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Nintendo 3DS Pulverises The Competition In Japan

The Nintendo 3DS remains atop the best-selling list of video game consoles in Japan. Nintendo sold an impressive 64,875 3DS consoles during last week. The 3DS is followed by Sony’s PlayStation 3, which managed to sell 15,193 units. The PlayStation Vita reached number three on the list and has finally sold more units than its predecessor.

  1. [PS3] Tokyo Jungle
  2. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D
  3. [PSV] Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Battle Destiny
  4. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma
  5. [3DS] Mario Tennis Open
  6. [Wii] Mario Party 9
  7. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  8. [PSP] Storm Lover Kai!!
  9. [3DS]Fire Emblem: Awakening
  10. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  • Nintendo 3DS: 64,875
  • PlayStation 3: 15,193
  • PlayStation Vita: 13,383
  • PSP:10,038
  • Wii: 6,029
  • Xbox 360: 1,001
  • DSi LL: 615
  • DSi: 383

166 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Pulverises The Competition In Japan”

  1. Great to see Vita finally pickin up some steam. I want the handheld market to continue to thrive, unlike some of you ungrateful fanboys, always downin a nice system such as the Vita

    1. Exactly, and apparently this game helped sell it this week “Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Battle Destiny”.

      1. Give the Vita some time. Granted I don’t know what’s going to happen to it, but the 3DS originally sold horribly and it took some time to get everything settled and start selling well. Give the system at least a year before we can make assumptions. But hell, for all i know the Vita could follow the PSPs footsteps

        1. Lol, can’t keep using the “3DS sold poorly” excuse forever. 3DS NEVER sold as dismally as the Vita. And the Vita has had Long enough to pull out.

          1. but it did sell very poorly. And what do you mean that has long enough? it took a good 7 months before the 3DS started selling well, and the Vita is only been out for 4 months

            1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

              it took 7 months because Pokemon Black/White came out for DS days before it, and few saw a real point in getting a 3DS at that time if they had a new pokemon game keeping their handheld life busy. if Pokemon Black/White was for 3DS, the 3DS would have sold like, uh… something that sold fast and numerous (i dont feel like thinking of an analogy)

        2. Uh 3DS didn’t even have all the killer apps and content at launch til price drop and it did a whole lot better than Vita which had everything except backward compatibility at the same price point. 3DS owners where waiting for Nintendo games then it started selling hot cakes in Sony case it not.

        3. psp was a win psvita is a flop until sony does a $100 price cut vita will continue to fail. but they wont do a price cut cause sony is selfish and greedy and doesn’t care about gamers like nintendo all they want is your money and to track and tag everything you do on your system. sony = invasion of privacy

      1. Haha no prob. A lot of these guys I honestly do shake my head at, but I just ignore and continue readin on

        1. “Not this slow”.

          Wanna know why the Vita is “slower”? It’s the 3DS’ fault. Having a random and massive price drop mere months after release and people expecting the same from the Vita, but Sony isn’t going to do that anytime soon.

          Basically, Nintendo’s own stupidity and overpricing of a product is to blame here.

          Truth hurts, but that’s the sad truth of it.

    2. Yeah with one game like every week that shows Vita improvement only has one or two games. Then the following week it drop.

    3. If the system itself inhibits the potential of killer apps to be made on said system, then it can’t possibly be good. The Vita limits its own potential through its design. It is designed to be just a portable PS3. You’re not going to get many different games that will set the Vita apart from the PS3 with that kind of design. The bells and whistles Vita’s got like the two touchscreens and motion control won’t help it either, because they are merely accessories to the fundamental PS3-oriented design. You can almost say the Vita only exists to get people to buy the PS3. If that truly is so, then I really feel sorry for the Vita.

      1. So…how is this a bad thing? So I’m guessing 3DS is only good for mobile phone ports, Mario and nothing else? Oh and ports of N64 games? o_O

        I’d take a portable PS3 with all around better specs and design over a piece of shit handheld like the 3DS any day of the week.

        1. Heh. I used to think that you had a tiny bit of sense in you until I saw that comment. You’re just raging now. I mean ‘shit handheld like the 3DS’? Really? That’s a petty rage speech at best.

