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Pachter Says E3 2012 “Will Be One Of The More Boring Ones”

Despite Nintendo planning to show of its next generation console, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that E3 2012 will be one of the more boring E3’s. Speaking to MSNBC Pachter claims that the reason E3 2012 won’t be as gripping as previous years is due to the fact that development studios seem content in throwing out sequel after sequel, rather than producing original games.

“It’ll be one of the more boring ones. We are in the unprecedented 6th and 7th year of the cycle. The industry isn’t that exciting because it’s all sequels, no new IPs, no new consoles and fewer games. So E3 is, by definition, just not going to be as exciting or interesting as it’s been in the past.”

96 thoughts on “Pachter Says E3 2012 “Will Be One Of The More Boring Ones””

  1. Someone please take a mug shot of him if he appears at E3, I’d like to put Pachter up on the Wall of Shame. He’s been awarded Idiot Of The Year 2012!

  2. I’m on the fence about his comment. It’s true that the industry keeps selling “safe” sequels instead of “bold” new IPs. Look at Treyarch, which is making Black Ops 2. I can’t think of a single game besides this stagnant franchise that this company makes. Nintendo has more IPs, but reuses the popular ones. However, a new Mario, Zelda, or Metroid on the Wii U will still excite me. It comes down to what the gamer really wants. I do think that we need more diversity at E3, but I would settle for a few good sequels for the franchises I enjoy. Also, it’s true the Wii U was revealed last year. However, so little is known about it that this E3 will truly make or break the consoles reputation.

  3. I agree, aside from WiiU, what else is supposed to pop up? Sequels, sequels, sequels!!! This is the age of sequels in video games and movies and television. I’d like to see some new IP’s. As much as I love Mario and Zelda, I’d like to see Nintendo create new flagship icons, rather than fall back in their safety net.

        1. It’s been around for quite sometime now actually. I can’t say that I’m excited but that sure contradicts what patched says in a way. Kind of. He kind of disregarded nintendo. Or just didn’t know.

  4. Well since good ol pachter has made it clear that he is primarily a Xbox fanboy, he’s probably thinks that e3 is all about xbox and since all we heard so far is that they will be focussing on apps/utilities etc he is quite true.

    Quite obvious that the 20 new games for Sony and a new console, tablet, online infrastructure and some new ip’s for wii/wii u and 3ds is obviously boring.

    Shine on you crazy diamond.

  5. I found this kind of a dumb thing to say. I agree with patcher most of the time but this is just dumb. You can’t say that all the games are sequels. THAT WHY THEY HAVE E3! SO THEY CAN ANNOUNCE NEW GAMES! :P

  6. I expect microsoft and sonys conference to be boring but I’m just saying that because I don’t really care about there exclusive games.

  7. lol i kindof agree except for with nintendo’s e3, they are the company that we litterally know nothing about what they plan on doing at e3. were as most companies have been showing there e3 trailers….i mean wtf.

  8. Well he has a point on sequel obsession and the lack of risk in the gaming world overall, but it will be boring to him because Nintendo could give him one of their old brothels and he’d still find reason to complain. It’s all about Sony and Xbox for Patcher.

    Plus these old men are all trying to sound relevent and cool by banging about new techologies and ways to play games as if they are the next big thing, even though they have been around for ages now, found their niche and not really hurt the existing gaming market at all.

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      1. But we’ve already found out that he hates Nintendo; it’d be impossible for him to watch Norp.

  10. So what i get from this is patcher saying that these 3rd parties companies are killing gaming cause of their continuous sequel ? So its not Nintendo that’s killing gaming like these analyst want us to believe.I see Nintendo try to fix the mediocrity of gaming with new diversity in gameplay i believe

  11. I hate to defend the devs who really are just making sequels, but if you look at the games released soon:
    – complete reboot of Tomb Raider
    -Dead Space goes co-op, God of War goes multiplayer
    -Assassin’s Creed revamps the series
    – Bioshock releases a huge open-world entry
    – Pikmin and Mario go HD and get exciting new controls, rumors of Star Fox as well

    This is the first year I’m actually going to watch the E3 specials, even if I skip to the previews. And I’m saving ANYTHING Wii U so I can rewatch it till November

    1. You forgot Black Ops 2. I know COD gets a bad reputation for putting out the same thing year after year but Treyarch has said that they are completely revamping everything for Black Ops 2. They are changing the whole SP experience adding multiple story lines depending on your actions (whether you live or die in a mission or fail/complete a mission) in game. They are also adding a sandbox element to the whole SP. As for MP they have stated that they have stripped down the MP, and are rebuilding it from the ground up. Whether you like COD or not, you can’t deny that they are trying to change up COD for the better.

  12. I kinda agree with him. The only new IP that I can think of is The Last of Us (though I am hoping that Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft will show off some new IPs). Other than that, it’s all sequels, reboots, and rumors. Gonna have to wait and see.

  13. 1. Last year, the Wii U was only teased, it was not a full announcement.
    2. Nintendo has promised new IPs for the Wii U.
    3. There are LOADS of developers under non-disclosure agreements until E3 with Nintendo about games they’re devving for the Wii U, therefore Pachter would have idea how many or what kind of games they’re devving.

    It is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting ever…. unless you’re a raging Nintendophobe (I’m totally coining that word right now) like Pachter.

  14. I don’t know….I kinda agree with him here…..except nintendo of course…..

    Dev’s are always announcing stuff before E3, so it’ll be stuff we’ve already seen….

