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G4 Doesn’t Seem Too Excited For Nintendo’s E3 Presentation

Several editors from G4 gave their thoughts about what they think Nintendo’s E3 presentation will reveal. Although G4’s Morgan Webb believes Nintendo will have a hard time distinguishing the Wii U from Wii to the general public, it looks like a couple editors from the website don’t know the difference between the two consoles – and they are gaming journalists. Below are a few excerpts of what some G4 editors said about Nintendo and their new console – are you ready for their E3 coverage?

“The big Wii U push: price (over $250 is suicide), release date, launch titles, the whole deal.”

-Matt Keil

“The Wii U is Nintendo’s only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi. They will hopefully display some games that mainstream and hardcore gamers alike will enjoy, much to the disdain of their mothers. I really hope this is the year that Nintendo grows up and allows some more mature games into their library.”

-Becky Jutzi

“I want Nintendo to blow me away, but I don’t think they will. I have a bad feeling the Wii U will have nothing to convince me I need to own it as long as I own a Wii.”

-Nikole Zivalich

“I can’t wait for the painfully awkward demo of the new Mario Kart and/or Star Fox game that I’m also guessing will be announced.”

-Jake Gaskill

160 thoughts on “G4 Doesn’t Seem Too Excited For Nintendo’s E3 Presentation”

    1. Spike got exclusivity of showing the press conference instead of them this year. Which would explain why they are trying not to make people excited over it.

      1. Its pathetic what jealousy does.
        Also, am I the only one who loves the quote “painfully awkward demo”? why the fuck would a demo be awkward in any way

        1. Exactly. I have never seen a painfully awkward demo of those games ever. They show gameplay or people playing or together. You know what’s awkward? Sony when they were trying to show how Move worked. That was awkward and I don’t hate Sony. I love my ps3

          1. Maybe he was talking about the Skyward Sword demo from 2010 with the wireless interference. lol or the Wii Music demo from 08. But yeah these people are just…. ugh…

  1. Sylverstone Khandr

    No one cares about them anymore.

    They lost two of their biggest hosts, and Spike TV/GameTrailers one-upped them for official E3 2012 coverage.

    They’re done.

    1. Its sad at this point, G4 is like lame horse that just needs to be put down. Nobody gives a FUCK anymore! They have Ninja warrior, cheaters, cops, and campus pd. They have those anime series nobody keeps up with. Its just falling apart IMO. The more Spike gains in relevance as a gaming channel, the more G4 sinks into a deeper low in the

  2. They’re just mad because covering the event is gonna cut into precious airtime they could be using to rerun Cops.

  3. “The big Wii U push: price (over $250 is suicide)…”

    …How cheap of them. …Over $250 is suicide? The Wii was $250 at launch. Am I the only one expecting the Wii U to be priced at or around $300 USD (which, in my opinion, is actually reasonable given it’s a next gen console)?
    Anything under that and I’d actually be shocked.

    1. It’s gonna be $1000 at launch. Lol jk. I have no clue how they think that will be suicide. I have never watched G4. They’re mad they lost their hosts and they can’t show nintendos press conference. Hahahah losers

    2. I really hatee when people say 300$ is to much!! I mean wtf!!!!!! The 360 was 399$ and the ps3 499$!!! The wii u is a better machine why people cant understand that. They say 250 is suicide but sureee when they release the ps4/720 for 600! People will say “omg thata cheap!!! For a console 5% bettter than the wii U” assholes

        1. ^this. Exactly. Some of my friends talk about a new game before it has a rating and they say I hope it’s mature. It’s the only way it’ll be good. Seriously? Zelda is an awesome game and it’s rated T. Uncharted is awesome and it’s rated T. G4 has been known to only love cod and hate basically every other game

    1. not really. even jutzi by saying mature, he means that they should start making FPS, not mario, cuz mario is “immature” in his ****ing opinion

  4. I watch g4 for there non Nintendo coverage. When it comes to Nintendo they are always such dicks for some reason.

      1. whats wrong with you? are you retarded or something? he didnt even say anything negative. And even if he had, your response makes us all look bad. Stop commenting please.

  5. In my opinion you shouldn’t post things like this. It’ll get some dedicated fans agitated in a way. Especially who’re really looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 conference.

    1. They don’t care about if it gets fans on their website agitated. It’s all about views and hits. This years E3 changed a few rules. For news websites/blogs, you need to get a certain amount of hits on your website to get a certain amount of passes to E3.

    2. They’re just butthurt that we made Skyward Sword win their stupid popularity contest last year instead of their precious Skyrim.

