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Sakurai: Next Super Smash Bros. In “First Step Of The Process”

The next entry to the Super Smash Bros. franchise is in development. During a recent interview with Nintendo Power, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has announced that the next game in the series is in “the first step of the development process.”

The next Super Smash Bros., which was first revealed last year, is Sakurai’s first project that was announced before being in development – this means that “players will be forced to wait even longer than they expect to.” The next Super Smash Bros. game will be for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

“We’ve just taken what you could call the first step of the process. This is the first time I’ve ever had my next project announced before it’s even entered development, and because of that, I fear that players will be forced to wait even longer than they expect to. Please be patient.”

204 thoughts on “Sakurai: Next Super Smash Bros. In “First Step Of The Process””

    1. He will definitely do that. He did it for Brawl (Smash Bros Dojo) and for Kid Icarus Uprising (on Twitter). We just have to wait a few months.

    2. he should make his diary of a book of how every day he does his games or so, u know behind the scenes.

        1. What’s the deal? Can’t you just ignore PS All-Stars and just play SSB? I love Brawl, Melee, and the original, but I wouldn’t mind all my favorite Playstation characters duking it out either. Please refrain from being a fanboy, it’s stupid…

          1. I’m perfectly fine with the idea of the game but does Sony really have to copy SSB’s gameplay? I was hoping they would be original with it instead of making a full clone.

            1. Also, PSAS looks like crap. In SSB you hit your opponent, their damage percentage rises, and they fly farther and farther the higher it is. In PSAS, there is no feedback mechanic, all you’re supposed to do is build enough power to use your smash

            2. That’s like saying Tekken copied Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, and any other one-on-one fighting game. At a glance, these games look the same, but you know what the difference between fighting games are, right? Mechanics. Just like Dolan stated, “In SSB you hit your opponent, their damage percentage rises, and they fly farther and farther the higher it is. In PSAS, there is no feedback mechanic, all you’re supposed to do is build enough power to use your smash”. If 4-player fighting was a genre in itself, we wouldn’t be having this childish conversation of who copied who. I’ll be the one enjoying games across my Wii U, PS3, PC, 3DS, Vita, AND PC while a majority of you will stay here continually bashing Sony and Microsoft…Cheers! (That last comment isn’t directly to you Air, but to the fanboys of this blog.)

              1. You can not compare Tekken to Street Fighter.

                Beside Street Fighter wasn’t exactly the first fighting game on the market.

                1. Thank you forfeit ther provingmypoint!Of course you can’tcompare Tekken to StrretFighter. They’re completely different games with DIFFERENT MECHANICS.I’m guessing you neverreadmycomment though… Anyways, you can’tcompare PSAll-Starsto SSB. Just like you can’tcompare SFto, PSAll-Starsisn’t even out yet. Please readmycomments before commenting. :)

                2. Thank you for further proving my point. Of course you can’t compare Tekken to Street Fighter, they’re completely different games, aren’t they? There MECHANICS are vastly DIFFERENT. Just like PS All-Stars and SSB: the mechanics are different. I’m guessing you never read my comment and stopped when I mentioned Tekken and SF. Please read the comments before posting.

                  I was just trying to get a point across. Stop comparing games when one isn’t even out yet. I’ll be enjoying my PS3, Wii, and PC for now. I’m done commenting, cheers everyone!

              2. Actually your comment is only towards the Nintendo fanboys of this site. There are quite a few Microsoft and Sony fanboys on this site which is pretty sad.

      1. Games can’t be made in 1 year. Give this game at least 3 years for release.

        This should release in 2015.

            1. I’d like to add that the teaser was shown outside the conference, so don’t be disappointed quite yet if a teaser isn’t shown at the main conference next year.

  1. DAMN YOU SAKURAI!!!!!!! WHHHHHHHHY?!!! Why? How? Where? When? Who? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how could you sakurai? *loud wisper* how could you do such a thing all I wanted was to see smash bros on my 3DS Now, now I want to diiiiiiiie.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please I need it my nintendoNess battery is running low if I don’t play a brand new game soon….I’ll die of penis inflation! I NEED MY PENIS!!! PLEASE DONT FAIL ME!!! Oh god my hairs falling out

      1. I dont forget…I am so obsessed I have been looking up leaked SSB Universe information since the day it firsts came out…

              1. What relevance is that to what time a game took to get made? Anyway SSBU will take a bit longer than Melee due to the fact that it’s in HD, and will incorperate 1 or 2 pads as well as the 4 controllers. Plus the connection to the 3DS.

