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Nintendo Believes Next-Gen Is About Improving The Gaming Experience

Nintendo has once again reiterated that they don’t believe next-gen is solely about visuals. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that Nintendo’s approach is to look at the user experience, the gaming experience, how they can improve that, change it, and offer new kinds of gameplay.

Nintendo haven’t announced Wii U specifications yet but do you consider Wii U to be “next generation” as say the PS4 or next Xbox will be?

“A similar topic came up when we launched the Wii, some people were comparing it to other consoles and saying ‘well, is this an improvement on the specs offered by competitor consoles?’”

“But that’s not our approach or what we define as next generation. For next generation we look at the user experience, the gaming experience, how we can improve that, change it, offer new kinds of gameplay. How we can get people to play more often, how we can allow people to connect from one living room to another living room, and this is what we focus on and what, for us, makes a new generation.


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72 thoughts on “Nintendo Believes Next-Gen Is About Improving The Gaming Experience”

        1. u mad cos wiiU aint next gen? finally proven. I will actually get a wiiU but this is the end of 3rd party…

          1. REALITY CHECK– The Wii U IS next gen. It isn’t just about graphics. It’s innovation, gameplay mechanics, choices (purchasing games either physical or via digital download), affordability, and fun.

          2. Wii U is next gen. You wonder why now Sony AND Microsoft are beginning to copy Nintendo AGAIN!? Because it’s the best, Nintendo always sells the most, (except for PS2 gen.) Nintendo always innovates and Microsoft and Sony follow idiotic troll. The Wii U has better graphics then PS3 and Xbox 360, so big whoop even though graphics aren’t “next gen” its innovation and gameplay. Idiots like you who play video games for graphics would make a statement: “I watch porn for plot.” Yeah my ass 8 year old douche bag. Stop being an idiot fanboy and get over it.

          1. The true fanboys are ones that defend their favorite consoles on others’ sites. M$ should pay you for this man.

      1. My ass. Since when has Sony done squat in a single generation. Even the PS2 generation, the one generation Nintendo didn’t win sales, they did the same thing you dumbasses criticize. It had the weakest graphics and clock time, yet the best games. You fools no nothing! Sony has copied games: WipEout, God of War, PSASBR, Darksiders and tons more from Nintendo. Even an entire system was a complete rip-off from Nintendo. Now they copy the Wii U/3DS connectivity and you say they have innovation! Microsoft was fine, but now their copy of Nintendo make them as bad as Sony, not even good enough to be a fake of Nintendo. Shut your dumb cock up 8 year old squeaking fanboy, no one wants to hear lies. Get a girlfriend, a life a job, or actually get decent grades or wisdom. Because your bullshit opinion means nothing.

  1. Good old Nintendo :) Always keeps their focus on what’s truly important. And the picture from Nintendo Land actually looks pretty good. I think I’m looking foreward to that game, it looks like tons of fun :)

    1. I’m on the fence about Nintendo Land. I hope to get a preview of that in my upcoming “Experience Wii U” in my local area.

  2. Everybody loves great graphics but if next gen was solely about graphics then it would be called the “movie indsutry” and not “gaming indsutry”
    So he is right.

    Oh and another thing, I don’t know if this is old news or not but Iread somewhere that Vivendi plans to sell Activision or atleast the par t that makes CoD and Microsoft might buy them…
    I personally don’t really care but as a hole it can make Microsoft more “dangerous” ;D

  3. That’s exactly why I like Nintendo. It’s never about graphics for me, it’s the gameplay I’m interested in!

    1. Just look at the old pre-E3 livestream, the Miiverse is integrated into NSMBU. I’m guessing that you’ll be able to go online in it.

  4. This just one of the many reasons I love Nintendo as a video game company. With the Wii U, it isn’t about the best graphics… it’s about play control, fun factor, replayability, connecting with friends and family, and affordability.

  5. What would be really amazing is if you could have four people in a house, all in different rooms, all with Wii U tablet controllers. They’re all playing multiplayer, with graphics rendering and prosessing running on a Wii U downstairs, which isn’t even connected to the TV someone is watching baseball on. Later on they feel like a bigger screen, bam, put it on the 60″ flat screen.

  6. Gameplay is most important always. Let the specs whore obssess over the numbers. I just want to play good games. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. When I say “spec whores” I mean people not in the industry. Random dudes on the net, complaning about the power of a console they haven’t even played yet. Obviously the devs want a good system and they’ll tell Nintendo that, and Nintendo will accomodate them as best it can. Judging from all we’ve heard it seems that’s what has happened.

