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Tantalus Developing A Wii U Port Of “AAA” Next-Gen Game?

Graeme Webb who works at Tantalus Media has hinted on his LinkedIn profile that the team are hard at work developing a Wii U port of a “AAA” next generation game for Wii U.  The listing shows that Tantalus began work on the unannounced game in June, which is when the team were busy recruiting for “an exciting Next-Gen AAA title.”

159 thoughts on “Tantalus Developing A Wii U Port Of “AAA” Next-Gen Game?”

      1. The Polar Express (GBA – 2004)
        The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – Attack of the Twonkies (GBA – 2004)
        SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger (DS, PSP – 2005)
        Trick Star (GBA, 2006)
        MX vs. ATV: On the Edge (PSP – 2006)
        Cars Mater-National Championship (GBA, DS – 2007)
        MX vs. ATV: Untamed (DS, PSP – 2007)
        Pony Friends (DS – 2007)
        The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (DS – 2008)
        Pony Friends 2 (Wii, DS, PC – 2009)
        MX vs. ATV Reflex (PSP, DS – 2009)
        Cars Race-O-Rama (PSP, DS – 2009)
        Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (DS – 2010)
        Drift Street International (DSiWare, 2010)
        Megamind (video game) (PSP, DS – 2010)

            1. I like nintendo iv got a wii and im getting a wii u. Just not interested in those games. Your a nob

        1. How unsurprising that most of those are DS shovelware that got ported to the hardcore PSP to get a quick buck.

            1. Posting the bitter truth =/= a fanboy.

              Those titles are the textbook definition of shovelware and have no place on the PSP (or even Vita, lmao) with hack-job upscaled versions.

              1. They arent making the game, they’re porting it. Bad or unheard of developers always do ports, or HD remakes

        1. True… but that important is that its a port of a NEXT GEN AAA game. So this must be a game in development for the Xbox720/PS4 that being ported over the the Wii U.

          1. Im guessing it’s given to another developer because it uses the pad extensively, amd would lengthen the release date, this is a possible next box launch title

    1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There you have it trolls. WiiU can handle NEXT GEN games regardless if they are great or not!

      1. “can handle?”

        For all you know, this could be a watered down mess. And the word “port” tells me that the Wii U definitely isn’t the system initially considered for a reason. :P

        1. Maybe because they started working on this game before actually getting a Wii U devkit. You can’t judge the situation based on this information, you can just… guess. Like me.

            1. Just the fact that you don’t know what a ”port” could be, makes me think you are a smartass that just Googles all his ”knowledge”.

              1. I know damn well what a port is, and the fact of the matter is whatever “next-gen” game it is, was likely developed for the PC/Nextbox/PS4 long before Wii U was even considered.

                The Wii U will be a port machine with watered down versions that have nothing going for it.

                1. I didn’t know your asshole was THAT deep, Amir. The Wii U is the next gen console. The graphics will be better with sharp visuals, games running at 60 fps, a ton of games and some exclusive titles will be available at launch… including a definitive edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

                  1. The Wii U is an overclocked 360. And Aliens on the Wii U looks nearly identical to the 360 version footage. None of the Wii U demos shown at E3 this year were in 60 fps, absolutely none.

                    1. ubisoft stated themselves that Ac3 is 60fps at 1080p. Google it if you dont believe me.

                      If in doubt I could search it for you?

                      1. I’m actually seeing otherwise in the results, but you could find a source stating such if you want.

                    2. Except the fact that Assassin’s Creed for the Wii U will be in true 1080p and runs at 60 fps. You’re also denying the fact that Aliens: Colonial Marines is NOT A PORT. It’s the definitive version for the Wii U. Amir… either you’re fucking delusional or blind from true facts. Most of the Wii U titles are PRE-ALPHA test versions. In other words, it hasn’t been finalized. A rep at Ubisoft says that Assassin’s Creed III on the Wii U will be presented in true 1080p HD and the framerate will be at 60 fps. You need to quit talking out of your ass and spreading more of your cancers, Amir. You lose. GOOD DAY SIR!

                      1. Aliens Colonial Marines is a multiplatform port. You must be delusional if you think the Wii U version is remotely the primary version because Sega threw in some controller gimmicks and called it a day *well not actually Sega*.

                        Yet another feed rip and the gameplay footage offscreen for ACIII is very clearly 30fps @720p.