          1. Not really, it’s stupid when people actually complain about a handheld being a “portable ps3” if anything, that’s an honor, because a 3DS is an absolute joke of a portable device in my honest opinion.

            1. guess ya motherfuckers never owned a 3ds or a vita or even played one. vita is not and does not have ps3 specs and does not have graphics like a ps3 dumbass psvita is nothing but a glorafied psp with a touch screen with a faster major selling point is playing ps3 games on the go but what they dont tell you is you need a ps3($250) with internet($50) and of course the ps3 game($60) to live stream the game to your psvita ($250)one more thing you need the slow ass at&t 3g network on your vita and thats another($50) so thats $660.00 with out tax you have to pay to play a ps3 game on the go did i forget to mention 3g sucks and the games with be live streamed @ 240k with a 3sec delay. the vita is such a piece of shit. 3ds is 1000% better.great graphics better games better gameplay. sony truly truly suck balls but you guy are too fucking stupid to see it. die sony die muhahahaha!!!!!

              1. I own both, and I mentioned nothing about the specs being the same. Take your shitty grammar and nonsense out of my sight, you little bitch.

            2. Thay complain about that because there are quite a few PS3 games on the Vita that are barely any different from the original, and why is the 3DS a joke of a portable system? If your talking like that than all new portable systems are a joke of portable systems, because they are becoming less and less of portable systems, they both have bad battery life (my 3DS usually lasts between 5 and 8 hours though) Vita requires memory cards, and 3DS has expandable memory with SD cards, and finally most games on the systems are not really designed for on the road quick gaming experiences.

              1. The 3DS hardware is utterly terrible and barely even faster than a PSP, actually I think the 3DS is UNDERCLOCKED even below a PSP, it only has modern shaders to make it’s games look better, do the same to the PSP and it’ll wipe the floor with it.

                The hardware is completely underwhelming, missing out on a second analog. And I don’t care what anyone says; TOUCHSCREENS AND GYRO CONTROLS DON’T REPLACE ANALOGS. The hardware feels cheap and the design is flawed to the point where the bottom screen can permanently scratch the top. The select/home/start buttons are also terribly made as well. Personally, I think it’s a total joke. I can’t believe they tried to sell it for $250 when it doesn’t even last 5 hours and only offers these short burst experiences rather than something immersive, besides KI.

                1. Your such a fucking loser you didnt even answer any of my questions, You just went on another stupid rant where you pulled fanboy facts out of your ass like usual.

                1. No I just like to troll the stupid trolls on this site who think that they know every single thing about video games to the point where they criticize every system they dont like and then lie about “owning” the system even though they just go on review sites and steal the negative info about the system and its games to make people think like they know what they are talking about.

        2. Dude your pretty stupid. How many N64 ports are actually on the system, lets see maybe you can help me count 1 Zelda Ocarina Of Time, and 2 Starfox 64, and 3 OH wait, thats right there are only 2 N64 ports. So stop saying the 3DS is full of N64 ports, and hey how many PS3 Ports are there on Vita.

          1. Zelda, OoT,Rayman (Dreamcast version, but still originally N64). So nope, you’re wrong.

            And that’s just 64 ports, don’t even get me started with everything else, it may shock you, LOL.

            Nah I will anyway.

            Asphalt 3D is a port of an IPHONE GAME.
            Ace Combat is a remake of the second game.
            BlazBlue is a port.
            That Brunswick Bowling game is a port.
            Crush 3D is a REMAKE of a PSP game.
            Harvest Moon….will be a port of a….DS game…
            Super Street fighter 4 is a port.
            Metal Gear Solid 3 is a port.
            Monster Hunter Tri-G is an -enhanced- port.
            Rayman Origins is a port which seemingly can’t even be released.
            The Sims 3 (both of them) are ports.
            Tales of the Abyss? PORT.
            Splinter Cell 3D? PORT.

            You know what’s funny? This doesn’t even include eShop titles. :P

            1. Ok well I admit you have me there, but name one system that has been a commercial success that does not have any ports on it from 5th generation (Playstation, 64, etc) up.

