Wii U Will Support Headsets From Day One

Lygo International, manufacturers of gaming headsets, have confirmed that they are “planning a line of headsets slated to tie in with the Wii U launch.” The Wii U GamePad includes built-in speakers and an embedded microphone for online communication but separate headsets are a welcome addition, especially for gamers who prefer using the Wii U Pro Controller.

92 thoughts on “Wii U Will Support Headsets From Day One”

            1. I bought an Xbox 3 days ago (feel free to release the fanboys) and I have 3 shooters, 1 racer, 1 RPG and 3 platformers. All but two of the platformers use the analogue triggers. What would it have cost Nintendo to implement something as simple as analogue triggers? A dollar? Maybe two? That may seem cheep cheep but they pay ridiculous prices for parts these days.

            2. Mario Sunshine is probably the only decent example of analog triggers. Ive never used them for anything else, or its barely noticable

              1. And the Mario Party games on the Gamecube >.> But that’s pretty much the only games on the GC that fully utilized the feature. I wonder how they would go by adding Super Mario Sunshine to the Virtual Console…

      1. People just need to get used to the new controler. I’m sure it works perfectly well with every single game that will come out for the Wii U.(analogue triggers or not) Everyone should stop freaking out/criticising every little detail about the new system and controler. People act like it is a bad thing to be inventive and new!

    1. Use your favorite headphones and bam, your good to go. You don’t even need to have a mic on it since the controller already has one. This however doesn’t apply to the Pro controllers.

  1. i feel like i should be able to use my Xbox 360’s headset with the Pro controller as it looks so familiar.

    1. You can use any wireless Bluetooth headset on ps3….. I’ve never had wires.

      Nice fanboy slip tho.

          1. That’s the last thing Nintendo would want at this point for communication purposes, less variety of options.

  2. This is the best news I’ve read in some time about the U. I hate the headbanger for C.O.D. and have been looking up info for years. If this supports in game volume and chat volume with controlls for each I will be very pleased.

      1. The skype software isn’t limited to hardware. Look at all the other non-microsoft devices skype is compatible on already.

          1. That didn’t stop it from being available on the Vita. It’s still freeware however services/plans can be managed by microsoft as similar to a cell phone company.

    1. Looks like Auto-correct doesn’t like you, Mr Doppelgänger. Nice to see that you have reached puberty, though.

    1. Most mics of that size are awful and it’s good to have it close to the mouth and for it to not be moved all the time.

  3. Awesome news indeed! Btw, for those of you who want analog triggers, and think it’s a big issue, just use the wii u pro controller. I’m pretty sure it uses analogue triggers :D!
    Can’t wait for the wiiu

    1. I’m actually pretty sure your wrong. Granted, I’ve never held the controller in my hands, but why limit certain ways you can play with a controller?

      1. Thus my statement : If it’s a big deal”. But i think you are right…. digital triggers are still pretty sweet though :D

  4. You guys are such fucking hypocrites. If Microsoft or Sony take an idea from Nintendo, its blasphemy and you attack them. If Nintendo decides to take an idea from Microsoft or Sony, like say a headset, its a really good idea and Nintendo should be commended for there excellent ideas

      1. No but they were the first to implement them into a console.

        Here’s a wonderful idea, asshole. Nintendo never invented the touchscreen, yet tons of ignorant fanboys seem to think so.

        1. No-one ever said Nintendo invented touch screens, Nintendo were the ones to make them popular. Big difference.

    1. Yeah because Sony and Microsoft invented or thought of head-sets first, right? Hell, even if that was the case, it wouldn’t mean much seeing as head-sets have become a standard for gaming. You can’ complain if someone implements something that is a standard.

      1. They were the first to put them in a console. It’s not like Nintendo invented the touchscreen, but tons of fanboys seem to think so. Also, yes I can call them out for copying something that’s “industry standard” the fact is that it’s not something they came up with. I don’t even have a problem with people copying from other people, its how the industry works. I do have a problem with people only bitching about certain things and not others because they are fanboys

        1. I see where you’re coming from. Of course Nintendo wasn’t the one to invent the touch-screen but they’re the first to implement them in a handheld.

          Also, no, you can’t call someone out for copying a standard. If ONLY Sony used head-sets for their systems and THEN Nintendo copied them, then yes you would have a point, but since it’s a standard, you don’t have an argument. For example, if both Nintendo and Microsoft used motion controls and then Sony made one too, you can’t call them out and call them copy-cats because it’s already a standard.

        2. Personally, I have no issues with people copying other people, mostly because industries are based off of people copying other people.

    2. Oh, Sony and Microsoft created headphones? Oh, no, wait…

      And people are excited because we can fucking use any headphone we want, you blind fanboy.

      1. We’re not excited, we just wanted confirmation, while others like myself didnt even think about it.
        Stop whining.

      2. No, but like I said earlier, they were the first to use them on a console.

        Oh and by the way, how exactly does this make me a fanboy. Realizing that Nintendo has flaws (unlike most fanboys on this site) makes me anti-Nintendo? No, I love all my video game consoles.

  5. I was almost positive this was already covered like a month ago or something. You said that a company (cant remember name) was already designing headset and other accessories to launch along with the Wii U. Really must be slow news.

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