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EA Apparently Cancels Wii U Version Of Next-Gen Game

EA has apparently canceled development of an unannounced next generation game on Wii U. The unspecified game is still being developed for the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4. The game, which uses the gorgeous Frostbite engine, was successfully ported over to Wii U, but was cancelled due to concerns over big-budget games and low stocks.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

125 thoughts on “EA Apparently Cancels Wii U Version Of Next-Gen Game”

      1. Even IF the rumor is true, good news we can take from it that this gen WiiU won’t suffer from the same fate as the wii when it comes to multi-plat titles.

        If it can handle ports for the “ever so powerful fantasy 720/ps4” that must say something about how really powerful WiiU is or how “underwhelming” Xbox and Sony Next gen consoles will be to their fans.

        Now I’m a pc gamer and Nintendo gamer, didnt need a ps3 or 360 this gen as I didn’t really need a budget pc and got most of the ms exclusives on pc and not interested in Sony titles since they lost RE, GTA and tomb raider but I think everyone is expecting to much from next gen, hardware wise.

        1. Agreed, if this wasnt fake, we can at least confirmed the next gen consoles are at a stalemate in terms of graphics, which if its true, means Nintendo will dominate the market

            1. They probably didnt, i can think of an legitamte reason for them to cancel it if it can run the game, its most likely fake

            2. Unless Sony and Microsoft did the whole “slip a 20” bullshit, which i wont deny as an option. But it still means the WiiU os just as capable as next gen

                1. Giving Publishersa shitloadof money to make the game an exclusive like spilinter cell and tomb raider.

            1. As soon as read, “the WiiU will only be upto standards with the next iPad”, i disregarded the entire atricle, what a load of shite

                1. Its Kotaku as well, i thought theyd have a little more sense than to say something as retarded as that.the wiiu wont beunderpowered, when crytekpraises your machince,you knowits good

              1. Only up to standards with the next ipad? how could that possibly be true? The current ipad game graphics are worse than the wii graphics. Heck the gamecube put out better graphics than the current ipad. Anyone who says “the WiiU will only be up to standards with the next iPad either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or is flat out telling a lie. I’m getting tired of all these rumors saying the Wii U will be weak. We already can see from tech demos that it is a powerful console.

            2. It won’t have a power problem. That article doesn’t even cite legitimate sources for the negative quotes in the majority of cases, and they are forgetting just how small a leap there is between the Unreal Engine 3.9 and the 4.0.
              Also, by economical necessity, the next two big consoles CANNOT be a gigantic step above the Wii U.
              CERTAINLY not enough to make the Wii U unable to handle the 3rd party games going into their competitor’s consoles. If they WERE, then both Sony and Microsoft WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TURN A PROFIT FROM THEM WHILE STILL PRICING THE SYSTEM’S COMPETITIVELY.
              Such weak claims against Wii U have no place here.

              1. Considering the leaked 56 page documentof the nextbox, i dont think they could afford to have it much more powerful with all the crap theyre put
                In there. People are expectingPC graphics from next gen. Not a fucking chance, Nintendo knows it, and so do MS and Sony, next gen will be “disappointing” if people are expectingthe Unreal 4 demo to be what next gen will look like. Current gen had to have a modifited dumbed down of U3, so why people think itll run U4 is insane.

        2. what do u mean it wont suffer its allready suffering when they telling the public that they are canceling games for the system already

          1. There were rumours that the wiiu wasnt even as powerful as a 360 and they got blow out the water. Fanboys making rumours will always be around. Never trust anything unless its official

        1. No, but the development kits will be out, same with the WiiU’s probably being out for a while now to developers, although they have ipdated them now and again

            1. It didnt even fail, it sold nearly the same amount o consoles as the 360, and that with the added price tag, the only reason microsoft made more money was because of extortionate online fees, ungodly amount of advertisement plastering and the fact they have microsoft as a pc company to fall back on. Other than that the ps3 did pretty well

              1. And everyone had to buy the 360 at least 3 tomes cause it broke. Then they wanted a slim or special edition star wars or MW

                  1. they installed blu-ray into each consol to ensure they won the HD video battle – they didn’t make a penny on the consols they sold

      1. LOL what!? where in the hell did you hear that? if there are dev kits out, they’ve probably just BARELY gotten to developers.

          1. says who? your imaginary “un-named sources”? seriously there is ZERO proof that there are any dev kits.