      1. in sales* because frankly the 3DS’ lineup is an utter snoozefest compared to the Vita’s growing and increasingly better lineup per announcement.

        It’s funny because in the span of say 5 months the Vita has already crushed the 3DS’ lineup it had around the same age. LOL.

        1. I have to aggre after finishing super mario 3d land and ki uprising i have had bothing to play on my 3ds and nothing else realy exictes me enoth to get but when smash bros and pokemon comes out i will have somthing to play

            1. MGS has a superior Vita version with even more games included and in HD, so no.

              RE Revelations is more of the same action horror like RE5 was in the later game.

        2. That’s why Nintendo released the 3DS a year before Sony released the Vita. The 3DS crushes the Vita’s lineup, making it a better console. LOL.

          1. How does it crush the Vita’s lineup? All it has is Mario.

            List all of the legitimately good 3DS games over the Vita right now please. I wanna see this lmao.

              1. Nobody cares about Tekken lmao.
                MGS has a better version on the Vita with MGS2 included as well.
                LoZ is a port.
                Starfox is a port.

                Kid Icarus is the only one you really got so far, RE devolved right back into an action horror in the later game.

            1. That kind of question is entirely subjective.

              Anyway, what does the Vita actually have right now besides Gravity Rush? Don’t say Uncharted: Golden Abyss, because I purchased that, and it’s painfully average.

              1. >Entirely “subjective.”
                >calls Uncharted “painfully average”

                It’s a bit disturbing you contradicted yourself in the same post.

                Notable Vita titles:
                Super Stardust Delta
                Plants vs Zombies
                Mutant Blobs Attack
                Uncharted Golden Abyss
                Escape Plan
                Gravity Daze (Rush)
                Lumines Electronic Symphony.
                Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
                Mortal Kombat
                Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
                Persona 4: The Golden
                Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
                Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.
                Wipeout 2048
                Gundam Seed Battle Destiny
                Rayman Origins (entirely skippable if you own the console version)
                Unit 13

                About 4 months, and this library is already objectively more comprehensive and immersive than the 3DS’ current retail titles.

                …This doesn’t even include the upcoming games like
                Assassins Creed III Liberation (which is a unique title) – funny how the 3DS AC game was canned and this is done instead.
                Little Big Planet
                Sega All Stars Racing Transformed
                Need for Speed Most Wanted (
                Soul Sacrifice
                Sly Cooper: Thieves in time
                Street Fighter X Tekken
                Zone of the Enders
                hell even freaking CoD of all things will probably be the go-to portable FPS since Treyarch is developing it rather than the usual side-activision companies who make crappy DS/Wii versions.

                …So I’m waiting on that 3DS list which can glaringly beat this lineup.

                Hint: it doesn’t. So don’t even bother. :P

                Third parties seem to love the Vita, pretty big amount of games now that I look at the list of titles I’m not even sure about. Looks like the 3DS underwhelms them and the Vita can allow them to go all out on better designed and powerful hardware.

                But I’m sure New Super Mario Milk it Edition 2 will be pwnsauce amirite?

            2. how sony fans like to say it only has mario… you are forgetting a few games dude… fire emblem, pokemon, kid icarus, star fox, super smash bros.(still coming) , resident evil , zelda, m.g.s, tekken,

              1. Pokemon is for the DS; not 3DS.
                Star Fox is a remake.
                Who the HELL cares about Tekken anymore?????
                MGS, is a watered down port with low FPS.
                RE got old fast.
                Fire Emblem/KI are the only ones I legitimately see in this list. Bad sign.
                SMB hasn’t even REVEALED, so what the hell? For all you know it could be a total turn for the worse.

  2. Genesis does what Nintendon't

    It’s good to see the almost-failing Vita selling more. Change of pace other than PSP selling more than Vita.

    1. siegfried von schroder



      1. May I suggest some spelling lessons? Dying from the verb to die. Dieing = To paint something of a natural color into a different color. I won’t charge for this one ;)

      1. I think Microsoft is a big company in Japan… It’s mostly Nintendo and Sony. By the time Wii U comes out it, it’ll be all Nintendo in Japan probably…

  3. Looks like people are finally picking up Vitas – Most likely for Persona 4: The Golden which came out today/yesteday?

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  5. Ninty fags cheer over nintraitors casual domination

    4 all my weai cracker ninty kissass fags who own a 35shit lol

  6. I’m not trying to be a hater here, but I wouldn’t really be celebrating about those Vita sales. 13,000 isn’t exactly great. I guess the Gundam game pushed the sales up a bit this week.