                        Aliens is also on the PC, so your argument about “not a port” is more than invalid. That’s called PR talk and you’re the sucker believing it all. :P

                        1. You’re running out of ideas, Amir. You’re still getting fucked in the ass by your daddy. Aliens: Colonial Marines is not a port. It’s evidently the definitive version on the Wii U and has a lot of exclusive features you won’t find on your Microcock console.

                          “I hate that word. The Wii U version is not a port. Remove it from your vocabulary.”
                          Chris Faylor, Gearbox Software Community Manager


                        2. The fact that he got upset at it being called a port is nothing but obvious signs that it actually is with no differences besides the latest controller nonsense tacked on for extra effort.

                          Like I said before, it’s a multiplat port. PR talk is nothing but PR talk and you can’t say or prove otherwise besides said PR talk, especially when the game looks identical to the 360 version.

                          In any case, nobody is going to spend $300 on a console for a barely improved version they can get on any other system they own except the Wii. And I know for certain the PC version would smoke every other version in graphics. Therefore, not a “definitive” version.

                          Deal with it.

          1. Aeolus is a douchebag who lies and spreads rumors because he hates nintendo don’t listen to this vagina suffocating asswipe

      2. The AAA is just thrown there randomly to create hype. It’s not a guarantee for quality or even high production values anymore.

            1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              lol wishing someone cancer? that is being a troll little kid hiding behind his keyboard

              1. Lol, lmfao! Exacly.
                Probably just how annoying it feels to have trolls around, just wanna let ya know. Srry 4 wishing you sirius stuff ;) xxx


        1. AAA titles are pretty common these days, it just some have flaws, like Dragons Dogma. Easily the best RPG for immersive combat and exploration. No fast travel, and annoying as fuck Pawn members

          1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            best rpg is xenoblade… and everyone knows that. Try harder

              1. Xenoblade has PS2 quality graphics, but with an excellent story line and unique play control. IGN scores Xenoblade a 9 out of 10! Top THAT, Amir Stuart!!!!

                1. Yeah and had to be begged to get localized :rolleyes:, and came almost a decade late.

                  I’m sure it would’ve been a perfect game in the PS2/Xbox/GC era, it definitely isn’t in this age.

                  1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    I live in Europe so no begging was involved :P

                  2. It’s because your ass is hurt. Thousands of supporters have demanded Nintendo of America to release Xenoblade here in North America. Keep up with your hypocritical attitude, and I’m sure that Sickr will ban you on the spot.

                    1. If gamers need to beg the company to localize a game in order to have something going for the console, then there is something horribly wrong.

                      And I can’t be banned here, I’m effectively unbannable and he knows it. Hell, he clearly doesn’t even care about this comment section anymore as long as the posters don’t go overboard.

                  1. Opinion? Try playing Xenoblade on a giant HD TV. The jaggies will slice your limbs offs and it looks like a total mess. The graphics are BAD.

                    1. It is one of my fav games this gen and I have both ps3 and Wii and 3ds. I look past Jaggies. The story and mechanics were that good!

                      1. Despite the terrible graphics, I agree. I got bored later on in the game though.

                        It’s one of those titles that would be infinitely better looking on a HD console rather than underpowered hardware. Such a shame.

                    2. WE don’t need “a giant HD TV” Just a HD TV is good enough. Xenoblade looks and play awsome. Everyone Knows that!!!!!!!!!

                      The localizing was a drag yes but developers was happy with japanese sales so that shows how well the game is.

                  1. No, an intelligent gamer who doesn’t want to play games that look like decade old console. But of course, you wouldn’t be able to understand, seeing as Nintendo has kept you a decade behind. :)

              2. I never said it was the BEST, but it does boss battles insanely well, no wacking at the enemies legs or quick time, just climb the bastard and stab its face. Thats what it does well.

        2. Wait, this articles confusing.
          “a WiiU port of a next gen “AAA” game”
          Does that mean, a WiiU game being ported to other next gen consoles, or a next gen game ported to WiiU?

        3. I think it’s important to now that although this team isn’t known for great games, they’re making a port of the game. This means they didn’t necessarily create the game.

          1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            wtf are you talking about? OF COURSE THEY MADE THE FRIGGING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. I just says “developing a port”. So its an existing PC game, or a game on the next box/ps4. Im still curious whether or not this is good news or bad i terms of its power, could mean its a weaker version of a next box/ps4 title….
              But its too soon to know

              1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                its already proven that wiiU will be comparable to next gen… sigh fanboys in denial…

                                  1. Evidentally, the facts about Nintendo, the games, and their future-proof console has more sense than YOU! Shut the fuck up and play Small Dick Planet!

