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Here’s The Rayman Legends Wii U E3 Demo

Ubisoft reconfirmed that Rayman Legends is in development for Wii U and showed off this gameplay footage during its E3 presentation. The game takes full advantage of the Wii U’s unique controllers touch screen and gyroscopic features. The game actually supports five players, but sadly you can only use one Wii U GamePad with the machine. The other four controllers are actually Wii Remotes.

31 thoughts on “Here’s The Rayman Legends Wii U E3 Demo”

  1. That actually looks really cool. No interest in Rayman, but I might get this after that. That was impressive.


      Same. He’s the worst character ever made and just screams “mediocre” in his character design (and all characters in his games). But this looks quite good. Hopefully it’s that fast and fluid in all levels as Origins is so slow and predictable it bored me to tears.

      1. “as Origins is so slow and predictable it bored me to tears.”
        How far did you get in the game? It starts off really, really easy – I was literaly getting ready to drop the game too but then the difficulty spike came in. The level design in the later parts of the game beats the crap outta any other 2D Platformer this gen, imo. I’m actually unable to play New Super Mario Bros because of it, it “bores me to tears” much like with you and Rayman.

      2. You obviously did not get very far in the game. It’s faster and more fluid than every other platforming game this gen.

  2. I really hope “Murphy” is not integral to the game. I don’t want to use the gimmicks all the time. Cool ideas but not for the entire campaign.

    1. Seems like he’s just there to make things ‘easier’ if necessary. Atleast judging by this one video anyway, I share your concern.

    2. He’s just there to show off the “asymmetric gaming”. I’m sure you can choose not to use him.

    1. Which also looks like it is tethered (notice the wire on the top). I seriously hope it isn’t tethered to the Wiimote.

        1. I mean the in-game graphics of the game that shows a picture of the Wii U Pad Pro that displays what buttons to push in the video (i.e. look at 2:48).

        2. Nope. They have them wired because they need dependable hardware that wont flank during their conference. Thats all.

  3. “The other four controllers are actually Wii Remotes.”
    Can’t they be Wii U Pro Controllers as well?

  4. You can also use the Wii U pro pad. The guy in the video was using one. This game looks really good. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. It’s better than a bunch of articles completely unrelated to Nintendo, like we’ve been getting lately.

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  7. I have always dreamt of a 2D platformer being perefctly in-sync with it’s music, and that is exactly what 3:00 was. Seriously, my jaw literally hit the floor and I almost cried from the sheer awesomeness of it. I am dead serious. Nintendo does not need to convince me anymore, I am 1000% getting a Wii U now, an Ubisoft is by far my favourite 3rd party developer EVER.

  8. I daresay this was one of the best presentations of all of E3 this year. Phenomenal. I am getting this game as soon as I am able! Wii U just became a must-have!

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