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Sony: ‘Wii U Is In Its Own Generation’

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment executive, believes that the Wii U is in its own generation. Yoshida always categorized the Wii as being in its own generation, separate from the other consoles on the market. He believes that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are part of the same generation because they are high definition consoles, while the Wii focused on motion controls.

Although the Wii is the least-powerful console of this generation, it was the first console of the current generation that focused mainly on motion controls. Because the Wii influenced Sony’s and Microsoft’s motion peripherals, was it part of a more advanced generation?

“I have always thought Wii was in a generation of its own. I always thought PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in the same generation, but Wii was not the same.”

“To me, the industry was growing really fast when those three platforms came up because the focus is so different. The PS3 and the 360 were the closest in terms of high definition and networked services. But Wii carved out a large niche to itself. To me, it was like two generations going at the same time.”

94 thoughts on “Sony: ‘Wii U Is In Its Own Generation’”

  1. Somebody from Sony saying something that isn’t Negative about Nintendo? Where the flying pigs at?

    1. Angry birds shot them down.
      Bad joke, I know.
      Still, Sony complimenting Nintendo: was not expecting that.
      Hope it continues

      1. Some may see it as a compliment. Others may see it as an excuse so the PS4 and NextBox don’t have to be compared to the Wii U after Nintendo dominates next generation.

    2. I wish I knew. See, THIS is how the companies should be! They shouldn’t constantly tear each other apart, except for when they’re making their marketing attempts. Other than that, it’s great to see a Sony executive being not negative, but neutral about Nintendo. This isn’t positive, but it isn’t bad either. Plus, he has a point.

    3. Agreed, nice to hear something thats not negative. Its the main reason i refuse to buy sony products really… they are constantly bad mouthing other company’s

  2. That’s because Nintendo does it’s own thing. They don’t play copycat and follow the leader

  3. It’s really a nice comment comming from him, it’s actually true and it doesn’t define Nintendo better than them of worse than them. It’s actually a nice crafted comment well thought.

  4. That’s an awesome thing to hear. It’s like saying, “They march to the beat of a different drum” or “Play their own rules.”

    Nintendo isn’t a company who just follows suit in its industry; they make up their own rules.

  5. non specific action peteriuss

    Sickr, amazon aren’t honouring the £199.00 Wii u price. I got an email today saying it was an error and the order is cancelled. Just thought I’d give you the heads up. Anyway keep up the good work pal.

    1. They really ought to. It was Amazon’s fault that they stupidly were selling at that price, they should own up and sell it at that price for the people purchased it

  6. Dafuq he’s sayin, it’s not different generations but different targets. Anyways Wii U is more dangerous for them than Wii was

  7. Yeah, I agree in a way. Xbox/Ps3 were more for core gaming and more titles, to the point where if you wanted to play most things you had to have either of those.

  8. Things like this makes me miss the days when I was growing up, and SEGA made consoles, and each different console on the market were completely different, and offered different experiences. Can we have a game market like that again by any chance?

  9. just because direct competition wasn’t there doesn’t mean they’re different generations or, even more ridiculous, two generations in parallel. it doesn’t work like that. it’s all the same generation no matter what the competitive status is for each company. stop trying to exclude nintendo, sony. especially in this generation, where nintendo actually has the potential to get some of the same third-party games as everyone else. i’m starting to get the feeling sony’s just scared and wants people to think that they’re not in the same place as nintendo

    1. microsoft never bad mouths nintendo though lol. sony is really the only one that badmouths anyone….

      1. thats because microsoft and nintendo are polar opposites, microsoft does terrible in japan (ie where nintendo excells) and Nintendo only does good in North america (where microsoft excells) theirs no reason for them to fight.

        1. exactly. even if they did directly compete, i dont see microsoft badmouthing them. they may be greedy bastards but they’re not rude to other companies. sony really needs to grow up.

            1. lol no. that would be nintendo. seriously. they have the highest selling console and handheld of all time.

              1. Well….. that’s not true. The handheld part is I’m pretty sure. but the PS2 is the best selling console of all time

                1. oh woops, i meant fastest selling. but yeah the ps2 is the best selling console. and it was a pretty awesome system. it’s too bad sony became a bag-o-dicks when the ps3 came out.