    1. Its by no means “great”. However its showing that the Vita is moving up, which is a good thing.

      1. A minor improvement like that is certainly a good thing…if you never expected much from the Vita to begin with. If the Vita truly is as good as people say, then it should be doing much better than this. It should be NUMBER ONE. But unfortunately, it can’t, because it’s too shackled down by the PS3. Anyone who does respect the Vita should not settle for anything less and stop themselves from trying to convince themselves that a mere 13,000 units is really the best Vita can do.

        1. I’m not saying 13,000 units is good, its still not selling very well at all. However, what I am saying is that it is improving which, even if its a small improvement, is still better than what it was before. I really don’t care about the Vita anyway. However, bashing a console these people probably have never played is just as bad as those ‘Sony Fanboys’ these guys are talking about (Not talking about Lol here, just in general). Plus competition is a fantastic thing people need to be aware of or we’ll end up with Ninty half-assing games and going back to their strict third-party rules of the NES days.

        2. So is the Wii number 1 because it outsold every other platform this gen? Even when it gathers dust in virtually every non-casual’s house? Suffers from an utter lack of quality titles that weren’t just Gamecube games with tacked on controls?

          It’s always sales that matters to the gamers right? No, it fucking doesn’t.

          Your point is COMPLETELY MOOT. That’s the stupidest shit I’ve seen you post on here so far.

          1. Still if its such a good system as you say it is, it should sell way better than it has(which is his whole point). It is a good system though which I will say unlike you, you stupid fucking fanboy.

            1. This device isn’t even 5 months old in western countries. I don’t know what the fuck you’re trying to prove when the handheld isn’t a year old yet to even get going. Like I said before, SALES MEAN NOTHING TO THE GAMING EXPERIENCE.

              Jesus Christ, you Ninty fanbitches are dreadfully STUPID.

              1. It does not matter you retard if nobody buys the system than nobody can play the games, I never said sales mean everything, all I said was that it must have a user base which it, sadly barely has at this point in time, and I like how you sony fanboys like to say that Nintendos systems will be failures when they arent even out yet, but when a system that has been out for almost half a year and has not been a success, its automatically the best system ever, better than anything Nintendo has ever put out, so fuck you and learn how to not be a prick.

  7. Pokemon is not out. And when monster hunter 4 comes out wow let not get castlevania . And that default game by square enix what does the vita have cod it on ps3, ac3 also on ps3. Persona remake of a the ps2 game. Do you think that it will get the numbers mh3g got the 3ds(mh3g has 1.4m)

  8. hooray for the vita, i guess? i suppose it’s at least nice for japan’s sales to be rising up towards north america’s/europe’s levels of mediocre sales rather than sitting dead in the water as it has been over there. or perhaps this is the beginning of a sales reversal, since the western sales have been slowly dipping lately and japan just nearly doubled its usual weekly vita sales

      1. I’d take the quality games it has over the 3DS anyday so the sales mean nothing. A lot like the PS3 against the Wii.

        1. even those there no game on the vita so u are not going to get your has on the vita anytime soon boo hooo.

        2. I agree with you there. The 3DS has awesome games like OoT 3D, SM3DL, and MK7, but the sheer abysmall amount of titles that have interested me on the Vita in only four months is outstanding: Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Escape Plan, and a bunch more…As much as I love my 3DS, I have to admit that I spent more money on game for my Vita then I did on the 3DS in its entire lifespan.

