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Scribblenauts Unlimited Possible Because Of Wii U Power

Scribblenauts creator Jeremiah Slaczka believes that Scribblenauts Unlimited is only possible on Wii U due to its unique features. The development team had been toying with the concept of Scibblenauts Unlimited for sometime, but couldn’t get their creation to work on Wii or the Nintendo DS. Slaczka says that Wii U is the perfect platform for the game.

“We’ve kind of had this in the pipe for a while. For a couple of years I’ve been wanting to do something like this, and the Wii U is also really, really powerful—Oh, that’s cool. With the Wii U we’ve been able to make the game way bigger, because with the object creation—putting all that stuff together—the DS just can’t handle all that stuff…even the Wii couldn’t handle it, but the horse-power of this can really handle it.”

101 thoughts on “Scribblenauts Unlimited Possible Because Of Wii U Power”

    1. Are you kidding?! Fucking Warner Bros. trying to port a DS to a system more poweedul than the PS3! If you are over five and like Scribblenauts, than youe a fat, gay creep!

      1. its possible in Vita ,, no Smartglass ,, it sucks,, as IGN said to Microsoft * lets not re-invent Wii-U *~ Greggy BEYOND !

      2. Seriously……your a fat gay creep talking about a game that sold millions. I love scribblenauts you little fag. Sounds to me your a lonely creep child scared to play games he thinks he’ll get picked on for

      3. “Hi, I am Odeon X, and I only play MATURE games, in MATURE consoles, with MATURE subjects, that are targeted at MATURE people such as myself.”

      4. What? Is being gay and/or fat anything bad? Are you 10 or something or did you just lose your brain in the eighties?

          1. Being fat is entirely possible while still remaining healthy. Some people have a standard body size which is incredibly hard to change.

          1. Yes but he saying “it’s only possible because of the WII U’S POWER” and from my knowledge the 3DS isn’t as powerful as a Wii U.

            1. Different game…. different experience… much more code in the Wii U version… watch the trailers again.

      1. Yeah, but Wii > 3DS power, and if the Wii couldn’t handle it… let’s hope the 3DS version is as good as its HD counterpart.

          1. That’s debatable, and the 3DS’s power is far lesser than the Wii U’s, so again – let’s hope the 3DS version isn’t a shoddy port.

            1. Resident Evil Revelation is a prime example why the 3DS could be considered more powerful than the Wii because its not just the same screen that gives the textures are really nice look but the GPU in the 3DS can handle it better than Wii.

              Wii < 3DS

              1. I agree, Resident Evil Revelations looks much nicer than Resident Evil 4 on the Wii… but look at the difference in the size of the game – Resident Evil 4 took me over 24 hours to finish the first time; Revelations? Just eight. For 3DS games to look that good, the depth and scale of the game itself has to take a hit, hence why I said it’s debatable: some would be prefer nicer graphics, others would prefer a longer game.

          2. @Petros2970

            When you looks at the graphics of the 3DS is looks like it is, but if you was to compare the specs, the Wii is superior. The reason 3DS games look nice is because it’s on a small screen, if the 3DS hardware was shown on a 40 inch TV then it’d look terrible, same with the Vita and mobile devices.

            1. Wii has 88 MB RAM. 3DS has 128 MB RAM.

              Wii’s GPU is only 240 MHz. 3DS’s processor won micro-GPU of the year in 2010, and is 512 MHz.

              Wii is around 700 MHz, single core. 3DS is about 1 GHz, DUAL core.

              3DS wins, hands down.

              1. @Ali Nisar

                With those number the 3DS is much more powerful than the Vita as side from the RAM.

                The 3DS has 200 MHz GPU, Wii 240 MHz.

                CPU Wii is 700 MHz i don’t know about 3DS but it’s definitely NOT 1 GHz, it’s around 200-500 MHz dual core. Clock speed doesn’t say much, because it’d mean the Wii is more powerful than the Vita which is not.

              1. yeah yeah i just hope they have some of the same features (multiplayer and object creator…anyone?…anyone?)

  1. Oh, wow, the Wii U is so powerful that it made this Scribblenauts game possible? I’m am definitely getting a Wii U now. How amazing.

  2. We do have to remember that Scribblenauts is a 2D game. Its pretty obvious that would run like a dream but then again if you look at the likes of Rayman Origins, it didn’t run so well on the 3DS but it ran great on the Wii so maybe the Wii U could have some horse power behind it to be a pretty tough machine

      1. Still the PS3 and Xbox 360 can do the same thing and they had Rayman Origins, including PSVita so it might not mean the system power has been 100% confirmed.

        Still, its a good sign that it could be powerful

          1. Yep, but who knows. It could be powerful or it could be weak, I’m just keeping my hopes that the system will be powerful

  3. Now all the Nintendo fags will have something to play when Sesame Street isnt on TV.

    I heard that seeing Big Bird makes Nintendo fanboys shit themselves…

    Mommy gonna buy you a Wii U for christmas then, babies?

    1. Lol its funny because the xbox 360 has a Sesame Street game for kinect… troll harder next time your orange flavoured motha fucka

    2. Go play your little Sesame Street game for your shitty kinect, oh wait, when gay ass Wonderbook comes out, enjoy it with your dildo Move. =D

  4. They do not get it nintendo games are for fun and when you start caring about stuff like only graphics its not fun. I think nintendo realised that and hence the wii. Graphics must improves dont get me wrong but is that what mattes. This problem is gona be like the devs that only make fps, why it sells. They dont want to use their creativity this gen just feels like the gen of sequels. Fewer ideas every year (let just make a sequel that fps or action game we have with better graphics and gimmicks) even nintendo not that many new ideas but the new ideas sold well (wii sport,kid icarus etc)

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  6. Tbh this isn’t to do with Wii U’s power making it possible, but more of the Wii’s lack of power making it impossible. Sounds like the same thing but I mean it’s not anything special about the Wii U, the 360 and PS3 could probably do the same thing, it’s the Wii that was at fault

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