  6. Wait, G4 bashing Nintendo? This is madness! *dramatic moment* Madness? This… Is… Perfectly normal! good to see nothing’s changed. Now everybody go back to your normal pre-zombie apocolypse lifstyles.

  7. I mean, I agree about some stuff. Honestly. Nintendo does need to allow some mature games into their library. Nintendo fans missed out on a lot of stuff this generation. And it annoyed me, personally. I love Zelda and Metriod, it’s why I choose Nintendo. But I also want Resident Evil 5, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Grand Theft Auto, and a few other games that only got released on the PS3 and 360. If I could have both my Nintendo games and some of the mature games that I want, it’d be the perfect system for me. I love a good casual game and I love something as epic as Zelda, but I also want to shoot things.

    But as a Nintendo fan, I feel the same way. Unless I am absolutely blown away, I won’t be buying one until it’s being sold for, like, $99 like the Wii is right now. And I’m sure a lot of Nintendo fans feel this way, so a price over $250 might be what makes them not buy one, especially if they’re unsure about it in the first place. I do want Nintendo to blow me away at E3, but I also have doubts that will happen.

    The last quote is just catty so fuck that guy. He just comes off as a complete Nintendo hater, whereas the others (or at least the girls) seem more like me, Nintendo fans but they’ve been burned. So they’re hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

    1. I can understand your concerns, but you have to remember that the Wii didn’t receive those “mature” titles because it was underpowered and it would’ve been difficult to have worked the controls around the Wiimote, not because Nintendo said they couldn’t especially if you consider the fact that a game like MadWorld is on the Wii. Besides, why would the Wii-U be sold for $99 or even $250?! It’s a next-gen system, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be that cheap. It’s most likely going to be $350. But believe me, if I’m not happy with what the Wii-U is going to be like, I’m not buying it until it does.

      1. What I mean by $99 is when Nintendo eventually drops to that price 6 years later. You know, when I’ll be able to get it in black. With a free game.

        And that’s exactly my point. Nintendo needs to make sure the Wii U isn’t under-powered so they can get games like Grand Theft Auto and Arkham City, which they seem to be doing. But I’m not sure if it’ll be able to handle the same graphics as the PS4 and X Box 3 will. Because if it can’t, like the Wii, it will basically be a generation behind them. And as a potential Wii U owner, that concerns me.

        1. The Wii-U could be $99 by the time it’s going to die out but who buys a system when it’s nearly dead? Most people tend to buy one about a year or two after launch in order for the system to have a decent library

          Those are all valid claims but how much sense would it make for Sony and/or Microsoft to make a system ridiculously more powerful than the Wii-U if you consider the fact that it’s coming out first? History has shown that competent systems that come out earlier than their competitors tend to get a firm grip on the market. I mean, for example, I remember back before the PS3 came out or was fully unveiled people were saying that the 360 was underpowered and that the PS3 was going to blow it out of the water, well that didn’t happen, now did it? Also, it wouldn’t make much sense to make a system so much more ridiculously powerful than the Wii-U because it would end up becoming ridiculously expensive and, ntm, Sony wouldn’t be capable of releasing a ground breaking system such as that due to the amount of money they have lost in the past couple of years.

    2. I cant agree more with you, i love nintendo and i will love it forever. But sadly i had to give my money to another company to play bioshock, borderlands, AC, mass effect etc…
      Because the wii was underpower. I know the wii u can now easly run those games but the only thing i wish is that the situation wont repeat with the next gen

    3. Keep in mind 2 of the reasons the Wii didn’t get many multiplats like the one you mentioned are because

      1. The Wii’s hardware limitations

      2. People seem to forget that the Wii is a system of it’s own identity. Nintendo said themselves that they weren’t aiming to compete in the same arena as Sony & Microsoft.

      1. But whether Nintendo likes it or not, they are competing. Instead of driving it’s players to Sony or Microsoft, they should be trying to get as many people to buy Nintendo, and only Nintendo, as possible. And having so many limitations is what’s doing it. You shouldn’t have to buy those systems just to play multi-platform games like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and the Arkham series. Those are usually some of the biggest games of the year. The fact that Nintendo is so uninterested in getting them released on their system is just bizarre to me.

        1. Yes, that’s one of the problems with the Wii. Lack of big mulitplats. However like I said, the Wii is a system of it’s own identity. Therefore it has mostly it’s own exclusive games (some of the best this gen I might add).

