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GameStop Announces Cheapest Nintendo 3DS XL

GameStop is currently offering the Nintendo 3DS XL for the cheapest price in the UK. The retail emporium is selling the recently announced console for £167.97. As I mentioned earlier last week, pre-orders for the console vary in pricing in the United Kingdom. Shopto is selling the console for £179.84, and Zavvi is offering it for £209.95. The Nintendo 3DS XL goes on sale on July 28th in the UK.

Update: Zavvi has just announced that it’s now selling The Nintendo 3DS XL for £167.95. Thanks Ollie.

54 thoughts on “GameStop Announces Cheapest Nintendo 3DS XL”

    1. Nah. It’s good. Stores will compete in price and you’ll probably get it for cheaper than you would have if they fixed it…

  1. Sexy console for sure and i’d likely get one if i didn’t already have a 3DS. So glad Nintendo didn’t split the market and add in the second stick. They went for an addition, larger unit to the marker instead of a revision.

    1. Wouldnt have been a real split since the ‘old’ one has it due the circle pad pro, too.
      Wonder what the big one looks like with an attachment, lol.

    2. How would it “split the market”? Developers would be forced to make both control schemes instead of telling all the people who bought the CCP to fuck off cause they’re too lazy to make more than 1 controller set up….

    3. Split the market? What?
      Im pretty sure people wouldnt say, “i like this new 3DS, but this extra circle pad is blergh, i want a blank space there instead”

    1. Doesn’t make much sense. If the game was already running on Wii U, there wouldn’t be a reason to not release it on the platform.

  2. If these price wars go down to below £150, I may consider buying it and lowering the price buy trading in my original 3DS.

      1. I don’t want tom go through all of that trouble though, and I don’t know if you can have a long gap during the system transfer, or if have to have them at the same time to do it.

  3. still a fuckin rip off compared to u.s.a price. i won’t even consider getting one until the price drops inline withe the u.s.a.

      1. Hey banana, Iv’e been asking around and most of the store managers don’t seem to know about the price in america or japan. I’m starting to think it’s to do with the price nintendo are selling the units to the uk retailers for. Hence the jacked up price.

        The retailers may not be completely to blame i’m afraid.
        I will be talking with the press department for GAME and Game station sometime this week HMV & Zavvi were not so accommodating lol. Hopefully it will shed some light on who the problem lies with.

    1. WEell the $ to £ rate is about £0.6 to every $1, so i should be about £30 cheaper. Its bullshit.

  4. The 3DSXL is a fucking rip off anyway.

    -You only get 1.5 more battery life and the bigger screen.
    – You have to either own and keep your 3DS/DSi/DSiLX charger.
    – Or fork out £5-15 for a charger.
    -No set price.

    Don’t bother buying the damn thing and just stick with the 3DS.

      1. I lol’d hard. What are you talking about? It doesn’t matter how big it is, it can be 10m wide, it’s the same resolution.

        1. The resolution is the same, but making the screen 10mm would essentially make it look better. Its why games on the wiiu game pad look so good, even they arent on a HD screen. they run at a good definition, but not HD, but because they screen is smaller, its doesnt matter because it doesnt need the extra pixels to compensate for the larger screen size. Put a gamecube game on a normal tv then on a projector and youd see the difference

          1. Yes I know that, it’s logical. Bigger the screen is, bigger the pixels are (with the same resolution). Read that sentence again:

            “Games are going to be developed for the larger screen in the future.”

            Complete nonsense.

      2. And they will only last for about a week before they stop working.

        And the game aren’t being developed with the bigger screen in mind.

        It’s still a rip off.

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  6. I, for one, can’t wait. I am so excited for the XL. I love love love my DSiXL. I am an older gamer and my eyes aren’t what they once were. I love to read books on my DSiXL and I would love to see books and magazines come to 3DS. 3D full color pics in a digital book or mag?? YUMMY! I would also enjoy gaming more. I have the current 3DS, and love it, too; but I would love the videos and games in a bigger screen. I don’t care if it’s $169, $200 or $250. I’m buying it at launch! Can’t wait…

  7. I’m 19, with decent vision and small hands, but I can’t wait for this thing! Bigger screens generally equal a better gaming experience for me, I hate having to squint to see what’s going on. I understand this *may* slightly undermine the whole concept of a ‘portable’ console if it weighs down one’s pocket/bag, but I seldom. play handhelds outside anyway. Hate giving money to Gamestop though!

    1. “I’m 19, with decent vision and small hands”. LOL. Sorry, Simon. I’m not trying to pick at you, but that just sounded like the worst pick-up line in history. HAHA! It just struck me right, I guess. I agree with you, about the large screens being better. My daughter gave me her old iPOD and it has a tiny screen. I don’t get the appeal of watching movies and playing games on a phone or tiny iPODs. I have all of the PSP versions and that’s about as small as I wanna get. I love the Netflix app on the 3DS; but, again, that’s about as small as I would like to watch on. Quite Honestly, my DSiXL fits nicely in my pockets. Like a checkbook. Nobody has designer jeans with tiny pockets anymore. That went out in the 70s, when I was a teen. I think that Nintendo’s XL versions of systems are just about right… but, then again, I’m old. LOL

    2. Same here. The screen size difference is nice but im simply not willing to pay £30 more than i should be doing, thats all.
      I hope the WiiU could have an app that would essential allow people to play DS games using the WiiU as a link so you have the bottom screen on the pad and the top screen on the tv screen. Its essentially what the WiiU is, a HD DS home console, with more capabilites

      1. Haha the ladies tend to like my hands for some reason! But seriously, unless you have remarkably tiny hands then the size difference shouldn’t be a problem – I could handle (literally) the DSi XL fine! I actually don’t have a 3DS yet because I’ve holding out for the next model – with a better battery life etc. DS/WiiU connectivity would be sweet, the only decent example of it I’ve seen so far was My Pokemon Ranch, though it wasn’t really a ‘game’…

        1. Lol. Simon is lucky with the ladies! I was really impressed with the 3DS. I have all the new gadgets. I love ’em. A longer battery life would be great. That doesn’t really matter to me as much because of the ways I use the systems, but the connectivity would be awesome. That’s what I love about the PSPs is the connectivity and ease of transferring data. I really hope that the WiiU and 3DS can become one. I am getting a WiiU, too. E3 really sold me on that one. My son was a huge Pokemon fan growing up and he still plays it. He will love that. I downloaded the Pokedex on the 3DS, just to see what it was, and he loved it, so he bought a 3DS for himself. Haha. Now he watches Netflix, 3D videos, plays the downloadable games… he is loving it, big time.

        2. I meant like a similar thing to the GBA advance plug in on the gamecube where you can llay GBA on a tv.
          Yeah, home systems draw the short straw when it comes to Pokemon. I reeeally hope they do a Zelda: Four Swords sequel for the WiiU, its just much more accessible with the pad and everyone owning at least some from of DS these days, unsure if 1/2 gamepads can be used and 2/3/4 DS ised at the same time. But it would be a day one buy for me

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  9. Its the normal 3DS screen enough ? I ask because iwant to get one but i dont jnow if i should go for the normal one (cheaper) or the new sexy XL…

  10. After a cheap 3DS XL?

    If you are new to Zavvi make an account with referrer code ZV15625875 to get 5% off making it £159.55 :D

    If you buy it after the day of release as well you can use code CONSOLE at checkout to receive another £5.95 making it less than £155 :)

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