          1. The difference between the PS1/PS2 and the Wii was the FACT that both of the former had -quality- software lineups to back up those sales, unlike the latter. :)

            1. Murumassa,
              NMH 1&2,
              Red Steel 2,
              Zack & Wiki,
              Trauma Center,
              Dead Space: Extraction,
              House of the Dead Overkill,
              Sonic Colors,
              Monster Hunter Tri,
              Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom,
              Little Kings Story,
              Blast Works,
              Lost Winds,
              de Blob,
              Boom Blox 1&2,
              Cave Story,
              SSX Blur,
              GoldenEye 007,
              Epic Mickey,
              Guilty Gear XX Accent Core,
              The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces,
              Rabbids go Home,
              Strong Bad,
              NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits,
              Toki Tori,
              The Last Story,
              Rhythm Heaven Fever,
              Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
              Endless Ocean,
              Sin & Punishment: Star Successor,
              Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn,
              Excitebots & Excite Truck,
              Phantom Brave: We Meet Again,
              Art Style,
              Battalion Wars 2,
              Mercury Meltdown Revolution,
              Mario Strikers Charged,
              Metroid Prime 3,
              You, Me & the Cubes,
              Metal Slug Anthology,
              Tomb Raider: Anniversary,
              Shiren the Wanderer,
              Wario Land Shake it,
              Super Mario Galaxy 1&2,
              Zelda: TP & SS,
              Donkey Kong Country Returns

              1. Plenty of those games are shovelware and many are actually small Wiiware titles which are by no means major or relevant to what I’ve said at all. For the games that are decent, they are an entire generation too late in my book. Actually pretty much every Wii game besides a select minority of first party titles are “too late”.


              2. Stop responding to Aeolus. It’s obvious he’s a troll and nothing you say will ever satisfy him. He’s hasn’t made a valid point yet.

                1. It’s not “valid” because it opposes Nintendo fandorks like yourself. :P

                  The truth is obvious. The Wii was almost entirely irrelevant throughout the generation for the -real- gamers. Why do you think people always mentioning it “gathering dust” or it being the almost unanimously answered “regret purchase” of anything this generation?

                  Use your head idiots.

                  1. ‘Nintendo Fandorks’

                    You must be a ‘Sony Fandork’ then. If you can’t accept that the 3DS and Wii have done better than the Vita and PS3, then it must be stupid. Sales can’t be a ‘valid’ point, then, I guess.

                    1. Sales sales sales, my system sucks shit at gaming so im just gonna brag about da sales sales sales herpa derp!!11

                      nintendo have all my money! I’ll worship u forever n give u all of my cash for lackluster 3rd party support, shitty online and last gen graphics!!!1

                      with an all new gimmick make a banana controller so you can shove it up mario’s ass in new super mario old and beaten to death 3!!!1

                      1. cod mw2 is the best game evar cuz sales

                        and cod always breaks sales records!!! you kno its da best!

                        HERPA DERP, ALL I CARE ABOUT IS SALES.

                        1. Ok Sega Saturn is the best system ever because it has some good games, but nobody owned it. See I can do it too, but the opposite.

                2. He wasnt compring their software to the Wiis, he was comparing it to the N64, and Gamecube in their respective generations.

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      3. Nice job 3DS! I’m glad to see the Vita is picking up as well. I own both a 3DS and a Vita and both are phenomenal. Just a matter of time till more people get their hands on these wonderful systems! The Vita deserves more love just as the 3DS did about a year ago!

      4. Quality games. I am sick how many uncharted,metal gear resistance,cod and asscreed do you have to play there on the ps3 thats not quality thats a ripoff. The 3ds has kid icarus on of the most highly reviewed games of this year mario kart 7 and get it its gona be the only mario kart. And oot a remake of an awesome game not a hd remake of a ps3 hd remake with touch control. And gravity rush not that great for a game thats meant to defines the vita as its own system i will rather buy revelations and i hate R.E. Quality is the ps3 not vita. And rise in sale simple the main game is not out or will be out on the ps3 . The vita need to be unique. The 3ds is noting like the wii even though it has wii game (mh). Quality am shocked. And if sony think cross play with the smash bros copy will get the vita sales they better fire there marketing team

        1. To each their own, kid. I love Uncharted as much as I love Kid Icarus! They are both amazing games, no need to hate on either. Sony has their amazing games and Nintendo has theirs. So stop complaining and play both of them!

        2. Yay…3DS has like one good game and it’s suddenly more “quality” than the Vita with it’s torrent of Mario games and shovelware, LMAO.