  15. I don’t give a crap about what other people think about this years E3 or Nintendo, all I know is that I’m pretty excited about it, and I won’t let some shitty analyst ruin it for me!!

  16. There is some truth to what Patcher says. For the past few years(about 4 or 5 years) there really hasn’t been any new IP’s. From what I’ve witnessed, it truly has been nothing but sequels. A lot of the major companies needs, and third parties, may want to change their tactics or something…

      1. Kid Icarus: Uprising wasn’t actually a new IP; it was started over 25 years ago – just after TLoZ.

    1. There are plenty of new IPs, you just don’t notice them as much because they take time to become popular. Just look at Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, and Rhythm Heaven is pretty new. Don’t forget Professor Layton, The World Ends With You (Hopefully) and Ghost Trick (also hopefully).

  17. Nintendo is going to be the only good E3. Sega will have some good stuff to.

    Microsoft and Sony will be boring because they are not showing much at all, their not showing a new console anyway.

    I can partly agree with Pachter because Only Nintendo E3 and Sega and Ubisoft are going to be the good ones.

  18. I agree with him on the lack of new games part. Developers need to try to get out of their comfort zone and stop making so many sequals. As for E3 being boring, however, I have to dissagree. It is going to be amazing thanks to nintendo. And who knows, Sony might get the vita on track at E3 with some good games.

  19. What the heck does he mean by ‘no new consoles’? I don’t think 2011’s E3 revealed enough about the Wii U to say that E3 2012’s Wii U presentation isn’t new. And no new IPs, right after Shigeru Miyamoto himself is working on at least one new IP?? Just as Pachter was starting to make some comments that made sense, he goes back to this BS!

  20. I have to kind of agree. What does Microsoft have? Halo 4. Sony? God of War 4. Nintendo? A TON of old IPs. Still, calling it boring is over exaggerating. To the average gamer, a new console and the prospect of other new consoles is very exciting.

    1. Halo 4 is a 5 year long awaited sequel though. It by itself is a really huge deal. Many people stopped playing Halo because it started to branch off from the main series.

      Also, as I said below: people WANT these sequels. If they didn’t, the devs wouldn’t make them. They sell really really well, so obviously there’s a demand. And if there’s a demand, obviously people won’t find the revealing of these titles “boring.”

      Negative, pessimistic nincompoops like Patcher will never be satisfied. Just laugh and move on.

  21. Yeah right! Hey Pachter, I see you playing around the Wii U in the E3 and have fun, eat your words.

  22. Negative hype is a good way to make the surprises more surprising. If we have high expectations, we’ll just be disappointed more anyway.

  23. you all realise pachter gets trolled into ansering questions that make nintendos fate seem obleaque?

  24. This could possibly be true, but who really knows. Without knowing exactly what everyone is planning, we have no way of knowing weather or not this will be good or bad.

  25. What an idiot. This year a new console WILL be debuting, and sequels wouldn’t be coming out if thei predecessors didn’t sell phenomenally well. So obviously people WANT sequels.

    And how does he know there will be no new IPs this year? That’s absolutely moronic. There definitely will be new IPs this year. There are new ones almost EVERY year of E3.

    This moron seriously just talks out of his arse to get attention. World’s biggest troll.

    1. Um *cough cough* Wii U!!!!! and Rhythm Heaven Fever was announced too, one of the BEST GAMES EVER!

  26. Hi sickr, don’t you think that keep feeding this troll (Patcher) is a bad idea? I mean, stop talking about this guy is the way to him stop to say BS to earn audience…

  27. Really? Usually I agree with him or at least see where he’s coming from (Most people just get annoyed when he says anything negative about nintendo) but I disagree this time. Nintendo may have announced the Wii U already, but they seem to have so much more about it to tell us, and there’s the possibility of new hardware from the others, and rumours like the xbox smart glass thing…I doubt this will be boring, but let’s see.

  28. I feel as though he always has negative things to say. Not only Nintendo, I’ve noticed it everywhere. Why should I care what this guy thinks anyways? I’m excited for the Wii U, and anxious to see what Sony and Microsoft have to show as well.

  29. No new consoles?! What the hell does he think Wii U is?! It was only revealed last year, as a prototype.

    The Wii U is going to be shown in its final form this year, along with final tech specs, new demonstrations of the console, and some in-game footage from actual Wii U games, as well as a look at what new games are currently in development for Wii U. The console’s not even out yet–it’s still new. If that all doesn’t count as showing a new console, I don’t know what does. Who gives beans if Sony and Microsoft doesn’t show a new console this year? That’s no reason to not consider the Wii U showing a new console.

    And there’s also going to be that EVO 2 thing from Envizions, but I don’t think anyone will take that console seriously, though I do expect Microsoft to go the similar route of EVO 2 with their next console (if they show it next year). They’ve been hinting at their push for cloud-based Microsoft products. While I expect EVO 2 itself to fail hard, the EVO 2’s cloud-based discless console gaming just might be a look at just what Microsoft will do with their next console sometime next year (if they have one). I’m not even a freakin’ analyst and I can see there could be something interesting in all this.

    Honestly, Pachter’s the worst “industry analyst” I’ve ever seen.

    1. But I do agree that elsewhere, E3’s going to be quite boring. I mean, Microsoft’s already said they’re going to be focusing on Kinect–as if we still care about Kinect. And so far, it seems that Sony’s got nothing much up their sleeve but pushing Vita more, hoping people will save their hefty investment. But Wii U alone is reason enough not to call E3 altogether “boring.”

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