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Developer: “We Won’t Be Working On Wii U Due To Its Complexities”

IGN recently questioned a large amount of “industry professionals” – who are also video game developers – about the next generation of video game consoles. The anonymous developers claimed that they will release their new video games on the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles during 2013.

The majority of the developers stated that they were pleased with the easiness of developing for the unannounced consoles, while “63% of developers said the Wii U would be the most challenging platform to develop for.”

In the past, known developers have stated that the Wii U is very easy to develop for. We don’t know who the developers are and we don’t know exactly how many were approached by IGN, so let’s wait until E3 next week to find out the number of developers that are supporting the Wii U.

89 thoughts on “Developer: “We Won’t Be Working On Wii U Due To Its Complexities””

        1. So called anonymous developers say its complex, yet the ones who came out in the open about it say it’s very easy, I don’t buy it.

  1. How come people will say who they are when they’re excited about it. But the other people who say they don’t like it are always anonymous?

      1. that smell is coming from those so called anonymous developers. To be honest we wouldn’t hate the developers f they were known.

    1. Because they’re probably either fanboys claiming to be developers, people working for Microsoft/Sony, or just random trololololols who want to cause conflict and drama and/or see people’s reactions just for a quick laugh (hence why it’s all starting to happen in the weeks and days leading up to E3).

  2. known developers say it’s easy to develop for Wii U while a bunch of anonymous “developers” claim it’s hard? this is nothing more than a smear campaign to discourage the masses

  3. Hmmm…. similar architecture to the Xbox360 (just way more powerful CPU and GPU) which means easy to develop for yet unknown sources say its difficult and will pass on it. This sounds to me like fresh sh*t on a hot sidewalk. IGN is working hard for attention.

  4. Guys I think they mean making the controller work in its own unique way, just say if the wii this gen was just as powerful as ps3/360, I think most devs would of just ported their games over and not use motion controls. We heard in the earliest stages of the wii u that it was just as easy to develop on then the 360 and vigil had no trouble bringing the game over to the controller. This is just most likely a case of lazy devitis (not saying that all devs are)

  5. More difficult because they’d actually have to think about what to use the tablet for rather than just shoveling the same grey/brown generic FPS’s with the same controls down our throats.

    Saying that I can foresee that the Wii U will be inundated with vast quantities of shovelware as usual with Ninty consoles.

  6. Hello. I am am anonymous developer. The wii u isn’t good.

    See how easy that was? I think Ign is just like a teenage girl. Out to create drama.

  7. I think these developers just can’t figure out how to innovate with the tablet controller and two screens. It’s either that, or they got an updated, more complex Wii U dev kit. I hope this isn’t the Wii all over again, with horrible third-party support because they can’t use Nintendo controllers efficiently.

  8. To be fair “hardest” doesn’t exactly mean “hard” its just a lil extra effort and it’s still unknown everything you can do with the extra screen

  9. ok another anon claim that said its hard, its weak, its not next gen, ign needs to prove who said it because i think they are making faults claim.
    till then i call this bs for because it has no prove, ign hate nintendo and people know it.

  10. This developers are NOT welcome by the Nintendo customers to.. There is plenty of reasons.

    1) they are lazy
    2) If they cant make a pc quality and level game, we just dont want them..
    3) they can sell their stupid games in 360 and ps3, yes we do allow them to do that.

    Wii U is on par with a pc, that means more more than 360 and ps3… some retards dont like that, so they may try find their luck selling ice creams and donuts in the street.

    1. exactly, like i say its b.s, why should wii listen to these developer who are hiding there name on public unlike other companies like darksiders guys or gearbox people telling us the truth here.

    1. “Devs struggle with Wii U, creating an opportunity for the Xbox.”
      “Mitch Dyer is an Associate Editor for IGN’s Xbox 360 team.”


  11. They’ll all come crawling back.

    And I’m starting to think the Internet does take “anonymous sources” more seriously than openly named developers like the good folks making Darksiders II and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    1. sadly you’re right =/ i’ve been following a lot about the Wii U and i see many side with anonymous sources even if they are like one or two sentences long. it’s dumb, and IGN and their commenters are equally dumb by smearing that crap all over the place and believing it.

  12. Translation: We won’t be working on Wii U because we are lazy and we want to be able to have the option of nickle and diming our customers with as much DLC as we can. Even if so called DLC will either include it in the game or shove it onto their system (whether they want it or not) via a patch.

  13. Its all the crappy developers that made shitty Wii games Wii didn’t buy there shitty games then and we dont need them this generation

  14. 63% of developers? Meaning what, individuals or companies? Said they asked 35 developers, but if that’s 35 people from, say, 10 companies, then who cares? A lot of the big-name companies have been outspoken about their support of the console. I can’t imagine giving a toss about a bunch of no names that haven’t made any AAA titles saying Wii U is “too complex.” Especially after several developers have stated they ported games over from XBOX and/or PS3 in a matter if minutes or a “few lines of code.”