          Sounds like a 3DS fanboy. Because none of the games on that handheld can even touch the Vita’s lineup besides Kid Icarus with its shit controls or maybe RE/KH.

          Mario Kart? [laughs]

          How about I just play an actual hardcore racer that requires skills like Wipeout or perhaps a better alternative in the upcoming Sega All Stars Racing Transformed instead

          Vita software will continue it’s steady climb over the 3DS’ crap, with the software announcements are rolling in on practically a daily basis. Games that were cancelled like Assassin’s Creed also managed to make it to the portable and built from the GROUND UP just for the device.

          Persona 4.
          MGS HD Collection
          Zone of the Enders HD Collection
          Retro City Rampage
          Need For Speed: Most Wanted (LOL NOT EVEN COMING TO 3DS)
          Gravity Rush (your opinion does not make one of the most original titles a “bad game”, fanboy)
          List goes on….
          All PS1 Classics finally supported and potential PS+ integration.

          Jesus Christ, the 3DS has NO HOPE to top this gaming experience.

          Mario? HAHAHA
          Pokemon? BWAHAHAHAHA it’s a -DS- game.
          Some random third party shovelware/barely success titles?

          I know what I’m gaming on this year for portables. A real portable experience. A real handheld built for older, HARDCORE gamers. The PSVita.

          1. TBH, YOUR the one who sounds like a fanboy. I bet you don’t even own a 3DS. I can wip out a list of 3DS games in development if you want me to so I can destroy your “3DS has no games” argument.

            1. I do actually, it gathers dust in a case I bought for it last year with OoT, SM3DL, MK7 and a few digital titles.

              I will never fall for Nintendo’s bullshit again. This is basically more of the same games from the last generations with higher poly models and shader bloom.

              oh and they lost me completely from the start when they decided not to include dual analog.

              1. “They lost me completely from the start when they decided not to include dual analog.” If they lost you from the start then why the hell did you buy their system, and you seemed to play it for a while after the start too if you own those games.

                1. I never figured they’d be so arrogant to not have an eventual revision without dual analog so I could sell it off at some point for it.

                  But apparently, that’s the case. I took the plunge anyway since it was an impulse buy more than anything else.

                  1. So you bought a system which you apparently hate just so you could sell it and buy an improved version of a system you apparently hate, AND you apparently bought it on impulse? Man you make no sense, I constantly see contradictions in the things that you post.

                1. That was well before I figured out the cold hard truth that the series can’t evolve anymore. Double Dash/Super Circuit for life, those games have been tarnished by their successors. MK7 feels such a massive downgrade from the decent DS game, that I can’t even bother to pick it up anymore.

                  Maybe if Nintendo issues free DLC cups with new tracks built from the ground up that it can be saved. But the core gameplay is still in complete shreds.

                    1. >Super Circuit sucks.

                      >most realistic driving mechanics of the series.

                      >more tracks and content than any other titles.

                      >More balanced than any other title.

                      >higher review scores than the majority of the game

                      lol, no.

            2. You can whip out your list, though. I’ll counter with an even bigger one. Go on, I’ll be waiting. :P

          2. Persona 4 – SNOREFEST
            MGS HD Collection – REHASH
            Zone of the Enders HD Collection – REHASH
            Retro City Rampage – SHOVELWARE
            Need For Speed: Most Wanted – PALES in comparison to the Mario Kart franchise
            Gravity Rush – SHOVELWARE
            LittleBigPlanet – SMALL DICK PLANET

            1. I’m sorry, but Gravity Rush is NOT shovel ware, it is as original as original can get! It’s an amazing game as well. Please refrain from being a fanboy, it’s stupid.

            2. Your opinion over the most anticipated titles from non-Nintendo fanboys is not a fact no matter how hard you try.

              Also, you’ve never played these games. I know that for certain.

