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Full Nintendo E3 Wii U Presentation Details

Nintendo revealed a massive lineup of first- and third-party video games for its upcoming Wii U home console today, including new games in the Super Mario Bros., Pikmin, Wii Fit, Batman: Arkham City, Scribblenauts, Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance franchises. The Wii U console launches this holiday season and introduces the Wii U GamePad, a controller with a 6.2-inch touch screen that redefines how people interact with their games, their entertainment and one another. Video game publishers from around the world, including Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Electronic Arts, SEGA, THQ and NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. are demonstrating how their biggest franchises are being reimagined for Wii U.

In addition to the wide array of established brands shown during the Nintendo All-Access Presentation @ E3 2012, Nintendo also revealed new games like Nintendo Land, a Wii U game set in a virtual theme park with a dozen attractions inspired by fan-favorite Nintendo franchises such asThe Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. Just as the motion-controlled games in Wii Sports helped players discover the fun of the Wii console,Nintendo Land brings the promise of the GamePad to life with a range of single-player and multiplayer experiences.

Nintendo Land introduces the entirely new dynamic of asymmetric game play, where the images being displayed on the GamePad are entirely different than what is seen on the TV. Giving the player with the GamePad different information, viewpoints, advantages and objectives creates completely new cooperative and competitive opportunities and enables novice and advanced players to enjoy games together and not be forced to play above or below their skill level.

“The GamePad doesn’t just introduce a new type of game play, it redefines an entire dynamic. With asymmetric game play, multiple experiences are possible in the same game at the same time. That’s transformative,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “While games are the focus of this year’s E3, the Wii U story also includes the enhanced social connections and integrated entertainment experiences created by the GamePad. We’re providing a glimpse of that with the introduction of Miiverse and by revealing partnerships with some of the biggest content providers on the planet.”

Mario will leap onto Wii U in New Super Mario Bros. U, a new side-scrolling adventure that introduces new transformations for Mario and the ability for players to play as their Mii characters. The game also introduces the new Boost Mode, which can be used to add blocks, to help players avoid enemies, enable Mario to discover secrets or allow multiple players working together to perform a speed run in record time.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of a number of original and popular Nintendo franchises, joined the Nintendo All-Access Presentation @ E3 2012 to introduce Pikmin 3, the first original entry in the Pikmin franchise in nearly eight years. The game includes new challenges, new characters and mysterious new Pikmin types. The Wii U GamePad creates new player experiences for the real-time strategy franchise by reinventing the control scheme and challenging players in exciting new ways. Pikmin 3 also takes advantage of the HD capabilities of Wii U to more elaborately depict the rich nature landscapes, various creatures and the lovable Pikmin.

SiNG (working title) is a new interactive musical performance game for Wii U that gets everyone at the party involved in the music. With dozens of popular songs to choose from, everyone from novice singers and dancers to budding stars can join in on the fun. The main performer holds the GamePad while others in the room sing, dance and clap along with the music.

Wii Fit U is a new installment in the Wii Fit series, a brand that has sold more than 40 million units worldwide. The game combines fun and fitness with new exercises and activities, and incorporates the GamePad in unique ways. It’s compatible with the existing Wii Balance Board, andWii Fit and Wii Fit Plus owners can transfer their existing workout data. Nintendo also revealed the Fit Meter, an advanced activity monitor that will be packaged with the game and enables users to track fitness activities throughout the day and upload that data back into Wii Fit U.

In LEGO City: Undercover developed by TT Games and published by Nintendo, players assume the identity of Chase McCain, an undercover detective armed with clever disguises. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they’ll use the Wii U GamePad as a map, communicator and indispensable crime scanner. This is the first time that the LEGO City play sets have come to life on a gaming platform and it’s exclusively on the Wii U console.

Also exclusive to the Wii U is a new franchise from Ubisoft called ZombiU, which puts players in the middle of London circa 2012 where an outbreak has infected the population, destroying their humanity and turning them into mindless monsters. Ubisoft will also bring the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III to Wii U, as well as Just Dance 4, a new installment in the Just Dance series.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is supporting Wii U with Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, an enhanced version of Batman: Arkham City, which includes new game play that makes distinct use of the unique features of the GamePad. The publisher will also introduceScribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U, marking the first appearance of the imaginative Scribblenauts series on a home console.