              1. you are seriously an idiot. anyone with half a brain wouldn’t think that pepole have dev kits just because there job listing say “needs to be willing to work with future hardware” OFCOURSE THEY’D HAVE THAT. no matter what they would have that on there if you’re going to be making games. good lord. and name your so called “many members in the gaming industry” oh wait you cant because, as i predicted, theyre your “un-named sources” that im supposed to believe you have when all you really have is your own damn speculation. stfu

                      1. im not saying i know everything, but it’s pretty obvious that you were dropped on the head as a kid and were made fun of during elementary school, as shown by your constant insecurity.

                    1. “i know what i know, bro.” lol bro u know they are doing the whole 10 year life on ps3 so why are u making it sound like they are not.

                      1. They are supporting the PlayStation 3 for 10+ years. As they did with the PlayStation 2. It’s the same plan.

                        The PlayStation 2 was still being supported well into the PS3’s life.

                        The PS3 can still be supported well into the next generation. The next generation has not been announced, I do not know when it will be announced. I do not know when it will be released. However, I do know that developers are working on next gen systems for both Microsoft and Sony. That’s all.

                        Games are not developed overnight, especially for new hardware. It takes time to learn and then develop for.

      2. If this rumor is try…. the reason does not make any sense. The huge positive i get from this rumor if true is that Wii U can hang with the so called power house coming from Sony and Microsoft. The rumor said the port to Wii U was without problems. To recap… we know the new Frostbite engine works on Wii U as do CryEngine 3.4, which was said to being use by a 3rd party developer on a game not yet announced for Wii U. Epic it is not your turn to confirm or deny that your latest engine runs on Wii U.

        1. We need the ability to edit our post.
          If this rumor is true…. the reason does not make any sense. The huge positive i get from this rumor, if true, is that Wii U can hang with the so called power house coming from Sony and Microsoft.

          The rumor said the port to Wii U was without problems. To recap… we know the new Frostbite engine works on Wii U as do CryEngine 3.4, which was said to being use by a 3rd party developer on a game not yet announced for Wii U. Epic it is now your turn to confirm or deny that your latest engine runs on Wii U.

      3. Regardless if this rumor is true or not, many studios and developers have been developing for next gen systems from Sony and Microsoft. So while they may have not been officially announced to the public, they do exist within the industry.

    1. That doesn’t make any sense. If you’re concerned about costs then you don’t spend money making a successful port only to then cancel it and lose all the money you spent on the port.

      You don’t bother to port at all in that situation.

      1. ^ This. Even if they thought the Wii U version wouldn’t sell as well, if the port was already fully functional, there would be no point in not releasing and picking up the extra bucks.

      2. Simply porting it is probably only 20% of the cost. It’s actually producing it and so forth that will be most expensive. I work for a small indie developer group and we ported our latest game to PS3 before deciding it was a bad idea (wonder why) and barely lost a penny.

        1. With respect… 20% to an indie developer is going to be dwarfed by 1% of an EA game budget.

          Which is why it makes no sense, especially given the first few years of this generation when EA were happy to persevere with their sunk costs.

          1. I’m not saying they are the same amount, for us, the port to consoles, when using downloadable titles, was closer to 70 or 80%. The 20% is still a lot but it’s better than spending hundreds of thousands and being at a loss by the end of it. I doubt that would happen with Wii U but hey, EA are idiots.

    2. Why are people taking random Neogaf members words as facts? Man gaming websites need to get better sources

            1. On what grounds are they finished? Nintendo has enough money to last till 2057, and that without doing anything. The Wii lacked in grpahics, third party support and online, but now the WiiU has improved ones of this gen. Dont be stupid.

      1. YES. Considering Nintendo basically does every Kingdom Heart game these days, would seem probable. Well, thats if Square sort fucking about making mediocre FF games

        1. Nintendo doesn’t do KH games, square enix does, they’re developed by SE and Plublished by them and a few other partners… not nintendo.

      1. It can’t be too huge of a difference but there’s lots of games released for PC and consoles even though the PCs hugely outclass the consoles. They can make games work on low powered consoles if they want to. Still, even most gaming PCs aren’t better than Wii U, from what we’ve seen so far.

        1. PC is massivly overrated. I mean, yeah, games like Crysis, Battlefield 3, Unreal 4, Amnesia do benefit ALOT from a PC, but its not exactly a break through in gaming, it just looks nice, but theres no gaming innovation that comes from Nintendo ect. I cant see Nintendo making a hilariously underpowered machine. I mean look at the Japanese garden tech demo for last year, that was in real time, and jnteractive, as well as handle very delicate minuscule animations, and that was last year and was a prototype.
          End of the day though, graphics just make a pretty picture and if microsoft and sony go that direction next gen, thatll all we’ll have, a pretty picture.

