Nintendo Europe is now offering real life, physical, Mario Kart trophies on Club Nintendo. A trophy will set you back a whopping 5000 stars. You’ll be able to purchase a Shell, Leaf and Special cup trophy that is 12cm by 10cm. Hopefully Nintendo of America will announce a similar promotion. Would you spend your hard-earned stars on a Mario Kart trophy?



    • this is like the first good prize on the UK site. trust me living in the UK the only good thing i ever got out of club nintendo was some wii shop points and the ocarina of time soundtrack cd. the rest of it is like text message alerts and cpu wallpapers


  1. I’m from North America, but if it was available for something a little more reasonable then 5,000 points (something I’ll never get) I may be tempted to pick up the Shell cup trophy.


  2. OMG!!!!! I would totally get this. We are so competitive in our house when we play Mario Kart…. I am still the one to beat when we play. I always go with Koopa on the Jet Bubble.


    • I spent this year getting a platinum and we get plastic playing cards that look like its from the 99 cents store. BS… We couldve gotten these like the figures last year.


  3. HOLY DICKS THEY’RE AMAZING! And I have just enough points to afford one :D no idea which to get though…this will be a tough decision…


  4. WOAH!
    Those are beautiful… But it would take me at least three years to get one of those if Stars were equal to coins… And that’s only if they come over to North America…


  5. Americans have game and watch replica, I think that was 1,200 coins? I’m happy with my game and watch collection ds games :3
    I gots one question though, what does 12X10 cm translates to in inches? I’m having trouble imaging what the size is for em, I’m thinking that their super tiny…


  6. I’d get the special cup to put things like dip in it and eat it with chips or use it as a cup. It’s tiny so you put something super powerful in both cases so you take a little each time.



  7. I’m trying to register some of my codes from games into my club nintendo UK account and they aren’t working. I have just entered Pokemon Pearl, HG and SS and they worked, and now tried Diamond and Platinum and they didn’t work, along with all of the Professor Layton ones, I type the code in and press enter then the page just refreshes onto the exact same page, it doesn’t even say this code is wrong or invalid?


    • The FAQ says codes are no longer valid once the game has been out for 3 years. However, it does not apply in all cases. I registered Animal Crossing Wild World this morning and that’s been out 6-7 years.


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