Other Wii U games revealed during the Nintendo All-Access Presentation @ E3 2012 include Mass Effect 3 from Electronic Arts, Darksiders IIfrom THQ, Aliens: Colonial Marines from SEGA, TANK! TANK! TANK! and TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 (working title) from NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Trine 2: Director’s Cut from Frozenbyte and Rayman Legends, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013, Sports Connection,Rabbids Land and Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth from Ubisoft.

Nintendo also revealed details about Miiverse, a new network communication system that lets gamers from around the world share experiences, discuss games and discover new content. Using their personalized Mii characters, players enter Miiverse and see games, applications or entertainment content that either they have interacted with recently, expressed interest in learning more about or that their friends are using or discussing. From here they can challenge their friends to play together, ask a question about a difficult level or discover new elements of their favorite games they never knew existed. After a notable achievement or other share-worthy moment, players can pause their game or application and seamlessly post messages to the Miiverse community. Eventually Wii U owners will be able to join Miiverse from a Nintendo 3DS, PC or any smartphone or Web-capable mobile device.

Nintendo also revealed details about its broader entertainment strategy and the impact that the GamePad will have on how we find, interact with and watch video content. The company is working with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube to bring video experiences to Wii U that will take advantage of the integrated second-screen experience.

In addition to the 6.2-inch touch screen and dual analog sticks, the Wii U GamePad also includes traditional buttons for gaming and the ability to function as a TV remote. Users can change channels or adjust the sound, whether they are playing games or just watching TV. The GamePad is tied to the console and TV, providing a perfectly integrated experience, no matter how it’s being used. Players can move games from the TV to the GamePad. Different players can enjoy different experiences in the same game, depending on which controller they opt to use.

79 thoughts on “Full Nintendo E3 Wii U Presentation Details”

    1. It was a decent conference but certainly I was waiting for more…
      Don’t misunderstand me, Wii U it’s a great piece of hardware and certainly there will be really nice games… however I feel I didn’t enjoy the conference so much, mainly because I won’t buy the WiiU day one, maybe later but not now for several personal reasons. I hope tomorrows conference about 3DS will be MUCH BETTER. I hope I’ll enjoy it much more

      1. …2 contollers streaming at the same time , 4 wii motes too…Thats a f**ing big piece of hardware-And the 360 view shows that , too.
        I think that E3 was great.I was more disappointed from the 3ds when I got it^^

        1. Yeah it’s a great hardware but, unfortunately, not Nintendo fans don’t think that way… They’ll just read: “half the framerate”, “just two gamepads and wiimotes” and they’ll say BAH this thing it’s not so powerful.
          Yeah it is as you say, but many won’t think that way. Sad.

  1. wtf.nintendo failed on the presentation!? I WAS ECPECTING TOO MANY THINGS! THAT WERE CASUAL GAMES EXCEPT FROM ZOMBIE U AND PIKMIN! i hope nintendo will fix it next year

  2. I´m a huge Nintendo fan, but the conference sucked…. no info about the console itself and besides that, Nintendo stated they´ll wouldn´t make the sames mistakes that they did with 3DS… in 3 party and big games…

    1. Yeah you’re right… A REAL NintendoLand like a DisneyLand would be cool, but that game… well it’s more Mii action! I don’t hate Miis and it’s OK but certainly I thought the conference will show much much much more than we saw… A shame…

      I can’t wait for tomorrows conference about 3DS though, I REALLY hope it’s MUCH BETTER…

    1. how many new consoles come out with a ton of worthwhile new games at launch? from what i’ve seen, none. this E3 was mainly just the Wii U’s launch games, so not that many good new games were shown. this year’s may have been lacking all the razzmatazz that last year’s conference had, but it was by no means bad. the main sources of excitement in 2011 were:

      the Wii U hardware (talked about before the conference this year),
      tech demos in HD (covered for by Wii U games being shown off, mainly Pikmin 3),
      super smash bros. 4 (pretty recently STARTED development so nothing new to show),
      and upcoming 3DS games (to be shown tomorrow)

      i’d say all the bases from last year are covered except the zelda being shown as an HD tech demo and that was just to show off the hardware. skyward sword came out a little over half a year ago so i doubt they’re putting in a lot of work on the Wii U zelda right now.

      all the pieces are there. it just looked bad because of all the expositional software that most new consoles have that took up the main E3 conference. trust me, nintendo was definitely not lacking this week, just mainly today

  3. Not a bad conference overall, but certainly not their most exciting. I was really hoping for a Retro Studios game to be revealed…oh well.