    1. It could be called Brawl U or Brawl 2 and/or Brawl 3DS, Brawl 3D, you don’t know what it’ll be called in the next series.

      1. the names has to fit with both wii u and 3ds, keep in mind he has a plan to make it work together.( i have no idea what that means)

  2. As much as I loved Kid Icarus, I would have prefer for him to have worked on the next brawl 1st, then finished up Kid Icarus….

    1. Would be better if Kid Icarus and SSBB were both coming to Wiiu. Just imagine how amazing a 1080p Kid Icarus, also would be much better on Wiiupad than was on 3ds single circle pad

      1. While I think Kid Icarus would be perfect for the Wii U Gamepad, I don’t think that would be because of the second analog stick. The major problem with the 3DS scheme is the fact the system is small and portable.

        With the Gamepad the player would have a charging stand at hand to sit it on, whereas a stand wouldn’t be something a player would necessarily bring with them, so designating aiming/camera controls to the touchscreen becomes much less of an obstacle. There’s also more controller for the hand to hold than the 3DS would supply, and combined with allowing the controller to sit on a stand hand cramps would be a much less frequent complaint.

      2. u are making it sound like 3ds should not deserve any games because nintendo has hd now, fool nintendo will not go the same route as sony.

  3. No problem. I can understand he’s pretty upset under the stress. And screw people bitching about no Smash Bros. info at this years E3. Nintendo announced this game a year before it was even in development and Kid Icarus was just released prior to e3. Yeah, I’m sure this guy can finish a SSB game in two months, ungrateful idiot…

    1. yeah dumb ass people expect a trailer this e3 but what people don’t understand is that it just started like 2 months ago. seriously 2 month and people expected a teaser, a trailer, a game play, fool they already got there teaser last e3 why another?

      1. Still, if you think about…
        If Nintendo or Sakurai announced at least one new character, even if that character is not developed yet, the cheer might have won E3 for Nintendo.

        1. And then Sony would have stole it for their Smash bro knock off.

          It was a good thing that Nintendo kept it quiet and should continue to do so until the crappy knock off is released.

          1. @Joker Was that really necessary…?

            Anyways, back to the world of adults. I agree Holonboy. If Nintendo would have announced a timeframe for the game, or even just mentioned a new character. The presses would have gone crazy! Not to mention all of us here. :D

            They surely would have won E3 in my eyes and many others. Funny how SSB has this way of always exciting different kinds of gamers everywhere…

    1. Oh boo hoo you will be 25.

      I don’t recall there being a law saying that 25 years old can’t play Smash bros.

      1. Ok, I think you missed his point. He said that to emphasize how long of a wait it is. I doubt he meant much more. No need to be rude. :3

        1. Only if Capcom lets them.

          And considering that capcom doesn’t care about Mega Man it will be a big fat no

    1. The information: We just started, you have to wait. I doubt this is the kind of info that would stop complaints.

      Anyway, good to hear Sakurai get back to us on this. Hopefully this game addresses the criticisms of Brawl, while building on the areas it improved in, and incorporates at least the option of Melee mechanics (via an on/off toggle) so that it can be a game all Smash Bros. players can enjoy.

      No slips, please, or at least make it a feature you can toggle on or off.

      1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

        they kinda had to have slips if they wanted to have banana peels. but i agree that random slipping without banana peels is a tad uncalled for

  4. hmmm…i’ve waited x amount of years for a ssb game in 3d. i can wait a few more. i just don’t want him to rush it and have it uncompleate and glitchy like they did with mk7

  5. In other news, Sony mysteriously holds back Playstation all stars development :P

    But seriously, this is going to be epic!

      1. Nah I was just messing around :) don’t really care that Sony is making their own game, just find it a bit stupid that at the moment, it’s clearly a copy paste (copy paste-ation?) with different characters and a different score system

        1. Criticize a game that hasnt even come out yet and bash it without playing it…

          Seems legit.

