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Amazon Changes Rayman 3DS Release Date To November

Popular online retailer Amazon has listed Ubisoft’s long-delayed Rayman Origins 3D with a November 6th release date. Developer Ubisoft previously said that the game will be available in North America on June 5th, which is the same day as Nintendo’s E3 press conference. Perhaps this has something with the recently released demo, which didn’t sit too well with gamers.

19 thoughts on “Amazon Changes Rayman 3DS Release Date To November”

    1. This game is amazing….it looks real nice on the oled screen of the vita….I’ll probably get the next Rayman on wiiu.

  1. I don’t really care as long as it comes out before Christmas, which it will if Amazon are right.

  2. I tested out the demo of the game and I was kinda disappointed, to be honest. The game looks really really good on all the other systems but on the 3DS it unfortunately looks pretty awful. I would have expected it to look a lot better, actually.

    1. I agree I played the demo on the 3ds after beating the game on the vita and it looked awful…almost makes me wonder why its taking the 3ds version so long to come out.

  3. For me it was the controls. He moved too slow and then too fast, and he wouldn’t always go in the direction you wanted. I thought I was being retarded, I’m glad to know it’s the game fault. FOr a moment I thought I had totally forgot how to play games!

  4. yeah…while i dont play games for the graphics, i was looking forward to the epicness of rayman origins graphics, + 3d…but the sprites werent even very crispy. my excitement died. :X also no multiplayer.

  5. Bah. I’ve already played the great game on Wii, PS3 and PC. Don’t need that poorly made 3DS version. Might as well not even release it. :/

  6. I have this pre-ordered. The game looked fine. Why would I want it in November? WHO WILL WANT IT BY THEN?

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