  5. What a conference?? why Nintendo, why???
    Where are the specs? And the next-gen games???


  6. I’ll buy the wii u when Zelda comes out!!
    They didn’t even say anything like coming soon nothing about Zelda!!!
    Maybe in 2014 ahhh grr

    1. Skyward Sword just came out in November, I think that was a little unrealistic to expect another Zelda.

  7. So disappointed! Just a load of side scrolling casual games! Nintendo, you REALLY needed to do better. The Wii U may flop because of this.
    And they spent so fkng long talking about Nintendo land, which looked kind of boring. If they had shown a Mario Kart, Zelda, or a 3D mario , then that may have stolen the show, but we got nothing but Casual & 3rd party stuff. RUBBISH!

  8. Awful conference… They didn’t show anything relevant aside from Pikmin 3… They should have at least showed the logos of games in development for Wii U at the end like they did last year.

      1. Well, I’m not particularly a fan of first-person shooters and zombie games, but I have to recognize that it did look interesting. I’d call it a highlight of the conference.

  9. Definitely disappointed, no doubt. There wasn’t a wow moment, if they put Smash Bros at the end or something — even just a tiny teaser — that would have stole the spotlight. Stupid. But it’s good to see the Wii U getting NintendoLand/Wii Fit/NSMB, those will definitely help sell the system.

    1. As you said, it would have been a great idea to, at least, show something more about games in development, for example some logos, some in-development screenshots or whatever… (just as they did it last year, or as they did with 3DS games for tomorrow… A few seconds of more games in development or screenshots would have been great…………

      But no =(

        1. Yup! I won’t buy a WiiU anytime soon, so I’ll enjoy much more the 3DS Conference tomorrow. Also I didn’t understand quite well how Miiverse will fit in the 3DS! Will it be an application? Or ii will substitute the Menu?? I understood the WiiU Miiverse version it’s, in fact, the main menu…
          Will this happen to 3DS too?

  10. The highlights of the conference were Pikmin 3 and Super Mario Bros. I wasn’t expecting Zelda because it came out last year. But other than that, we didn’t see anything new from the hardcore. I was surprised mass effect 3 was being ported to Wii U. I’m sure great games are coming along in the future, but it’s definitely not a day-one purchase for me.

  11. Saddens me to say this, but that conference was SOOOOOOO bad, where was the Games? Is Zombie U all they got? Come on Nintendo this isnt good by no means, and I’ve been standing up for them and this what they do…crazy smh…. This was so not for Core gamers…last yrs reveal was better then this….so dissappointed

    1. It probably wouldn’t appear too bad if you hadn’t heard of the games beforehand. Part of the issue is that we already knew of these games, there weren’t really any surprises.

  12. Why are people complaining about the conference..? Even if the last bit was shovelware, The first 30 minutes are kick ass.
    Pikmin 3? New Mario Bros U? New Mario Bros 2? Paper Mario: Sticker Star? Luigi’s Mansion 2? Batman: Arkham City with new features? Aliens: Colonial Marines? Assassin’s Creed? ZombiU? Wiiverse? And of course, Regie said his famous ‘my body is ready!’

    They showed a lot of good content this year compared to Sony and Microcock… Seriously, you guys get your hopes up SO DAMN HIGH that you don’t appreciate good things, let alone simple ones. Also don’t forget that Nintendo aims for the casual crowd as well as the hardcore. You can’t be satisfied by EVERYTHING they throw out. So please for the love of God; STOP ACTING LIKE YOU SHOULD.

    1. If I could give you a medal, I would. Honestly: Cod has ruined an entire generation.

      Read this carefully: Rumors are rumors, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

      More importantly: A GOOD GAME TAKES MORE THAN 9 MONTHS TO MAKE. My god, skyward sword was in development for years. Secondarily: Nintendo has ANOTHER conference for 3ds AND their developers conference (i.e. where they talk about details that are -important-) Will you all stop acting like impatient spoilt brats and bloody well be happy for once? I mean god, it’s better than some AR book or faux tablet connectivity.

      1. I totally agree. Shooters are over saturating the market so much. Not to mention ‘HD graphics.’ People expect EVERYTHING to have a Gun or super realistic graphics.

        first of all, If you ask me, realism is boring. VERY boring. If I wanted realism, id’ go outside. I want a game that makes me feel that I’m in a whole new world, somewhere completely unique. Some of the greatest games of all time use STYLIZED graphics. NOT HD. e.g. LoZ: Windwaker and Okami..