  7. However, as much as it’s true gameplay is most important, they need to get it together with graphics, what happened to all the demos of the Wii U rendering amazing graphics? It’s not enough to have the capability, you have to actually put out games that use it. People want good graphics, accept it Nintendo.

        1. just because a game has great graphics doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t play good or gives u a memorial experience people are to concerned with graphics now a days and forget games are suppose to be fun an imaginative meaning not everything looks realistic even older games holder there vaule because of how good they are n graphics had nothing to do with it

        2. Why? Because they weren’t as realistic looking as PS3 and 360 titles? So what? While FPS and zombie survival games and sports games have always reached for looking realistic, Nintendo games have always been fantasy games and have always gone for fantasy or even cartoony graphics, and changing those to realistic graphics would ruin the games.

          1. You know…. You can’t use advanced logic like that when talking to people who’re new to gaming…

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  9. Nintedo must know that next gen is all about (except for what iwata said) the console’s improved.I meen that the console must be on the next generation and its graphics too or else the console is not good and if you don’t believe me then go and ask a gamer

    1. Go ask a gamer? I’m sorry, but I am a gamer, I don’t believe you, and oh yeah… You’re wrong. I don’t care about graphics being drop dead amazing. I care more about the play style, how much I enjoy the game, whether or not it’s fun. Sure, the graphics should improve, but I don’t need them to be absolutely HD cutting edge or realistic.

    2. You’re not a gamer if you think graphics are the main point of a game. You’re an illogical idiot who doesn’t know the first thing about REAL hardcore gaming. Sure the Wii U has better pixels than PS3 and Xbox 360, but it’s the games and the console that matters. That’s why those idiot pussies at Sony and Microsoft had to copy Nintendo, AGAIN!

  10. Well, that’s why we play games, we aren’t here to look at the cutscenes (One thing I didn’t like about Max Payne 3, WAY too many cutscenes.). But you have to put some power behind the machine to achieve these experiences. We need better AI in games, we need bigger worlds (Maybe not.), we need smoother movement, we need more alive worlds, and we need more things we can do in games (Like break stuff more, make things move, just generally be more interactive with the game.), and all of that requires the console to be powerful. For Nintendo, that will be solved in about 2 generations, when streaming will be normal, but for now we still need competitive hardware. I would love a expansive world in my Zelda games like in (the overrated) Skyrim, or GTA series. Mario is basically perfect, but there is so much Nintendo could do. Like making a 3D Pokemon game, something everybody has been asking for, but not something like Pokemon XD, or Pokemon Colliseum. A normal DS Pokemon game, just in a 3D environment on a home Nintendo console. Or a new StarFox game, nobody else had touched the genre much. You could take a turn, like make a expansive world, or include RPG elements (I’ve heard that StarFox 2 was made on the SNES, it had a expansive world and RPG elements, but it was capped due to the N64 being released.). Or a new F-Zero, F-Zero had a incredible sense of speed, why not make it a bit more faster, to the point that the speed is incredible, but still controllable. Or Earthbound, there hasn’t been a RPG quite like Earthbound ever since it was released. And for the grand example, Metroid, imagine the atmosphere, I just can’t put in words how awesome Metroid would be.
    My point being, it’s OK that you aren’t taking the visual road for consoles, it would be stupid to do that, we are playing games, not movies. But we need that power in the console to have that incredible experience.
    I’m sorry if I seem a bit critical (I wouldn’t know why.) but I would just like to have even more incredible experiences in games.

  11. Well obviously Nintendo can and probably have improved the graphics to be atleast somewhat better than current gen consoles and it is also only on Nintendo this gen that we will see a big difference in term of graphics but like they said, you might be able to improve graphics but each gen they will be less and less noticable.
    And it also depends on our talented game artists in the future.
    Will they become better andmore than today or will the idiotic goverments send most back to the dark ages where art as an example will be less and less supported…

    But aslong as it exists we cannot complain ;D

  12. Meh, specs won’t matter shit in 2 gens anyway, streaming will be the standard. And if MS doesn’t get new exclusives, they’re out of the game by that time.