          You guys sound like those Sony/Xbox fanboys that bash the Wii daily. Let’s show those bastards that we aren’t as childish as they are! Honestly, the Nintendo online community is filled with an abundance of great people, but these petty fanboyish comments are making me think twice. Hope I don’t find people like you guys on Miiverse…

  6. Oh god, those advance wars sprites look beast, marth is Awesome, and Intelligent Systems is the Best. :D <3

  7. I’ll say it right now: If 3 characters end up with the same Final Smash again, somebody is going to be stabbed.

    1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

      maybe with the touch screen controller, characters could have more final smash options and not replace the b move

  8. I give it 3 yrs, 4 if he decide to do a blog. That’s why the game got delayed too many times, because he is doing a blog.

  9. This game needs 4 things.
    1. Megaman
    2. Offensive based, faster gameplay, with technical depth ala melee.
    3. Megaman.

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  11. I’ll be waiting patiently for this game. I know they’ll take the time to make it as good as they possibly can. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    please, take as much time as you need to. we dont want to be disappointed.

    As long as you bring in Zoroark, im fine with anyone else you add

  13. Patience is of virtue. Instead of whining and complaining, I’ll look forward to the new Super Smash Bros. title for the Wii U in a few years. I’m sure it’s gonna be an epic blockbuster for the U.

  14. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    although im happy that they made Kid Icarus Uprising, it would have been nice to have the next super smash bros ready for the wii u launch. oh well…

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  16. Because of the fact that these SSB titles would be released during Gen VI, we will not get Zoroark as a playable character.

  17. I’m just trying to put Smash Bros. 4 far away from my mind so I eventually forget it, but everyone keeps reminding me of it.
    I still must enjoy Smash Bros. Brawl to it’s fullest!

    1. It started development earlier this year. Unlike Kid Icarus, they have a code base and assets they can partially reuse. There are few reasons why it can’t be released by the end of 2014.

  18. I think these are the most likely characters to be new in Smash:

    Zelda : Ghirahim

    Metroid : Sylux or Dark Samus

    Mario : Waluigi or Toad

    Donkey Kong : King K Rool

    F-Zero : Black Shadow, Samurai Goroh or Pico

    Starfox : Krystal or Leon

    Pokemon : Zoroark

    Golden Sun : Saturos or Isaac

    Pikmin : Louie

    Fire Emblem : U guys come up with someone, I don’t know much about those games :(

    Earthbound : Same as FE…

    If they include guests :



    Newcomers :

    If I would choose…I’d say Bomberman, Prince of Persia and James Bond lol…

    1. I’m with you on King R
      Cool and Bomberman. Ghirahim is a bitch, Demiss would be better make him different from Gannon

  19. Who are the three characters on top of bowser.. Can Yu throw in some characters to brawl a special edition or something while we wait

  20. Zero . Z saber. Zero . Z saber. finished zero 1-4 love it . Started it again in the 2 game already. Bring zero zero z saber

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  23. i’d really like to see Galvantula, Dark Samus and Blaze the cat.
    Wouldn’t miss Jpuff, ZSSamus or R.O.B. if they were removed.

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  25. I just hope Ridley becomes a playable character. I wonder his final smash would look like, hmm…… (Imagines nuclear fireball similar to the fireball in Other:M.)

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      1. The Smash Bros for Wii U was announced back in E3 2011, Playstation all stars was announced around march 2012 I guess, and they announced it for PS3, then in E3 they said that because of “fan demand.” a PS Vita version would be available… so taking that in account, Nintendo had the idea first, though I wouldn´t call it exactly cross-play from Nintendo, more like interactivity, they haven´t exactly specified.

  28. Hey Sakurai listen up. Copypasta the melee engine and spend the next 3-4 years pumping up the graphics and adding new characters.

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  31. I personally just want more sonic characters. If they do that then I am satisfied.
    EX: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Knuckles, and don’t forget Miles “Tails” Prower.
    If they want they can add Rouge.

  32. They need to make a new Link from the Legend of Zelda, but using the masks from Majora’s Mask [WiiU Remake *-*].
    Sorry for my English

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