        Second of all, the majority of best selling games aren’t even shooters. Games that are simple and fun like Pokemon or Mario or have a deeply immersive story like Mother or Zelda; these sell MUCH BETTER than any shooter. Especially in Japan. Japanese sales charts show that the entire Halo series AS A WHOLE hasn’t even sold 50,000 copies. Cod sold even less than that. AS A SERIES.

        And finally, thank you so much for mentioning that the majority of ‘best sellers’ in America are programed in only a matter of months and have little to no thought put into them. CoD and Assassin’s Creed as of recently (while I still like AC) have been making new games every year, but they’re mostly the same thing with a new texture overlay and a different story. Then you have games like Elder Scrolls…

        (READ THIS WHOLE ARGUMENT BETHESDA FANS.) I love Bethesda’s imagination. They have FANTASTIC ideas. However, that’s just what they are to me. Ideas. The majority of Bethesda’s games, most notably Elder Scrolls, are planned out for years on end: which is good. But, then they spend under a year to program it. With how big their ideas are and how vast their environments are, a year to program is simply not enough time. That’s why you end up getting either an incomplete or heavily buggy game from them. Best part is that these newage gamers don’t even care. It STILL won game of the year in the US. Game Informer, IGN, ect had all PLAINLY SAID in their reviews: “it’s buggy, but we don’t care.”

        To end this wall of text no one will read, I am completely appalled by this insult to the game industry. Video Games are an ART STYLE IN THEIR OWN SENSE. When you twist that sense and corrupt game developers to believe otherwise, YOU’RE GOING TO GET SHIT.

    2. If you compare it to Wii’s software reveal, then theres reason to be disappointed. Wii U had no surprises for the hardcore fan (we all knew Pikmin 3 was coming and NSMBU). Look at Wii’s; the world was taken by storm the second Snake was announced as a character in Brawl, everyones jaw dropped when seeing Mario sore through the galaxy, and the price with TP as a launch title blew the roof off. Everything showcased on Wii U wasnt anything we haven’t seen before . NMBWU looked good, but I’ve seen it on the DS and Wii already. ME3 and Arkham City looks good, but already played it. Pikmin looked amazing, but everyone saw it coming a mile away. Just very disappointing to me.

      1. Again, you have your expectations too high. Especially since you’ve been browsing around a website like this for leaked information on these types of games. I’ll admit I wasn’t surprised, but I wasn’t disappointed by a long shot. I finally got to see what the games actually looked like rather than just hearing about them or seeing a few screenshots.

        Also, when a new 3D Mario, Zelda, Mariokart, Kirby, ect. have all came out not even a year ago and the new Smash Brothers has JUST started development. how can you expect a shit ton of new titles relate to that ready in such short notice? All of the prize winning titles they could have announced are not ready to show. Although as I’ve said to several others, I can definitely agree on that we need a new Metroid, Starfox, or F-Zero game debuted. That is my single let down from the entire conference.

        1. I do agree that those titles have recently been released… but the problem is they have done a terrible job at selling it. I refuse to buy on until I se hardcore proof that this is different that Wii. While you might get mad at that comment, with all due respect the first party titles shown looked to me like they could have easily been on Wii and id have never known it. That’s the manor problem.

          1. Ah, I get what you’re saying. Yeah, they don’t really look like they’re pushing the console too much, but, I don’t feel like they should at the same time. I don’t want my games losing their charm just because they try to appeal to fans of higher graphics detail. It’s one thing for a game like Zelda, but games like Mario don’t need HD to be appealing. Instead, I think all that extra space they have should be used to produce larger worlds and possibly even updates like they’ve started do to on the 3DS.

  13. Ahhh this was absolute crap… Im passing on Wii U at launch.. Ill get it when they make a Zelda for it…

    1. Again.
      Skyward Sword came out in November. If you got your hopes up for a Zelda this early on for Wii U, you were being silly.

  14. To me, it was very disappointed. I was thinking maybe a Smash Bros trailer, Zelda trailer, maybe even a 3D Mario platformer. Perhaps a surprise like a Metroid or DK or F-Zero or Starfox. Even maybe Kirby or Pokemon. But instead it was very predictable and safe. The press conference was.t downright terrible, but when you compare it to Wii’s software reveal (Smash Bros Brawl, Red Steel, Super Mario Galaxy) there is no comparison. If this was next year after Wii U had already came out, I wouldn’t be near as irritated. To me, the software reveal should show what type of games everyone can look forward too. I went in expecting my jaw to drop the way it did with Wii. But I came out wanting so much more. I’m a huge fanboy of Nintendo. Just sucks knowing we’ll have to wait another year waiting to see the awesome games WiiU will truly deliver.