                                  2. You mention male genitalia far too often to not be compensating for a lack of such. ;)

                              1. Oh, so Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Black Ops 2, etc. aren’t FPS now? Just look around your sad little basement, I bet 90% of your games are shooter, there’s hardly any genre coming out this current gen besides FPS.

                  1. Good move developers of a ”next gen AAA title”, just give your game to a shitty company, and let them port a probably horrible version.

                  2. Ok aeolus wat r u gonna do when graphics and power cant get any better. Hav a bitch about somethin else.

                    1. Graphics have no peak; that is nothing but a fanboy delusion.

                      And graphics will never see their peak, art direction and execution will always advance.

                      1. The most important thing is the console MUST be on the next generation or else gamers wont buy it.

                        1. You can’t even prove me wrong. So I guess that means you’re defeated. Crawl back into your hole.

                      2. Graphics can always get better, but eventually there will be a point to where the human eye won’t be able to tell the difference between different resolutions. There’s also the problem of games having to be affordable. I really don’t want to be paying over $100 for a game just for it to have pretty graphics.

                        1. Resolutions? Perhaps.

                          Overall appearance? No.

                          And uhm, that “problem” is a beaten to death argument. Prices will always stay the same range every gen due to cheaper costs.

                  3. dont forget that ps4 and 720 will run 60fps games and they will have a better versions than wiiU.But maybe not because sony’s president said:”Dont except too high quality of graphics”or something like that

                      1. More like pure facts. You’d be an idiot to think they won’t be able to.

                        PS4’s “Liverpool” GPU (Radeon HD 7970) is going to eat the WII U for breakfast lunch and dinner.

                        The fanboys are about to get a rude awakening.

                        1. You have no proof, Amir. You’re nothing but a fucking Sony fanboy in full denial and getting anally raped. You still lose and getting exposed for life.

                          1. You’re just mad the Wii U will be a piece of crap in the same position as the original Wii. Too weak to run later games running on hefty next gen™ engines like Luminous or Unreal Engine 4 and have to resort to watered down versions of games or “Scaled down” versions of those engines. How laughable.

                            Looking forward to the real next gen. On successors that had real predecessors, better graphics, real games, and real online networks, now several folds better. Wii U is not worth an investment.

                              1. Actually, just because it supports something “new” doesn’t make it at all powerful.

                                Many lower end or weaker GPUs can support plenty of things “new”, that doesn’t mean they’re good at performing them, so if you make an amateurish assumption like that, it tells me you’re not very wise about subjects like these.

                                Or you’re just trying to save it’s face. :P

                              2. I’m actually not even seeing any source stating it has that, so this doesn’t help your case either.

                                  1. I posted this very link and people kept pulling the rumor card.

                                    In any case, I’m not impressed. That’s definitely not a HD4850, but a weaker card. So you actually helped my case that this isn’t a significant leap all that more better.

                            1. You Amir and the rest of your boyfriends are getting fucked in the ass. Nintendo have already learned their lessons after the Nintendo 3DS. That’s where the Wii U comes into play. They want to make a next gen console to have better graphics than PissStation 3 and Xbox 360. They haven’t announced the offcial tech specs of the Wii U at the moment so you can’t fucking judge it at all.

                              The Wii U can handle all graphic engines– Anvil Plus and Unreal Engine 3 at the moment. There is a very strong possibility that the U can handle Unreal Engine 4, Luminous, Frostbite 2.0, and even CryEngine 3. It’s not going to be watered down like your inferior PS3.

                              Your comment is flawed and invalid. The Wii U does have REAL processors from AMD and IBM. That’s right… IBM. Their CPU is based on a WATSON supercomputer. WATSON is more powerful than your PC and PissStation 3. The Wii U will have a REAL online interface… the Nintendo Network. Your fucking delusions are more laughable than a washed up comedian.

                              U just mad and getting fucked in the ass, Amir. The Wii U is worth the investment because Nintendo wants to create a system suitable for both casals and mostly hardcore.

                              1. Based on a processor =/= that very processor. The Wii U CPU is nearly identical to the 360s in hard specs. Stop pretending to know shit, it’s embarrassing to PC gamers.

                                Nintendo network a real network? Explains why friend codes are still present.

