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Miiverse Moderation Isn’t Too Bad

Last week, Satoru Iwata talked about how Nintendo will make Miiverse a safe place for children and explained the different levels of moderation. During an interview with Kotaku, Reggie Fils-Aime said that the heavy moderation will only happen if a user is flagged by community members. A user will be moderated if he or she continuously transmits inappropriate content. Basically, if we’re all well-behaved citizens of the Miiverse, we don’t have to wait 30 minutes for our messages to be delivered.

But what if, as in the example given by Nintendo when debuting the MiiVerse, I want to post a request for help for a game I’m stuck on? Do I have to wait a while for that to run?

“Let’s take that example. I need help with level so-and-so. The technical scan happens. There’s no bad words. It happens.” No queue? “Correct.”

This, Fils-Aime said, is when a Nintendo rep would step in: “If the community is flagging it or if there’s an issue where the consumer is continuously trying to send inappropriate content. Because this is account driven, if Stephen Totilo is continuously trying to send inappropriate content then we have the ability to message this.”

47 thoughts on “Miiverse Moderation Isn’t Too Bad”

    1. I think technically we can flag anything. But the effects of that flag will depend on what that user says. I highly doubt, however, that they would monitor anybody for giving spoilers, unless it’s an inside employee who’s revealing information that’s not meant to be revealed yet.

    2. Yeah the creator of animal crossing (the one who had the idea of miiverse)Said so but dont flag me i be spoiling saying someone:im beating world 1 finally i rescue peach

  1. So the security and moderation would pretty much be like other account systems on every other site of the world?
    That’s good. Expected, predictable but effective.

    1. Example? I can’t really think of any, and I’m quite happy with this, anybody who proclaims that it’s limiting their freedom, is a idiot, you don’t need swear words, or spoilers, or trolling, to be free in the virtual world. And it’s quite effective punishment, if you behave like a asshole, the online teaches you to be less CoD player like, and more ”Hey guys, up for a match?”.

      I know I sound like a family mother, but who likes those assholes online anyway?

      1. better than xbox live, i mean common there’s kids screaming like crazy there and cant be stop, this i have hope.

        1. In fact only kids try to act super cool swearing and “trolling”, well they deserve to being flagged and hopefully muted.

          1. exactly man i cant stand this; if U watch YouTube U know how embarrassing it is for Xbox gamers.

          1. yeah that’s what im saying M$ does not do nothing to control this, i have hope for Nintendo to fix this.

          2. so true also allowing the community to police itself. I know sometime it doesn’t work since we know some people might hate your post and point of view that where the mods job comes into play. After reviewing the claims and what was posted then the mod should either ban the person,send a message so that the person won’t do it again or just leave it alone. i like that

        2. my brother use xbox live and he just play halo or minecraft but he ok no troll friendly(unless u betray him not by trolling but by kicking u out of the party but we have seen few kids trolling they pretty inmature 100 percent they are like FUCK U SUX MY DICK i told him that he was gay and that if he really wanted to know how it feels to sux a dick then why not sux his dad dick then i owned him so bad i blocked him after that

  2. I’m down with that. unfortunately there’s no way to know who is a kid or adult cause I don’t want to be chatting with snot nosed immature brats.

  3. The PSN (especially Playstation Home) and XBOX Live are no place for kids because of this type of moderation. There are so many problems there already. If they wait until enough users complain about someone, the damage will have already been done. I would be willing to bet that there are more kids that will be in this network than the others; and not children that are a little rough around the edges with the language they use, but innocent kids that really don’t need to hear the kinds of things we have all see in the message boards on the net. I was a little disappointed with Nintendo alluding to a sort of “gloves off” approach to moderation. If there is one of the big three that should be more aggressive with their moderation, it is Nintendo. What do you all think?

    1. Well, it seems like the system blocks a person automatically, if they continuously use bad language. Also, they at least get 30 min. lag time if they start to get the attention of moderators.

  4. That’s good. Otherwise, this will happen:

    Person 1: I just beat Pikmin 3!
    Person 2: fuck u shitendo sucks play cod real men gaem
    Person 3: Hey, we need no trolls around here, even making a person sad!
    Person 1: :(
    Person 2: no fuck wii u for girl Xbox for men. play real game.
    Person 3: Really?

    1. As it would be;
      Person 1: I just beat Pikmin 3!
      Person 2: —- u —-endo sucks play cod real men gaem
      [Person 2 has been banned from Miiverse]
      Person 3: Huh…

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  8. Good, I’m glad their taking steps to keep Miiverse clean, while keeping it convenient at the same time. I’m gonna have a younger brother and sister playing on this thing so it had better be moderated.

  9. This sounds pretty reasonable. I’m still not sure how the whole Miiverse will operate after it launches but from what I gather this is good. I was scared that every message would take 30 mins at least until it is recieved!
    Also I hope for an accessable instant messaging system that is more robust than what the Wii offered with its looong Wii Code thingy (If there’s gonna be video chat, then chances are there’s gonna be instant messaging)

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  12. Miiverse admins isn't perfect

    I saw a penis and a vagina draw in nintendo land community and some inmature kids that came from xbox live and/or PSN……..i guess miiverse isn’t that much moderated than i though

  13. Miiverse will die just like the forums did, the mods are a bunch of bully victims with a god complex, both myself and a mate got suspended, apparently him saying he felt like a loser on a game was a reason for suspension and also posts reported by some 5-year old because they couldn’t respect what he was saying

  14. I got a 2 week ban for suggesting someone check Google; rick has it right in almost every way and I applaud him for speaking the truth

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