    1. 1. Smash brothers JUST STARTED development. you think they’re gonna have it ready that fast?
      2. The last Zelda was JUST RELEASED.
      3. The last 3D Mario platformer was JUST RELEASED.
      4. The last Kirby was JUST RELEASED.
      5. They never show Pokemon at e3. There’s really no need to either, especially given there’s nothing announced for 3DS or Wii-U yet anyways.

      But, I agree that Metroid, Starfox, and F-Zero more than deserve a new game. The Wii-U is just coming out this year, however. So I wouldn’t get my expectations up too high. Perhaps next year they’ll announce some surprise sequels like that. Or, so I hope.

      1. I understand your points and I somewhat agree with you. However my opinion it’s not exactly yours so please don’t get mad, I’m just saying my opinion.
        You said “The Wii-U is just coming out this year, however. So I wouldn’t get my expectations up too high.” Well, isn’t that contradictory? Nintendo said they wouldn’t do the same mistakes as they did with 3DS launch, but this wasn’t seen in the Conference.

        Don’t misunderstand me. As I said this wasn’t SEEN in the Conference. You as I and as many others are Nintendo fans and we can understand and wait patiently, but others???
        The less we want to see it’s more Mii’s, am I right? They are good and funny and stuff but this is not enough, I BELIEVE.

        Finally, I understand you want to defend Nintendo against critics, I do it myself, but it’s also good to admit the faults of our beloved N. This doesn’t mean we will hate it forever or something, but there’s no point in denying the obvious: It was not the conference we all expected.

        That’s a fact.
        I wish you agree with me in something and I respect your position =)

        1. I totally agree. I mean I absolutely love Nintendo, but I have to be truthful here. If Nintendo wants to regain the hardcore it lost with Wii, there are gonna have to do a much better job at showing its different. I thought Nintendo was gonna blow the roof off, but it was just a mediocre conference. There were zero wow moments. And THAT is what sells systems.

  15. I’m not disappointed. But the conference was meh. They showed some cool new stuff but nothing that made you stand up and go WOW! I guess we were just expecting too much. I’m perfectly fine with waiting for more information on 3rd party games. They really didn’t have anything for the hardcore gamer except Mario and Batman. It could have been so much better.

    Even after all that, Nintendo still got more positive responses than the other 2 on the social media sites. People are still very excited about the Wii U. I know I am. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I feel the same way but, it’s undeniable we all expected at least a little more. I think I know why: we expect something NEW and almost everything we’ve heard before. For me the real new news were WiiU can handle 2 GamePads but with lower framerate, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 2… some other little facts and that’s all.
      Even if people like you and myself understand the situation, many more won’t u.u

      1. Yeah, it’s true. I understand if a lot of people walk away unimpressed. I like all that I heard. 2 Upad support. 23 games coming (even more announced on the website) and Zombi U looks extremly good.

        I think Nintendo is just laying the ground work for something bigger. People wanted more, like more info on the online infrastucture and more core first party games. like Zelda, Star Fox and Metroid.

        The hype was too much for them to live up to I guess. I personally wiped my slate clean before the conference started. Forget all the rumours. Now we get official information.

  16. Great show. Phase Two Complete and two more to go.

    That presentation went perfectly IMO, especially given the time-frame available. Great to start the console off, gather interest from all audiences, take away any excuses from third party devs and also make the investors happy.

    Expecting core games like Zelda, Smash Bros and so on this early was unrealistic. All of that, plus achievements, specs and other stuff the core are wanting will come in due time. There is no point spending big bucks pushing to show an extreme game (that pushes the next gen boundaries and has achievements, massive online and upcoming dlc) when they have yet to get the console in our hands.

    23 Games! Amazing Job Nintendo! I’ll take the following:
    * Pikmin 3
    * New Super Mario Bros. U
    –having these two alone was a success–
    * Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
    * Darksiders II
    * Mass Effect 3
    * Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    * Trine 2: Directors Cut
    * Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
    * Aliens Colonial Marines
    * Lego City: Undercover
    * ZombiU
    * Assassins Creed 3
    * Marvels Avengers: Battle for Earth
    =That’s 13 games I already have to save up for. Great Show!

    NintendoLand: I can easily see this being the pack-in game like WiiSports was.

    Now to wait for Phase Three, the pre-recorded show at 11:30 PM PDT.