      2. Actually about a year or two ago Microsoft said that they had better 1st party titles than Nintendo, most people just took it as a joke lol

        1. having pride in your first party titles is one thing, sony just straight up talks about nintendo as if they’re the scum of the earth.

          1. They werent saying it to be prideful, If they were they would have said thay have the best and not singled out Nintendo

  10. Nintendo is like hologram communication…some enjoy communicating via phone others rather be face to face…nintendo bridges and innovates the gaps…so hes right, nintendo is in its own lane

  11. Why is it that the japanese executive from sony is a lot more nicer and reserved than the american executive?

  12. Yet Sony is trying to copy it with Vita and ps3 cross play, and microsoft with smart glass! So really? Doesn’t really make since to me. If it has it’s own class then leave it alone and stop trying to copy it! (:

  13. Shuhei Yoshida is stupid.

    The Wii is part of 7th generation of console.

    Just because it wasn’t high definition and had motion controls doesn’t mean it wasn’t. It just means Nintendo wanted to stand out from the market and offer something different, which they did.

    1. i think Wii was ahead in generation but not in terms of graphics. See if it wasnt ahead MS and Sony wouldnt copy the motion gaming of Wii.

  14. The title is wrong. it says that the WiiU is in a gen of its own yet the guy says Wii, not WiiU.

    And besides, he kinda is right, Now obviously the Wii is a 7th gen console, but they does provide very different games and experiences than the 360 or PS3. Does that make either of them bad, no, they’re just different.

  15. Leave your own assumptions and commentary out of your headlines. Especially when you’re intentionally presenting them as fact.

  16. hahaha the way I see it the ps360 was 7th gen meanwhile the wii was 7.5th gen. it was so far ahead of its competition that they literally made their own motion control style, microsoft anyway, sony just straight up made a glowing wiimote.

  17. So Where’s the part that he said that the wii u is in its on generation?
    All I read was about the original wii

  18. Is it me or did I miss something? Where in his statement did he say Wii U? He said Wii and the PS3 and Xbox 360….nothing about Wii U.

  19. If ur commenting and Saying how stupid Sony is for saying Wii U is in it’s on Generation and defending Wii U….please go back and actually read the article…He said Wii not Wii U and in that sense he’s right! The headings on many if the articles have been misleading to get 80+ comments.. Please Stop!!!

  20. This is just like how they said the vita isn’t competing with the 3ds… They just don’t want to be outsold and that is it.

    1. Aside from the fact that both the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita are portable gaming consoles with touch-screens, how on Earth is the PlayStation Vita copying the Nintendo 3DS?

      They have considerably different hardware and capabilities, different games and are aiming at different market segments…

      I mean, comparing the two is like comparing black to white – yes they’re both colors, but other than that, they’re completely different!

    1. They HAVE copied. That’s how the industry works, you take ideas and make them even better. While its true Ninty has invented a lot of stuff, to say they have never copied someone is ignorant. They copied dual analogue sticks, CCP looks strangely similar to the PS2, They didn’t invent online support, they didn’t invent the tablet, they didn’t invent the touch screen, They didn’t invent a way to access the home and change apps in an easy matter, hell its not like they created buttons or anything

    2. As I’ve pointed out below, Sony did not copy motion gaming from Nintendo and anyone that knows their gaming history will know that even during the “Golden Age of Video Games” (i.e. the days of the original consoles), companies were experimenting with motion gaming…

      Admittedly Nintendo can lay claim to being the company that made motion gaming mainstream, but they’re far from the original.

  21. ok sony i give u some credit here but what generation is the ps vita in rite now cause it looks to mean its falling in last generation perdicament

    1. I’d give the Vita some time before we can say its doing the same thing as the PSP. I mean, the 3DS started off horribly. It needed some time before it started to sell like it is now. Granted I don’t know where the Vita’s going, but give it a year or so.

  22. “Because the Wii influenced Sony’s and Microsoft’s motion peripherals, was it part of a more advanced generation?”