          NMH 1&2
          Red Steel 2
          Zack & Wiki
          Trauma Center
          Dead Space: Extraction
          House of the Dead Overkill
          Sonic Colors
          Monster Hunter Tri
          Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
          Little Kings Story
          Blast Works
          Lost Winds
          de Blob
          Boom Blox 1&2
          Cave Story
          SSX Blur
          GoldenEye 007
          Epic Mickey
          Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
          The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
          Rabbids go Home
          Strong Bad
          NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
          Toki Tori
          The Last Story
          Rhythm Heaven Fever
          Super Smash Bros. Brawl
          Endless Ocean
          Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
          Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
          Excitebots & Excite Truck
          Phantom Brave: We Meet Again
          Art Style
          Battalion Wars 2
          Mercury Meltdown Revolution,
          Mario Strikers Charged
          Metroid Prime 3
          You, Me & the Cubes
          Metal Slug Anthology
          Tomb Raider: Anniversary
          Shiren the Wanderer
          Wario Land Shake it
          Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
          Zelda: TP & SS
          Donkey Kong Country Returns etc.

        2. It’s not because Nintendo was uninterested in getting those games on the Wii, it’s because the developers couldn’t be bothered to massacre a game for an underpowered system as it would completely ruin them. Do you really think Nintendo doesn’t want more games on their systems?

  8. Everyone is expecting THE BIGGEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD kind of thing from Nintendo. But really? What can you expect more from the other platforms at this point in time? Kinect 2? Sony Move….(what was sony thinking?)

    As a price point, I’m sure the same people will be complaining when the new xbox and playstation’s price gets announced at 600-800$ brand new on day 1. Might as well just buy a PC for that price. I’d definately pay for the Nintendo Wii U between 250-300$.

    The graphics will be better than the xbox 360 and ps3. On top of that, you’ll get a nice big tablet to work with even if you aren’t gaming. Tablets alone cost 100$ easily for the cheapest ones that are running android 4.0. Nintendo is also known to be family friendly. It’s good that the specs aren’t all sooped up. then it would cost as much as the ps3 when it first came out. No one wants to pay 500$ for a system. They want to make profit and get as many new systems into the households as possible.

    I see a lot of potential for the Wii U/Tablet. I was reading that some devs say it’s the hardest to develop on but that’s just being plain lazy, not wanting to figure out the learning curve.

    1. *Dies of laughter* tablets runing IC 4.0! XD you do realise 1 core procesor tablets are around 100 and CANT run Honeycomb right? were the hell do you get $100 tablet runing IC?? XD

  9. They call me... Mr. Vain

    oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    G4 loves Nintendo, and the United States economy is recovering tremendously. And while we are at it, World hunger no longer exists.
    well no shit Alba

  10. If G4 made some valid points as to why the WiiU probably won’t be good then I’d be somewhat supportive of them, but with points like “over $250 means suicide” and “Wii U will have nothing to convince me I need to own it as long as I own a Wii” I just can’t. First off, I would consider $250 a good price if not somewhat cheap. As far as the second quote, how the hell could WiiU not convince you to stick with anything but your Wii?! Seriously! FREAKIN’ WII! I don’t care what games WiiU will have or how it will be, the controller ALONE is enough to convince you it’s AT LEAST better then your Wii. Heck, while I’m at it, I could really re post all of these quotes since they’re so mind-numbingly stupid. I mean, more mature games? And how can a new Star Fox game be awkward?! I’d be totally stoked if there was a new Star Fox game. I’m not saying I think WiiU is great and will do amazing but I’m certainly willing to give it a shot and if I was gonna put it down I’d come up with better reasoning for sure; these just make me facepalm forever…

  11. For me, I do not mind what Nintendo releases. I can not wait for them to make their decisions on things. That’s why I got an Xbox 360 alongside my Wii so I can have more options. Even if I used my Wii or other Nintendo system for first-party, I will not mind. The only thing they need to improve on is their online servers.

    1. See, that’s the the thing, though. Why would Nintendo want you to have to purchase and 360 or PS3? When they could release a system that could handle some of the things people are buying them for? Then that’d be one less person buying one of the competitor’s systems. Isn’t that good for Nintendo? Like, IDK, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Why they’d be okay with that.

      And yes, online is a huge online. So Nintendo needs to bring it on that front. Online is more of the future of gaming then things like tablets and limited motion sensing.

        1. Well, exclusives are one thing but I mean, like, Grand Theft Auto or Resident Evil, which are multi-platform. If Nintendo could get stuff like that, along with their exclusives, some of us wouldn’t have to buy a second system. Which can only be good for them.

  12. “The big Wii U push: price (over $250 is suicide), release date, launch titles, the whole deal.”

    -Matt Keil

    Me: Well Matt, you do know that the WiiU is a new console?
    Didn’t think so!

