Sacrilegium Announced For Wii U

Reality Pump, the developers behind Two Worlds, have confirmed that there will be a Wii U version of their upcoming game, Sacrilegium. The game is scheduled to release later this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

Sacrilegium’s rich and nuanced plot follows the young woman Alex across the world, from the misty shores of San Francisco to the fearsome and foreboding corners of the Old Continent. There, Alex learns that assumptions can be lethally deceptive and that the seemingly safe modern world is but half of a chamber divided by a dark curtain… that beyond that opaque veil lies the embodiment of nightmares spawned into flesh.


      1. Lies! You cotroll THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HAH AH AHAHAH AH AHH HAA *cough* *cough* ummmm I dont know


  1. Yes, Two Worlds was shit but Two Worlds II is pretty good actually. I have it on my pc and it runs great at highest settings. It made alot of improvement over the first game and that shows that the developers want to bring out quality and improved games, unlike some CoD series…..


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