just matchmaking anyways. However, the Wii U will need a sick online system if it wants to compete with the big dogs like Nintendo is claiming it will. They’ve already confirmed “personal accounts” too so I think we’ll be good.

  8. Wii’s online is pretty laggy outside of Mario Kart (no idea why it’s so much more stable for this than everything else) It’s not a problem on my end because I’ve owned a PS3 and a 360 at different points, using the same internet service provider, and the online for those consoles have been fine.

    Playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom online was actually a painful experience, I swear lol

      1. I guess I just haven’t played it enough then, ‘cos it really was fine or me. I guess I was just lucky or something.

  9. Next thing we know, in a couple of years, they would introduce Nintendo 4G or 5G, which in another 4-6 years, 5G would be a major upgrade from 4G. The Vita at least has 3G, but sadly 3G is abysmal no matter what network you are on.

    To answer the question, online is Nintendo’s weak point for now, but it has made major improvements and strides with the 3DS and Nintendo Network. When the Wii came out, it wasn’t really focused much when it comes to online gaming due to the weak infrastructure and only a few. Wii games had good online while the Nintendo WFC service was abysmal.

    To me, I think Nintendo had improved in the online with the 3DS, but it’s not perfect though. As a matter of fact, nothing else in the gaming and tech world is perfect.

  10. I switched to 360 for this very reason. I love Nintendo and own a 3DS and plan on having a Wii U, but if the online suffers then I won’t play it. It needs weekly demos, weekly games (more than one a week like the 3DS is doing) and good legacy titles. If it has all that then I’m in. At the very least I also want to be able to invite friends to mathes and play with them like the Xbox does.

  11. I have to trust that Nintendo will do the right thing with the Wii U. I think they understand that consoles don’t need apps to connect in the same exact ways that computers do- the 3DS definitely distinguishes itself, and so will the Wii U with video chat, Nintendo news, etc.

  12. Nintendo’s online infrastrucure has always been their weak point, at least from the hardcore gamers perspective. I think they will definitely improve it for the Wii U. They’ve been getting help from the 3rd parties to improve on the thiings they don’t have much experience with. I think it’s most likely to be EA that will help them in this way, considering how closely they’ve been working with Nintendo on the Wii U.

    Next week we should know more. Leave luck to heaven.

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