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Investors Already Expecting To Be Disappointed With Wii U At E3

Nintendo’s shares are currently at their lowest levels since 2003 when the Gamecube was the current Nintendo home console, and investors expect them to drop even lower. Mizuho Securities analyst Takeshi Koyama claims that the market has begun to accept the possibility that “the situation is going to get worse after this year’s E3.”

78 thoughts on “Investors Already Expecting To Be Disappointed With Wii U At E3”

      1. lol . As far as that “birst guy” yes fucking FAIL. but Nintendo … I dont think so as far as they have that vivitouch tech confirmed on the controller and Unreal Engine 4 They won the next gen.

    1. hey guys! this is it! get your hopes down for Nintendo having a good press conference, that way no matter what they do it will be better than what you expect them to show!

  1. How can you expect to be disappointed? If you expect it then there is no disappointment. Paradox.

  2. “Prepares to laugh at TKoyama”

    But just on the 0.0124673675422479 chance that this turns out to be true…

    “Prepares to believe TKoyama is secretly the TP fortune teller”

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    1. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe these are the same people who have been clamoring for Nintendo to abandon hardware development entirely and make games for mobile….Their opinion is absolute shit to me, excuse my language.

  3. This is why I don’t give two coins about what’s been said here: It’s the opinion of investors, some of the most fickle people on the planet.

  4. Investors should just shut the F up! It’s SIMPLE, just don’t invest in something you don’t believe in. Bunch of idiots… It’s like if I invested my time at church serving and being a devoted Catholic, Christian or whatever and still questioned and doubted GOD. Then why even go to church. Right?

    1. Questioning God or ones faith is in the Bible. No one is perfect only God is. If Christians and Catholics think they are perfect, they need to pray and read their Bible more.

      Still since investors are projecting the end of Wii U. Buy stocks NOW and pull a Batman Begins moment. “It’s all a bit technical, but the important thing is the companies future is secured.” So yeah start buying shares now, it will pricey again soon.

  5. analyst suck and know nothing about the video game business. If you want to invest in something stable DONT invest in technology. they go through cycles of ups and downs. dont act surprised when revenue starts to lower every 8 years. Please, people are so ignorant. Nintendo is going to do amazing this year with the Wii U. they always have been a pioneer in the industry and I dont think they’re going to stop any time soon. Watch when apples stock eventually tanks after a non-innovative slump in their next cycle, all these doom gloom articles will be written there too.

  6. What the hell…? The whole year I hear good things about Wii U, how people are perplexed and mesmerized by it and how it will revolutionize the era with its outstanding lineup, and then suddenly a few days before E3 all this crap rolls in?

    1. You need to get your ears checked, you heard wrong. Nintendo’s E3 2011 presentation was largely seen as a failure by pretty much every gaming journalism site. It took place before the 3DS started to pick up in popularity, and the WiiU failed to gather hype because as far as actual games went, all they showed was a trailer reel featuring ports of games already out + a bunch of tech demos. Lucky for them e3 overall was kinda lame last year, so they didn’t have much to compete with.

      I sure hope they do better this year.

    2. About what ur saying…
      Ive been a nintendo fan since the 64. I only started really following the news prior to e3 2010, when the 3ds was announced. I remembered checking news sites practically daily and everyday hearing more and more people/ commenters/ developers saying the 3ds is going to be amazing with uncomparable graphics. As the system release got closer and closer, some crap about it started coming out, saying the graphics werent all that great. As it turns out the system wasnt as great as some people were saying ( it was stil great tho). Remember any of that? So i guess its the same thing with the wii u…. Ive kinda been predicting it for a while…lol still gonna buy it

      1. It has the capability to do much more than RE: Revelations can do (I expect 2x better graphics), IF the developers opt for a non-3D game (Nintendo stated that it’s possible, I don’t know why nobody tried it yet) cos the 3D requires nearly twice the power of a normal game. So maybe the developers were looking at the power from that perspective.

  7. Yes. Because some of their investors stupidly want them to start making iOS games. Which would defeat the purpose of Nintendo’s entire business model…

  8. Investors are piece of shit morons that know nothing of the gaming industry. It’s like your god and you have followers that don’t believe in you but they they’re with you for your powers. They just see money so let them run. I’ll invest in Nintendo stock myself

  9. BS, I was a hardcore gamer…all systems up to this point. But now that Im married/have a house etc. Wii U is gonna be my only choice. I wanna play mario, zelda, star fox, metroid, luigi if he gets a mansion game, anything else nintendo puts out, F the rest. Nintendo wins!

    1. Hey that is an Insult to Women, they are least are intelligent, those anaylist and investor are lazy fat-ass who never know how is a company

      I would bought stock only to laugh them in face when the WII U become the comodity for videogames… and maybe going to japan to the shareholders meeting,XD

      I think both the Nintendo High Profile Employess(Iwata,Miyamoto,Sakurai,et al) in colaboration with their boses.. The Yamauchi family, should bought as much stock they can to keep those vulture out of the speculation

  10. Through my own analysis, the Wiiu won’t have any RPG games for me within it’s first year, so, I won’t be considering any next gen purchases (from either company) until after E3 201(3). Time to find a new hobby in the meantime.

  11. Ride or die time motherfuckers!!!! I’m going into this gen ready to be BLOWN AWAY!! Buy stocks Monday if you have any sense(they’ll be low AS HELL).

  12. The lower the stock price goes, the more stocks i will be able to purchase.
    Then… when Iwata drops the BOMB, Wii U will be printing money into my pocket!!

  13. The people commenting on this spread have little sense in the mechanics of stock investment and how it impacts a company and the cost/return to investors. But let’s indulge them anyways… YES, BUY NINTENDO STOCK. STOCK VALUE IS ENTIRELY PREDICATED ON THE WII-U AND IT’S OBVIOUS SUCCESS. YOU’LL BE RICH….fanboys. Pssh!

    1. Perhaps you can enlighten us, but you can’t because you, as well, are unable to explain the “mechanics” of stock investment. There are no “mechanics” of stock investment – it’s a spontaneous and organic one.

  14. I assume the Wii did really really well when it was released. Did people forget about that? Or do they mistake it / think people will mistake it for a Wii add-on?

  15. ugh. why is everyone acting like nintendo is going to die? i mean honestly, everyone is all like “oh the Wii U is going to fail” and stuff like that. The Wii U looks really cool. They’re just mad that nintendo is making an HD console and that they’re getting more third party support. Butt hurt microsoft fans probably

  16. All of this bad news is just the usual pre-E3 hate for Nintendo, they deal with it every year. Just ignore it, and by Christmas all of these analysts and investors will be kicking themselves.

    Besides, remember last year when everyone thought the Vita was amazing and was going to well? Look how that turned out… 70% of the time analysts are wrong, it is simply best to ignore them.

  17. If true this is worrying, as they are privvy to more info than us. However investor s all over the world are depressingly pessimistic about just about everthing at the moment. And I wouldn;t put it passed Nintendo to be happily allowing negative views to come out and taking advantage of them. Lower expectations mean we are eaiser to please, and if they are very confident then the turn around in attitude will work very much in their favor….Far more than consistant positivity.

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