    “The Wii U is Nintendo’s only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi. They will hopefully display some games that mainstream and hardcore gamers alike will enjoy, much to the disdain of their mothers. I really hope this is the year that Nintendo grows up and allows some more mature games into their library.”

    -Becky Jutzi

    Me: Exactly, good journalism…..!
    Good thing then that games like Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders 2, Injustice: Gods among us, Ninja Gaiden 3, Assassins Creed III, Killer Freaks from outter space and many others have already been confirmed isn’t it Becky?

    “I want Nintendo to blow me away, but I don’t think they will. I have a bad feeling the Wii U will have nothing to convince me I need to own it as long as I own a Wii.”

    -Nikole Zivalich

    Me: The WiiU will be on par if not better than current “HardCore” consoles and thus be the upgrade you need to differentiate itself from the original Wii!

    “I can’t wait for the painfully awkward demo of the new Mario Kart and/or Star Fox game that I’m also guessing will be announced.”

    -Jake Gaskill

    Me: Yeh!, sure me too……… don’t forget RIIIIIIIDDDDGE! RAAAAACCCCERRR! (SONY) or “Boom there it is” (MS) either.

    1. Just when I thought Morgan Webb was too much, they call in Abbie Heppe to do that travesty of a review.

  13. Nintendo really needs to consider removing their products from the US and never going back. I’m sick of all this bullshit coming out of there from so called gamers and editors in comments and articles. The US doesn’t deserve Nintendo anymore. They are pissing on the industry with their arrogance and I have felt embarrassed to be a gamer too many times this generation. Fuck the US, stick to your fake food, violence and smut and leave Nintendo to those who appreciate them.

    1. Suck a dick hippie, gaming is a luxary, not a nessecity, so choke on a dick and drown in you’re tears ..!..

      1. You’re really not helping our case, dude.

        He never said gaming was a necessity, he said us americans don’t deserve Nintendo anymore because of the arrogance we show by putting Nintendo down all the time.

        And, to be honest, I’m starting to agree.

    2. First off: I’m sorry but that seems really biased. Why do you think Nintendo sells merchandise in the U.S in the first place? Because it’s profitable for them. Why is it profitable? Because people in the U.S buy their merchandise. Why do people by their merchandise? Because apparently people care for Nintendo in the U.S.

      Secondly, after, “Stick to your fake food, violence and smut”, it seemed like a First World: “I hate the Americans” problem. Because everyone in the U.S wakes up every day then say in a Brooklyn accent: “Gee, I sure, uh, hate dem Europeans.”

  14. “I want Nintendo to blow me away, but I don’t think they will. I have a bad feeling the Wii U will have nothing to convince me I need to own it as long as I own a Wii.”


  15. They should stop acting like moaning and depressed kids and talk like the journalists they are supposed to be.I even came up with a great alliteration to get them started: biased bastards :D

  16. G4 is a joke now. It used to be all about video games, but now that network is 10% video games and 90% Cops and cheaters. And anything that actually is about video games are about the over hyped mainstream games. G4s opinions are as valid as Patchers.

    1. And even when they merged with TechTV, they were still a killer channel. Thanks to Neal Tiles in 2005, though, those golden days are long gone.

    2. AMEN! And it should be noted, that G4 has always been in Microsofts pocket. (G4 owned by NBC, which is heavily influenced by Microsoft). I mean seriously, at one time (not sure if they are still using it) they had one video game controller in their logo… a 360 controller, need I say more.

  17. sickr,the previously news were wrong.nintendo had been wining money all those years and now third parties think that nintendo had been losing money and they will lose more.WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!? THE WIIU WILL SUCCEDD U FUCKING MICRODICK FANS!JUST W8

      1. no i play ratchet and clank on your playstation3 and we all know that only babies play that game (series)

  18. Fuck ’em. They’re just defensive of their precious Xbox and PS3. They are afraid of how the Wii U could totally smash other consoles out of the water.

  19. “I can’t wait for the painfully awkward demo of the new Mario Kart and/or Star Fox game that I’m also guessing will be announced.”

    Yeah because it’s totally an amazing idea to NOT make a sequel for two of your most popular franchises. This arguments like saying “Oh I can’t wait for DC to release ANOTHER Batman comic!” With a heavy amount of sarcasm. But hey, at least I got a good laugh out of these guys.

  20. TRANSLATION: We’re just going to say the Wii-U sucks and not get people excited because we don’t have special access to E3 this year.