                                1. Are you fucking deaf Amir? I said Nintendo isn’t gonna reveal the real specs until this September. Quit getting fucked in the ass or all Nintendo supporters and real gamers gonna a new one in your swollen asshole, Mr. Stuart!

                                  1. Nintendo does not reveal fucking specs. they never do. Never have. The only way to get any specs from Nintendo systems is to leak them as a developer, or tear it down to find out. Stop being a stupid dipshit, it’s fucking annoying now.

                                    And Nintendo very clearly said Friend Codes will still be present on the system in some form. EA has NOTHING to do with the online infrastructure and EA sucks if it does.

                                    Nintendo Network will never match XBL/PSN and their recent statement on the subject basically has them admitting this.

                                    God, you’re such a loser Nintendo fanboy.

                                    1. You’re the fucking loser Amir. You’re the one who creates bullshit out of your fucking ass. You have no proof of link. You jerk off Jack Tretton for status points. EA DID help Nintendo in creating an online infrastructure for the Wii U. The Nintendo Network will indeed rival both the HackStation Network and Xbox Live. Jesus Christ you’re a fucking loser, Amir Stuart. Stay the fuck away from the computer, go outside and get some fresh air.

                                    2. You’re actually one of few fanboys who I’d beat to death just on account of your absolute stupidity. Stay classy, fuckwit, keep believing shit rumors you read online. Everything I said can be researched and proven. Even on this site. I’ll be ignoring every comment you make from hear on out. You’re a waste of time.

                                      1. That’s coming from a Sony drone who afraid of the truth about Nintendo and its revolutionary console the Wii U. Yeah, Amir. You’re nothing but a fucking Sony drone, dickrider, cocksucking, in denial, selfish, and ignorant bastard! You are a fucking disgrace to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. You’re not even a gamer. Sony is gonna LOSE EVEN MORE MONEY when they release an even more slimmer PS3… and it’s no longer compatible with PSOne games.

                          2. That’s an opinion, look Alolos you are in this site making people mad ,but do you really think that it’s going to stop Nintendo from getting money. That’s what companies do,and so far Nintendo is doing a good job. Your comments don’t mean anything in the real life, because what your talking about videogames, you know entertainment. Dang I hate it when fanboys get offended when the truth comes out. This is also for all the fanboys out there.I’m a Kingdom Hearts fanboy,but do you see me saying this is better than that.NO, because I’m not a person who gets his feelings hurt bu a videogame. And allolo is right Banning only shows you how afraid you are feelings are getting hurt.

                    1. This really doesn’t clarify anything about the wii Us graphics capabilities, the port could be watered down, or the wii U is more capable then we think. Either way we still have no idea.

                        1. Graphics and power dont alone produce a good game u doosh. Gameplay is important something u wouldnt understand.

                        2. First off, Sony is too poor right now to be able to put anything from the 7000 series in the PS4. Second, the PS3 is roughly 14% more powerful than the 360, yet, multiplats looks better on the Xbox due to the PS3’s Cell processor that is fuck-hard to program for. If they use anything close to the Cell in PS4, it’ll be lucky if it gets any games at all. The next Xbox is pretty much confirmed to be 20% more powerful than the Wii U overall, and I highly doubt games will look all that different. You might be getting your “next-gen” on PS4 roughly 3-4 years after it launches, and still, it won’t be what you expect. Sony has said multiple times that the leap won’t be as big, and they seem to be downplaying the power aspect. The Wii U will be weaker sure, but it certaily won’t qualify as “last-gen” like the Wii was. Before you reply, I just want you to know that I’m not saying that the Wii U isn’t going to be weaker, it just won’t be nearly as weak as you think.

                        3. Aeolus no cares what u say i’m speaking everone when i say your annoying stop hating on the wii u cause when it launches it will be the most powerful console on the market u are probably to stupid to hear me the first time but the wii u at this moment is only using 50% of its power which runs games at a slighty higher quality than ps3 and xbox 360 ,games such as assassins creed ,mass effect 3 and batman arkham city so imagine wii u at full power??!! Looks like Microsoft and Sony can’t keep up ;)

                    2. Guys, DON’T reply to Aeolus! He’s a mindless Sonydrone who doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about and is only here to bash Nintendo. Just leave him be. Let him wallow in his self-hate and spite. Just let him die off…all alone.

                      1. He’s not just persistent- he has dedicated his life to this. I’ve already decided to never reply to negativity from trolls. You’ve got it right, 100%.

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