    1. The main problem with that list is that most of those agmes are already in another console. And to be honest the only launch confirmed games are Nintendo land, and the ports. So You are really deceiving yourself, It was not at all a good conference, Granted that in comparision it may have been the seconb best after ubisoft, but the bar was set so low on this e3.

      1. Plain truth. Some short videos, screenshots, logos or even a little mention about any of those games and all would have been different. OK the conference was “decent” and had faults, but that doesn’t means WiiU will be bad, it’s a great piece of hardware =)

    2. NSMBU looks good, but its nothing that hadn’t been done before (NSMB and NSMBW) and Pikmin looked awesome, but everyone knew it was coming. Nintendo Land doesn’t appeal to the core gamer, and many the other games are already on other systems. If you really think this is good, then look at Wii’s software lineup. Unbelievable.

  17. Wow that conference did a terrible job at trying to show how Wii U is any different from the Wii before it. I really didn’t see much that was shown by Nintendo that they couldn’t just do on the Wii. Scribblenauts/Fitness Evolved/Sports Connection/Wii Fit/Rabbids/Rayman/Tank Tank Tank/Just Dance 4/SiNG/Nintendoland/New Super Mario Bros

    I personally think Nintendo screwed up by showing two NEW Super Mario Bros games off in the same conference. Showing two just over shadowed your Wii U version of NSMB because why would someone potentially buy your console to play the Wii U version when they could just buy the cheaper version on 3DS and save themselves over $300 doing it You have so many variations of the NSMB franchise as it is and while they’re enjoyable games, for the Wii U, NSMB isnt a console seller.

    Pikmin 3 was great and I really can’t say anything bad at all about the game itself or about the way it was presented, it was perfect and I thought that would set the overall tone for the conference :(

    Besides the stuff I named above, the rest of what they showed were nothing more than ports and not really showing what the Wii U is capable of and just basically saying ”Hey,we do that too!”. Mass Effect 3,Aliens Colonial Marines,Darksiders 2,Arkham City,Assassins Creed 3. If you all ready own a PS3 or 360, you have no reason to purchase the system all because they’re all ready on other platforms, so it really doesnt set you apart from everyone else. Now those games coming(even as ports) to Wii U IS a good thing and for the future of the console could beneficial but not really a system seller if you all ready own a 360/ps3 which majority all ready do.

    Zombi U? Personally I thought its a neat concept and probably will end up being really good,I’m wondering why the concept of the game and its named changed from last year but oh well. I’m not really sure if we were seeing actual game play footage or just mocked up CG for what they showed of it though, that can either be taken as good or bad.

    then finally Nintendoland,ok I get it, its a Nintendo amusement park but behind all the talk and rewording they were doing, its basically one big mini game party game. Could it be fun? probably, system seller? not really.

    I feel Nintendo dropped the ball this year BIG TIME on trying to sell us,the consumer, on why we should purchase a Wii U this holiday season and what sets it apart from the other consoles. They showed us ports,casual games and that was the majority of the conference. Glimpses of WHAT could be good(Zombi U,Lego City,Pikmin 3) but mostly been there done that and ”we do that too” type of games.

    Hopefully they show off more later in the year before the system actually releases,so people will have a very good reason to purchase this system on Day one.

  18. They made so much hype, wasn’t the reason for the sunday presentation to use more time in the games for the WIIU and its experience int eh 3 conference. And really Im a fan, but you can’t let that blind you, this E3 truly sucked, in fact it way as far as to compell me to wait 6 months to the unavoidable price drop cause with the weak launch line up, an lack of games for the first month.Seriously did they learned anything with the 3DS, and Wii, So disappointed, Can’t believe i won’t be buying a nintendo console at launch.

  19. guys, guys, guys,..
    come on now…..
    at least Reggie said his body was ready again.
    what more can we ask for? lol

  20. its definately not as dissapointing as people are making it seem. The games shown were only the games for the launch date and games near the launch date. Skyward sword was released last year and it took 5 years to make, oviously there wouldnt be a zelda game at e3. People are just setting there expectations so high that they cant possibly be exceeded or even matched. Sakurai also said that we wouldnt hear from smash brothers for a long time. While it wasnt the best e3 it certainly blew sony’s and microsoft’s e3 out of the water.

  21. it`s now 2014, nintendo saying they will not make the same mistakes they did with the 3ds, well absolutely nobody is developing for the wii u other than nintendo and a few others, no mistakes there then!

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