    1. Sony is already out of the game. Halo is the last dieing franchise of Microsoft. The fact that they just released another copy of Nintendo, a tablet (smart glass probably functions with it too, like Miiverse,) is seriously going to make them get hit hard. The economic depression is somehow not making people in America, a center of gaming smarter. The fool president does the opposite of have people get smarter and work, so the lazy people don’t think logically to buy Nintendo instead of Xbox and Sony rip-offs. (Sony is already dead, only few squeaking 8 year olds play it, and they sold the least.)

  13. I think graphics are important to a certain point, like to make something visually unique that defines a game much like Zelda has done several times.
    But when it becomes to like Bayformers 2-3 and such movies where the special effects or graphics is everything then it doesn’t matter.

    If the content is shit or the same every damn game then graphics matters very little.
    But Sony and MS focus too much on “movie experiences” than the gaming itself and that’s why I don’t buy their consoles for such high prizes and online services that requires payment.
    I have a PC for such stuff…

  14. The WiiU is slightly stronger than the Xbox 360, I believe it was 50% more powerful. And Epic games said that Unreal Engine 4 ports are possible on the WiiU, It will work, they just say UE3 works best. All these Sony fanboys bother me, I love my PSVita and my buddies PS3, but seriously guys, grow up and learn to accept the fact that everything sony does is a blatent copy of Nintendo, It’s far more polished, but its a copy. I mean, the PS1 started off as a SNES accessory for playing discs not cartridges for gods sake! But what dissapoints me is the Microsoft fanboys on here bashing the WiiU, I thought we were better than that? I play hardcore ME3 online and im finally getting pro in Halo. We should be like “meh, why do we care? new xbox xomes out around the end of 2013 anyways” and just to say some pre releases specs of the Durango, It is 6 times more powerful than the current xbox (the durango and ps4 will be equally powerful, as long as being the last consoles for about 15 years) So get over it, and somewhere I remember Nintendo saying its not technically next gen, it is, and always has been, a transition. Thats what Nintendo is starting to do, create transitions into the next gen, it boosts sales for all 3 major companies. That is all, time for Frosted Mini Wheats with Soymilk

    1. I don’t want to see the price of PS4 and Nextbox if they’re 6 times as powerfull… Really, I don’t want too.. :S I think you have to take some things they say with a pinch of salt, because it can’t be that much better without a price that only the top 1% can afford to pay, and if they did that they would not sell any systems.

      1. That’s really not that much more powerful than the PS3/360. Hell, the Wii-U is around 5 times stronger than current-gen anyways, if we go by rumored specs, so they’re all going to be around the same level of power.

    2. The Wii U has 1080p, something that PS3 didn’t even achieve. (Yes PS3 has better graphics and megahertz than Xbox 360.) Sony is sad lazy greedy shits, I’m not even going to debate about their one game that isn’t a complete rip-off of Nintendo. (Little Big Planet.) 8 Year old fanboys will always bash Nintendo, they’ll never have the wisdom to not do so.

  15. ah, yea i guess.. you learn something new evrydae.. i may wanna try out a 3ds; as reggie the french purple pikmin: said “right now, there is not a better time to get onboard this summer for the new 3ds xl” xd wen i was about in middle skool, the original ds was hokey dokey although not anywhere as good as gba[gameboyadvance] during their respective times..

  16. sony’s moto is the opposite of nintendo’s. they want to focus on raw power and abandon everything else. watch the ps4 have another ylod breakdown and people having to replace or repair that beast.

    1. M$ will be worst, trust me. Like Lebron says. Not 1, not2, not….That is how many Xbox that will break down. Don’t fall for it people.

  17. Nintendo=Lets lets make new ways to play and have fun.
    Mirosoft=Lets up our power and find a way to get get rid of the controler completely.
    Sony=Lets up our power, Use the same controler as our last two consoles, and even copy someone elses controller.

    1. Microsoft just wanted some of the dough that Nintendo completely outsold both of them with. Microsoft has now copied Wii U and Miiverse completely.
      Sony= Lazy ass fucks who constantly copy Nintendo and never make up something that’s their own idea.

  18. Looks pretty neat. I just hope they make some good games (graphics aren’t everything. I usually go back to the good ol’ systems to play games with content.) I really haven’t purchased games for other systems because they pretty much botch the story in favor of graphics. (LOOVEEE Skyward Sword) I wish games would go back to focusing on what made them fun — game play, and story. If the graphics improve, that’s fine, but hey — I wanna play, not wait for load times.

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