    Actually, you’re wrong – Sony came up with the idea for the PlayStation Move way back in 2001 and by later that year, they already had a working prototype… Nintendo on the other hand, came up with the concept for the Nintendo Wii, however did not start actual development until 2003!

    Admittedly, it was Nintendo whom took motion controllers mainstream, but Sony were developing the product long before Nintendo…

    1. Correction: “Nintendo on the other hand, came up with the concept for the Nintendo Wii in 2001,”

    2. wtf you talking about nintendo been doing motion controls since the 80’s you forgot about the power glove and the u-force. do some research before you open your vagina

      1. I was living the ’80s kid and video games were my thing, just as much as they are today… Don’t lecture me above video games.

        Not until did the “Power Glove” and U-Force come out in 1989 – five years after Atari developed the un-released “MindLink” input system – but neither of these controllers was actually developed or manufactured by Nintendo themselves!

        The Power Glove was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Cooper Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment (AGE), made by Mattel in the United States and PAX in Japan; the U-Force was designed and manufactured by “Brøderbund”.

        As for motion gaming, Sega also had a hand with the Sega VR (1991, unreleased) and the Activator (1993, and technically the first to allow full-body motion gaming), with both devices being developed by Sega themselves.

        And of course there were others that experimented with motion gaming, particularly during the early ’90s, but I don’t need to give you a history lesson, ’cause you know everything and if you say it, it must be true… Ain’t that right, sport?

          1. Well, I may have been around back in the ’80s and I may have been well into gaming since before you knew what gaming was, but I don’t exactly have a memory like an encyclopedia…

            Sure I used all of the products I mentioned, well the ones that made it out into the public anyway, but even I can’t remember the specifics from 20+ years ago!

  23. Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as putting the Nintendo Wii U in its own generation, Sony are right… Sort of.

    In my opinion, the Nintendo Wii U is still a part of the [u]current[/u] generation of consoles because its features and specifications bring it up to the standard of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 (realistically, the Nintendo Wii U is what the Nintendo Wii should have been in the first place, anyway!)… If anything, the Nintendo Wii U is “a stepping-stone to the next generation”.

    Now before any of you jump down my throat and point out that “specifications don’t determine the generation” (as I’ve seen at least one person above claim), stop to consider this for a moment – there are plenty of other (official) consoles out there that have been released since the Nintendo Wii, some no more powerful than the original Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)…

    By your argument that “specifications don’t determine the generation”, you [u]technically[/u] put such consoles in the same generation as the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, even though many of these consoles are only as powerful as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and/or Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)!

    Like it or hate it, specifications [i]are[/i] what determines the generation (at least primarily), it always has been this way and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon…

      1. I never said a “2006 console is as powerful as the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo”!

        Some people above are arguing that timeframe in which a console is released is the only way in which consoles are categorized into “generations”, rather than picking a generation based on specifications.

        As I said above, this would technically mean that something like the licensed “Blaze” consoles which are essentially re-branded Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) consoles and were released only a few years ago, are technically “seventh-generation consoles” because they were released soon after the Nintendo Wii and before the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360…

        Which is completely ridiculous considering the Mega Drive (Genesis) has no chance in competing with the Nintendo Wii, let alone the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

        My point put another way, specifications are not the ONLY way in way a console’s generation is allocated, but it is the PRIMARY method utilized to allocate a console’s generation!

  24. Hey Sickr, he doesn’t speak about the Wii U anywhere in your quotes you provided. Just letting you know.

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  26. Hmm, I can agree with this. But I don’t believe it will be the same with Wii U to be honest. WiiU is going to be alongside the next generation, lets face it, Microsoft has already shown its hand and its to completely copy the Wii U. I feel like Wii U, PS4, and the next XBox will akll be the same console to be honest. I mjust feel like Wii U will win because it has a head start and companies will have already started to learn how to optimize Wii U games. The weakness of the Wii and the strength of the XBox360 and the PS3 will now be reversed. (By that I mean the fact that PS3 games and XBox360 games look stunning due to the length of time that PS3 and XBox360 had to work with making the games look as stunning as possible, because the first games looked like crap) Wii U the advantage is yours. Please use it wisely.

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