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Bioware Hints Mass Effect Heading To Wii U

The official Mass Effect Facebook page is telling Mass Effect fans to watch Nintendo’s E3 press conference at 9am PDT. I’m guessing we should expect to see the Mass Effect franchise come to Wii U, as it did to the PlayStation 3. The original Mass Effect is an Xbox 360 exclusive, but Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are both multi-platform titles.

52 thoughts on “Bioware Hints Mass Effect Heading To Wii U”

  1. Man that will be awesome,i cant wait.comon nintendo u can do it.

    I Have a crystal ball…i can see the future…i see Nintendo wining the top e3 conference and patcher loosing $…i also see that trollers who are hating thee wiiU will be shocked…i also see sony crying with their non-intellenent minds… i also see micro$oft lossing dollar$ thanks to their boring conference…and…and…i see a blue screen with some crazy numbers.WTF ITS THE BLUE SCREEN!thats all folks for now i need to rest so i can see the future the next time

    1. HAHAHA goody.anyway i hope nintendo will be great at their conference and there are many pissibilities

        1. They all ready did make a few mature games. Geist, Eternal Darkness, & Zangeki no Reginleiv (Japan-only).

  2. i love this! the wii u would be PERFECT for mass effect. just putting the weapon wheel on the controller screen makes it worth it lol

    1. ^this, and the abilities wheel also. I found it annoyin that I had to keep pullin up the wheels just to use moves

      1. this is the reason my i love the xbox version also, i could litterally just say what weapon or ability i wanted use and it would use it. if they can implement a similar system on a touch screen, and they can, this will be one hell of a game to play on the wiiu.

  3. ive been predicting this for a while cos on the official page ages ago the game was listed for PC, XBOX360, PS3 and “Next Gen”

  4. I actually enjoyed the 3rd installment of this game, as it was the only one I tried. Glad to hear Nintendo gettin more 3rd party support. Who knows? They might give Nintendo a trilogy set for players who are new to the series, like me :)

  5. Please release a trilogy edition, though I have ME3 special edition on pc I don’t own, but have played 1 and 2

  6. I really want this to be true. It could also b an all new one, maybe a side story, like a FF Crystal Chronicles type of thing. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. That is fucktastic.

    I already own all three Mass Effects, but I’m still down to get it one more time for Nintendo. Yes, it’s that worth it. Hopefully it will come with that Extended Cut DLC bundled in or something.

  8. I’m hoping for a Mass effect 1+2 bundle at launch. I’ve really wanted to get into Mass Effect, but I want to play all the games in order and I don’t have a 360 or a decent PC to play the first.

  9. If they put it on Wii U I will definitely buy it. The Wii U should add a lot of cool new features as to what you can do in Mass Effect.

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