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Wii U Pro Controller Designed For Comfort

During an interview, Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about whether he thinks the Wii U Pro Controller looks like an Xbox 360 controller. Fils-Aime didn’t deny it but instead said, “You could say that our competitive controllers look a lot like our controller.” He also disclosed that the recently-revealed controller has been in development for a while and its design is “driven by what feels good in the hand.”

105 thoughts on “Wii U Pro Controller Designed For Comfort”

    1. let mii get this strait.(misspell… i think)
      you got…
      classic controller pro=PlayStation
      Wii u pro controller = Xbox (including 3rd party control)
      Wii remotes = Wii
      Wii u game-pad = Wii u
      so there many ways to play on the Wii u, don’t U dare tell mii that there not one control feels right for U and say Nintendo is (abandon)not doing it for the fans, fool they are the controls prove it.

      1. You’re confusing “comfort” for “accessible”. Yes, the Wii U will use all those controllers. No one said anything about Nintendo abandoning their fans. Plus, I don’t see how the controls “prove it”.

        I’m not challenging you, but I just fail to see your logic on it all. Moreover:

        Classic Controller = SNES
        Classic Controller Pro = SNES with a handle and Xbox 360 triggers
        Wii U Pro Controller = SNES with extreme similarities (aesthetically) to the Xbox 360 Controller.

        1. what im saying is that there’s fools saying quote “Nintendo is abandoning the gamer for motion and less button” an all this crap. i was planing to put those on my comment what U said but im trying to prove a different point (not where they came or inspire from) if you like PlayStation or Xbox way of play those controls then U will like this as well, nobody i mean nobody should be complain not even 3rd parties that Wii u is not the platform of choice for your gaming experience.
          nintendo can just force u to play only wii u pad but they let wii control be play as well.

          1. I gotta say though, the Xbox 360 controller is definitely the most comfortable controller I’ve ever tried.

  1. It’s gonna be a weird transition since I’m used to the Wii Pro controller and the XBox360 controller…

    1. If you’re used to Xbox 360 controller, then it’d be really easy to get used to the Wii U pro controller.

    1. If Nintendo did that Microsoft would want to talk with Nintendo, through lawyers of course. Oh, the luxuries of living in in a patent dominant society.

      1. It would be a hard case, since Nintendo probably has as much lawyers, as Microsoft does, even with their other money sources.

  2. I never understand the infatuation with the XBOX controller. I don’t find it comfortable at all. It’s hard to hang on to. You have to try to keep hold of it. I actually find the PS controller more comfortable because it stays in my big old hands better. lol.

    1. That’s odd, the Xbox controller fits perfect in my hands and I can grip it with ease. On the Play Station controller, my middle and index fingers wrap right round the shoulder buttons and I have to bend my thumbs for the analog sticks, which is also uncomfortable.

  3. Handgasim… This design of controller looks like it’ll hurt your hands after a while, compared to the Xbox360 controller it’s too big and uncomfortable.

  4. I do admit that the 360 controller is quite comfortable. I hope Microsoft doesn’t raise too much hell over this.

    1. Why should they? They can’t file a patent for a SHAPE. If that would be possible, I’ll file a patent for the triangle.

      1. Generic Internet User

        Apple was actually granted a patent for the wedge shape of the macbook air. So you can get a patent for a shape

        1. Holy shit, really? I’m grabbing the triangle. Nobody fucking uses the triangle, unless they pay me to use it.

    1. No they aren’t. If a game uses dual-sticks, you’re not going to be using the anything else but them, you’ll have to lift your finger off the right stick and hit the face button in any scenario.

      So to fix what you said: The sticks are in a spot that may take some time getting used to. Since that has NOTHING to do with the comfort in the long run.

  5. comfort is the most important thing when it comes to controller so if that shape is comfortable then I’m good. though I prefer the gamecube’s controller cause that thing is fucking awesome.

  6. Looks a bit more slick, I always found the 360 controller to be a bit bulky, I hope this one evens it out. But why is everyone so upset about the sticks? From my perspective, those are the ideal places for the sticks.

  7. You should make WiiCube Controller for people that use Gamecube Controllers, wireless ones Its hard to play Super Smash Bros without a Gamecube controller. Nearly impossible to dodge attacks and do Combos.

    1. You know, ever heard of Operation Rainfall, some people wanted some games to get a western release so hard, that Nintendo actually released those games. That was the short version, if we would make a Operation, like, perhaps Operation Smash(?) And get enough people to join, Nintendo may notice it.