          3. Dude Im getting sick and fucking tired of your snobby attitude if you dont like the 3DS then get off of this site. Its called My Nintendo for a reason, Its all about Nintendo, and hey you keep bragging about all those good Vita games that you “own”, maybe you should get off this site and actually start playing them instead of trying to start flame wars on here, we can all tell that your a Sony fanboy, so go on a Sony site . Your not going to change anyones opinion on here like I said earlier nobody gives a flying fuck about your biased opinions on here and nobody will. Finally, a real HARDCORE gamer does not try to start system wars, they see the positives and negatives of each console, and respects each of the console manufactures, and they certainly dont go around being dicks to everybody and spread their biased BS towards other gamers like you do.

              1. Dude, are you done trolling? Oh & here is the list of 3DS games in development or have yet to be released.

                Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
                Code of Princess
                Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
                Fire Emblem: Awakening
                Ninja Gaiden
                Beyond the Labyrinth
                Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
                Monster Hunter 4
                Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
                Paper Mario: Sticker Star
                Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
                Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
                Project X Zone
                Rodea the Sky Soldier
                Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
                Shin Megami Tensei 4
                Rune Factory 4
                Etrian Odyssey 4
                Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
                Eternal Eden
                Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
                Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure
                Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
                Zone of the Enders 3DS (rumored but still)

                And here are current 3DS games with a 70 or above on Metacritic

                The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
                Super Mario 3D Land
                Colors! 3D
                Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
                Mario Kart 7
                Art of Balance Touch
                Mutant Mudds
                Cave Story 3D
                Resident Evil: Revelations
                Star Fox 64 3D
                Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
                Dead or Alive: Dimensions
                ZEN Pinball 3D
                Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
                Mighty Switch Force!
                Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
                3D Classics: Kid Icarus
                3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure
                Ketzal’s Corridors
                Bit.Trip Saga
                Ridge Racer 3D
                Tales of the Abyss
                Nano Assault
                Tetris Axis
                Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D
                Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
                Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

                1. Out of those titles, the only legitimately good looking ones are:

                  Epic Mickey.
                  Monster Hunter 4.
                  Kingdom Hearts.
                  Project X Zone.

                  The rest I’m not interested in because they are casual games, have (better) entries on the Vita, or flat our shovelware/ports. Bad sign.

                  psst, the new Castlevania game is actually a port of the PS3 one.

                  1. Mirrors of Fate is NOT a port, it’s built from the ground up for the 3DS. And I understand that these games might not interest you, but to say they’re casual games is ridiculously biased. Either

                    A. you haven’t played half these games

                    B. you don’t know anything about most of them. And do you even know what shovelware is? Apparently you act like shovelware is anything that’s not mainstream/looks “kiddy”. Learn the definition of shovelware before you throw it around please.

                    1. I don’t need to play half of these games either. The majority have always been associated with:

                      Availability on the Vita.
                      Rush job shovelware or bad ports with minimal differences from previous entries.

                      Pro Evolution Soccer…REALLY?

                      Enough of these bullshit reskinned DS games that are only good in tiny bursts. They didn’t interest the core gamers on the device and have continued not doing so.

                      1. You didn’t answer my shovelware question. It’s obvious you don’t know what shovelware is. And the fact that your calling games like Rhythm Thief (from the developers of Space Channel 5) shovelware prove it. And what about all the Nintendo games? Ok, so apparently “hardcore” gamers play mainstream games that don’t have a Nintendo logo on them? Yeah.

                        1. No, you didn’t FUCKING READ. I clearly said the majority, you’re implying I meant ALL of them.

                          Hardcore games are games clearly catered to intermediate, mature gamers that aren’t best in short bursts or serve to distract. They are the comprehensive games you find on the consoles that immerse you into the experience and keep you coming back.

                          3DS has next to none of those titles. Objective fact.

                        2. You must not have read his post because about a quarter of those games are new Ips, and more than a quarter of those are brand new sequels.

                          1. New IPs =/= not shovelware, mediocrity or casual titles. New IPs interest me if they can actually do something meaningful to warrant a purchase.

                  2. Again you avoid everything in my post so that you can rant about how Vita is best and 3DS sucks, your a fanboy so you deal with it.

                      1. Again you avoid my post by pointing out that I made a simple spelling mistake by accident. Fucking fanboy douchebag.

                          1. Yeah ok that’s just because you’re in the corner and you dont have anything to say other than calling people faggots and fanboys, because your probably trying to hide the fact that you’re a cocksucking fanboy.

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