Pikmin 2 For Wii Released Today

In North America, two titles – Mario Power Tennis and Pikmin 2 –  join the Nintendo Selects collection. Both of these games were originally released on Nintendo GameCube but have been updated with enhanced Wii controls and are available to purchase for $19.99. Two original Wii games – Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Donkey Kong Country Returns – are now $29.99 instead of $49.99. Which game(s) will you be picking up?



  1. I wouldn’t use the words “enhanced Wii controls” I would use more less degraded to Wii controls cause really the Wii was a total abomination


    1. You’ve never played Skyward Sword… that much is clear. And that’s not even close to being the only gem on this console. This console was great.


  2. None of them. I already own DKCR and SSBB for the Wii, I Already own Pikmin 2 as a GameCube title, and I read a really bad review for Mario Power Tennis on IGN.


    1. Did you just say you read an IGN REVIEW?… HAHAHAHAHA!! that has to be the best joke ever… no, but seriously reading off a sight that is no more than a bunch of Microsoft Fanboys/girls is just plan silly.

      Read off a true reviewers site like ElderGeek


    2. IGN reviews are crap though. They take off points to wii games in the graphics section just because the ps3 and 360 can do better. I stopped taking their reviews seriously a long time ago.


    1. It’s probably perfect timing actually. Yeah, Nintendo could have released the title years ago, but you can’t change history; and Wii is in a drought now, so it needs something. People now know about Pikmin 3, and now Pikmin 2 has been released with updated controls for $20. Can’t beat that.


  3. Didn’t Pikmin 2 come out for the Wii like…2 or 3 years ago? Or is America just veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery late?


  4. Dont get mario tennis read ign and several websites and the game is bad . Its different people that review games on ign. The ign nintendo editors are not biased, thats the ign playstation or ign xbox crew that say shit about nintendo


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