  8. So many people are going to bitch about Nintendo “ripping off” the 360 controller when everyone else rips off Nintendo for years and denies it. Nintendo just sits back and grins because when they throw something out there and Sony and MS try and do it better, Nintendo is STILL changing the game. They are paving the way in gaming and their competitors are afraid to not follow suit. So yea, hats off to MS for making a super comfortable controller. They nailed the design while Nintendo was innovating.

    1. The reason they bitch isn’t because nintendo copied, its because the majority of nintendo fantards Bitched about the other fantards Company copying nintendo, I love nintendo, but its fans deserve this (at the end of the day all fantards loose, they get flamed and nintendo wins, Better Control, More FREE publicity, and more 3rd Party games) its poetic justice if you ask me.

  9. Look, I’m a Nintendo fan like most everyone else here, but they copied XBOX360’s controller.

    Yes, I realize NIntendo did shoulder buttons first, analogue stick first, etc. But nobody every EXACTLY copied one of Nintendo’s controllers; even the PS Move, while it’s the exact same concept, is completely different in buttons, placement, etc.

    This, is almost exactly the XBOX360 controller, except the right stick is placed differently. And Reggie says it as the OTHER company’s controller looks like NINTENDO’S? LOL. You have it backward, Reg. YOURS looks like THEIRS.

    For good reason, I’ll admit: the 360’s controller is fantastic. But let’s get real here, folks…

    1. I’m pretty sure he meant Nintendo’s previous controllers. Namely the SNES, which still has the core of it’s design existing in modern controllers from the other companies.

      *Picture the dualshock without the grips and sticks*

      1. The original PSone controller, was just a SNES controller with L2 and R2.

        The Dualshock 1 only appeared after Nintendo introduced the N64 and its stick.

  10. There are only a few ways you can make a controller haha, They’re not really copying the xbox, that’s pretty much the only design that can hold 2 sticks, 4 buttons, and triggers (to play all modern games) …Controllers aren’t going to drastically change for a long time, if you think back on it every controller to come out has had the same general design (excluding the N64).

    So for all the die hard microsoft fans with a hard on to bust nintendo’s bubble… just give it a rest.

    1. Precisely! You can’t really stray too far from the “most-comfortable-design” path and it just so happens the Microsoft got there first. And so what if it looks similar or they “copied” it, Nintendo still has the Gamepad and what does Microsoft have? The SmartGlass? Surely you jest.

      1. As far as I’m concerned, the GameCube controller is the most comfortable controller. Nintendo cold have just made a wireless Wii U gamecube-type controller with rumble but whatever.

  11. No one can really nag about stealing controler designs. Everyone has pretty much stolen some part of each other’s systems any way. Play Station’s weird controler with the colorful ball at the end is strikingly similar to the Wii-mote. Xbox 360 controler is similar to the Nintendo Gamecube controler….basically they are all similar….

  12. The 360 controller is just a copy of the Xbox controller which in turn was copied off from the DreamCast.

    The Xbox is a crap system and it should have died instead of the Dreamcast

        1. And the same can be said for any series, without Mario Nintendo would be largely irrelevant from the get-go.

          1. I hope your retarded ass Mii avatar doesn’t represent what you are in real life. Because you really need to go outside if it is.

  13. It definitely looks comfortable. Instead of saying it looks like thx 360 controller, I look at it as it’s the Wii U game pad with out the screen. Makes perfect sense because you know someone was going to make one anyway, so Nintendo did it themselves right out the gate. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. Why the hell are nintendo sticking to (what appears to be) a glossy finish; the amount of grime and fingerprints I see on the CCpro is bad enough as it is ;~;

  15. Kind of a dick thing to say isn’t it? That other competitive controllers look like the Pro controller? That’s implying that the Pro controller came first. Which it didn’t. Didn’t matter if it were in development longer and the 360 controller happen to debut first, the fact is the 360 controller is senior to the Pro controller by virtue of its design.

  16. the Xbox 360 and GameCube had my favorite controller designs. I’m glad there is gonna be a controller like this.

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  20. “You could say that our competitive controllers look a lot like our controller.”
    Did he mean that “You could say that our competition’s controllers look a lot like our controller.”?
    Will this XBox-360-semi-copycat at least include a vibrator?

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  25. Why do people insist on comparing it with the nonstandard 360 controller(black) and only from the one angle where is looks the most similar.

    They are trying to force a point that is not true. Please put it next to the standard thw white controller and show it from the other angle as well.

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