          1. However, PC gaming has become better of late with services like Steam and Origin. Not to mention the integration of Xbox Live in Windows 8 and Game Center in Mountain Lion.

              1. … No… EA perhaps but not Valve, really not Valve. Rumour has it that they are prepping their own console and have you seen what their CEO said about the current batch of consoles? And you do not want to hear what he said about Wii U.

    3. Sigh. Probably rumour but I won’t shoot ’em if it’s not. With any new consoles, people are bound to be uncertain but if it’s true, mark my words, we’ll have a collectors edition or something by next year.

      1. ^ this
        The only reason EA games like Crysis 3 amd Dead Space 3 arent appearing on WiiU is because release dates and schedules have been, and they dont want to delay the launch, its why Aliens was delayed, because they were working on a seperate WiiU version (not a port)

    4. isn’t this anti-news? if they want to be cocky and ignore wii u that’s their loss. if they think smart glass is better they’ll never perfect a wii u game anyhow. I think that even though its a rumour either way EA are just going to be dicks and only make sims4 and mySimsfor nintendo cos they already have made their opinion and won’t change it

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    6. I doubt. Wasn’t EA the same company that said the Wii U will be the console they’d first release their games on if they were going to SmartGlass? I somehow doubt, then, that EA would so suddenly just say no.

    7. – was in the works for PS4/720/PC/Wii U
      – coming from EA
      – used the Frostbite engine
      was successfully ported to Wii U
      – concerns over big-budget games and low stocks forced EA to remove the Wii U version

      1. It used the Frostbite engine, if its true. Which is even more depressing because its the possibility of it being a mirrors edge sequel

    8. If this is true and it is a big IF .. Then I am disliking EA more and more …. First they say that they are going to use Wii U as a guinea pig and then transfer there games to smart glass then this happens.. as its been said it does show that the Wii U can play what the next Xbox/PS4 can do and I am starting to wonder if this is the reason why the cancellation is happening, PS4 and Xbox will not like it if a system that came out a year or 2 before it can be on par with it ?

      Then again why Am I bothered about a game that I don’t know nothing about is not being ported over ???

      1. Dude chill, first of all if it is true then we know the WiiU is on par with the next gen consoles seeing as they ported it. But most likely its a fake article, i wouldnt trust any article unless its from the mouth of actual developer interviews or CEO’s

    9. thenintendoreviewer

      EA doesn’t strike me as worrying about money. This is probably fake. Even if it’s true they will probably just start the game up again when they see how well the Wii U does. But this does suggest that the Wii U will for sure be in the same league as the other next gen consoles in terms of power. So that’s a positive note.

    10. Wow, EA is seriously sucking MS’s and Sony’s dick. Anyway, it’s gonna bite them in the ass, since Nintendo is able to get multiplats again, so basically, they’ll steamroll the competition, even if the Wii U is going to be the weakest of the bunch.

    11. the only thing I care about that comes from EA is BF:BC3, so meh, I’m more interested in what game that doofus in that picture is playing :) it look fun XD

      1. Bad Company 3 and Mirrors Edge 2 have been mentioned alot, as well as Linkdlen profiles, so most likely these are the 2 unannounced WiiU games, possibly the first next gen games as well. Loved both of the previous titles, BC2 was waaaay better than BF3

        1. Yes, BF:BC was a great series (still is) I actually enjoy the constantly picking on sweetwater lol. and same here, I didn’t care much for BF3. maybe I’m just late but I haven’t heard anythi g about mirrors edge since it was supposedly canceled last year.

          1. It popped up here and there around May, they probably put it on hiatus for the wiiu, but the demand for it is definantly there, would be great to see the frostbite engine on wiiu

    12. EA just realized that in order to get a 90 Metacritic on every game, they are going to have to stop making games in order to not fail.

    13. So those pesky analysts do have a power. Though EA was aware of what the Wii U can do, they listen to the stock dip caused by expectations these devils essentially created.

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    15. I just had to say ROFL @stratisfire because of his last reply. Ugh. I burn too many calories sitting here laughing at some of the people online. I’m skinny enough, don’t make me lose any more weight.

      Now back OT:

      We do not know anything about this game or development. This story, for the moment, is all hearsay and speculation.

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