    1. This is the most accurate description I’ve ever seen of G4. You have my respect (which isn’t worth much really).

  21. I know people like to throw around the phrase “X website hates Nintendo” but in G4’s case it’s true. I remember their members last year voted for Skyward Sword as best game of 2011, and instead of saying “the winner is Skyward Sword” they started getting all passive aggressive and basically called THEIR OWN members, angry fanboys.

  22. “The Wii U is Nintendo’s only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi. They will hopefully display some games that mainstream and hardcore gamers alike will enjoy, much to the disdain of their mothers. I really hope this is the year that Nintendo grows up and allows some more mature games into their library.”

    Microsoft announces Sesame Street 2 and G4 gets excited

  23. fucking microbots. nintendo really should’ve changed that stupid name for thet Wii U. if they did, they wouldn’t have such a hard time with the distinguishing thing!

  24. G4 have always been an atrocious website as far as gaming goes. G1 (Screwattack) is infinitely better and every single way. They actually know what they’re talking about, and doesn’t show bias towards any of the companies.

  25. I wish we had a real gaming network.

    Both Spike and G4 are kinda lame. They really need to focus more on creating content about video games, and not just putting on a bunch of random crap that could appeal to a gamer.

  26. Morgan Webb, STFU. Adam Sessler was the only thing giving X-Play any kind of credibilty and he’s gone now so….it’s over for you. These people are paid for this? Typical American media, only report and approve things the pad your bottom line. Too bad I don’t have Spike or else I would boycott E3 on G4 this year. As it stands I have no choice.

  27. Matt Keil- I’ve seen the argument for over $400, but $250? you think a brand new console with never seen controls and a hell of a lot more potential has to compete with the 360 and PS3? SCREW THAT. IF Nintendo were releasing it at $250, It’d only be for the gamer, because Nintendo is in business for the gamer. Not Sony, which kept the PS3 prices ridiculously high even when no one would buy it, and Xbox who keeps prices high, including monthly charges, despite the ridiculous amount of advertising (the Micheal Bay of game consoles).

    Becky Jutsi- You just don’t understand that Nintendo is into video games, and not finding ways to turn everything into a bloody shooter with useless cussing and slutty girls. What Nintendo could use is huge open-world games to expand on a direction they haven’t been able to take for a long time, and RPG creators are getting involved with the Wii U. Otherwise, they still have the most polished RPG experiences anyway- of the game starts to lag. that means you’ve gone too far. Make Xenoblade, and you’re doing it right.

    Nikole Zivalich- Admittedly, who wants the Wii after the Wii U is released? YOU CAN PLAY EVERYTHING ON WII U. You obviously don’t understand the gravity of coming events. Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, open-world Mario- they’re going bigger and better. Star Fox and F-Zero will eventually be revived, the rumors of retro’s Star Fox means it’s about to become the biggest game for Wii U. So basically, Nikole, you’re the ignorant person who thinks Wii U is an add-on controller. Pay close attention during E3.

    Jake Gaskill- WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? I imagine there could be a presentation that faces a problem like Skyward Sword did. but that’s because of the tech used at E3 and is not a reflection of the product. People who turned from Skyward Sword because they thought the game had broken controls missed out on the most amazing controls of this generation.

  28. wow i read everone comments and you guy are in alot of strees but it seems like G4 was big news from nintendo

  29. g4 is garbage to the 4th power

    noone cares about their reviews that are most likely paid for because they will give any garbage that is paid for a 5/5

  30. If thos idiots are allowed to sort of boycott WiiU because they are idiots and therefore didnt get the event this year. We should boycott them DDOS their website etc because they dont deserve an audience. They are journalists not stupid kindergarten babies.

  31. and 500 nintendo fanboys cried that day.
    look the wii-u has looked like crap since it was announced.
    Xbox will probably be crap too so relax. its not fanboyism its being a gamer.

    the only ray of hope i saw for the wii-u was the new controller, which isnt 100% garbage.

  32. G4 Just made their biggest mistake ever!All they do is lie and talk about Dudbox360 games.And now they dont show the press conference!Bad move G4!Everyone boycott them!!!

  33. Pingback: G4′s List Of “The Top Video Games Of All Time” Includes Many By Nintendo | My Nintendo News

  34. G4 is just WAAAAY too mainstream and they suck ass. Their reviews are horrible and were probably paid to give some of them. Their comments are so absurd, it amazes me how ignorant people can be. Seriously, such petty comments and ignorance makes it seem like it’s a bunch of 13 year-old Xbox kids that just play Gears of War and Mortal Kombat that are giving these reviews. They do not deserve their jobs at all.

    Grew up on Nintendo, moved to Xbox, but switched to PC. And yet I’m still partying with my friends with some Super Smash Bros. and Gamecube. Lolwut.

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