  15. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I stopped giving IGN any of my clicks a while ago. Same with GTTV and GameSpot.

    Between here, GoNintendo, NWR, ZeldaInformer, NintendoEverything, and NeoGAF, I’m pretty content. IGN can fuck off.

    1. I agree and would like to add that this IGN article was posted by the XBox editor who is trying to slow the Wiiu hype train and also that Richard George fails at promoting Nintendo and should be fired and replaced by Lucas Thomas.

    2. i don’t trust many of the multi-gaming sites. they suck up to microsoft and sony too much and lick their asses as well.

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  17. Big Nintendo fan here, this is still up in the air…. It may fail like game cube, but it won’t be a failure to us. Sorta the bottom line to us but not business finances

  18. I really want to know who these developers are so I can know not to ever buy a game from them again.

  19. IGN is full of bullshit! Only real game developers are down with supporting the Wii U because it’ll take creativity to create a different game play on the Wii U. Besides, who the are these mystery developers….my guess is probably nobodies….or IGN is making shit up.

  20. This also was made by a Xbox editor, also notice how everything is pro Xbox while everything is negative for Wii U, he even said the 720 will be the best selling console next gen, we have no idea who will be the best but only a fanboy would say that, I’m guessing IGN wanted hits and this is the best way to do it, and Vigil and Team Ninja said the Wii U is easy to develop for and there known devs.

  21. I don’t buy this for a second. How come these so called “anonymous developers” bashing the Wii U always stem from ign…This is exactly why I don’t visit that sh**** site anymore, all they do is make up “news” to discourage people from buying into Ninty. Well, what do you expect when their parent company is fox news?

  22. Give it one year, and these lazy developers will be able to directly port games over because Nintendo will redesign the classic controller. Either that, or let them do it regularly and reserve the screen for menu/ a Nintendo menu. I’m cool with that.

  23. Hmmm, funny how those “Anonymous” game developers are saying they can’t wait for the PS4 and Next Xbox… it’s clearly fan boys of Sony and Microsoft butt hurting because we Nintendo fans get are new HD system before they do.

    Plus, Sony and Microsoft confirmed that the PS4 and Next will not be released or announced any time soon

  24. I smell lies here, it’s a very unbelievable story, especially since they are anonymous, just people trying to make nintendo look bad. This makes me lose faith in humanity, i mean why try to make something look bad just because you don’t like it, when its success won’t hurt you in any way at all. If I don’t like something, I usually just ignore it

  25. The article title is a lie. The developers “said the Wii U would be the most challenging platform to develop for.” This is no big suprise, seeing that they also have to programme the Wii U controller.

    This article did not say that they won’t develop for the Wii U, it just said it was harder for them to develop for the Wii U.

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  27. What this comes down to is that a curtain number of developers just refuse to work on any Nintendo based hardware due to their personal bias or in some cases poor software sales in the past that hurt their bottom line (profits).

    This generation the excuse was “The Wii just have inferior hardware”, the current excuse is “Too complex to work on the Wii U” and when the PS4 and Xbox720 release the next excuse will be “The Wii U is not as powerful as these other consoles so our games will not work on it”. There will be some developers that will never make games for a Nintendo console fueled party by their personal bias to the company and that’s just how it will be. That’s why we now live in a era of owning at least two different consoles to satisfy your gaming needs. I personally have a PS3 and will be getting the Wii U.

  28. Grow some balls, put your name there or STFU.

    IGN should have just renamed this article: “E3 is coming up and Nintendo will put all the doubters to rest, so we might as well milk the Wii U rumour mill for all it’s worth and post another flame bait article.” But I can understand if that title was too long. Leave luck to heaven.

  29. Wow. So devs would rather make games for platforms that so far add no innovarion to gameplay? Awesome. 6 more years of the same gameplay over and over again. People are going to get bored with the same crap over and over, and would like some innovation when we play. Something differrent. Then again, I don’t nthese necessarily trust these “annonymous” developers.

  30. I will have to wait and see for Wii-U. I think it’s easier to make on Wii-U and can make exclusives very easily

  31. Seriously if this would be tru I think the game industry would be going in great problems. Being a developer is being curious, intelligent, creative and have new challenges. If you don’t develop because of a different way of devloping you’re not a developer but just a fat geek who became “developer” because you like computers and want money. No interest in having peoples like this denigrate the quality of the games. Theese are those who just do and redo everytime the same gameplay because others did it and it sold, no creative brains and no attentention deserved.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  32. this is fine with me, if some pussy developer can’t learn some new techniques ot program, or working with a system is “too hard” for him, i’d rather not try any of his games as they’re probably just re-hashed older games.

  33. Actually, based on their Press Conference maybe EA (and possibly Activation as well) is the 63 percent of Developers claiming it is to hard to work with the WiiU… How about shrinking your companies down and doing something original for once.

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