Nintendo Acknowledges That Smartphones And Tablets Have Changed The Industry

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that the rise of smartphones and tablets have ultimately changed the video game industry. Iwata says that the company can no longer offer some kinds of games experiences that couldn’t also easily be offered on a smartphone, so they need to differentiate and offer something exclusive.



  1. Smartphone/tablets offer the same experience that browser based flash games do. Yes, they can be entertaining and good to waste five minutes, but they are not “real” games.


      1. Bravo on the absurd generalisations! Clearly, neither of you have ever used a smartphone/tablet for gaming for more than five minutes.

        There are a number of games on iOS, for example, that exhibit console quality gameplay. They’re by no means perfect but smartphone gaming can be just as deep, if not deeper, than what a 3DS has to offer.


        Go take your ignorant views elsewhere.

        On topic: I think Nintendo need to capitalise more on the dual screens, as well as the controls – “core” touchscreen games are a tad difficult to play at times.

        Nintendo should


      2. Actually you’re wrong all smartphone games are not matched up to consoles. The only game in my opinion out there that’s good is Infinity Blade for iOS


      3. “core” touchscreen games are a tad difficult to play at times.” Like all iOS games? There are a handful of core games, but the majority of iOS games would be considered casual shovelware on a home console.


  2. This isn’t really news, Sickr. 99% of us know that smartphones/tablets have changed the industry. Sayin that Nintendo is aware of this isn’t a shocking surprise


      1. It does show that they can have complete games, though. We’re not talking about quantity here, but rather quality. Besides, smart phones aren’t as old as consoles so why would they have as many complete games?


  3. Well no shit.
    He’d be stupid to say otherwise.
    tablet and smartphone gaming has changed the industry, no one can deny that.


  4. Oh so thats why lietendo made all those nasty remarks yet atvthe same time lying by saying they dont compare brands…they were butthurt. But hey without them ninty wouldnt have stolen all those ideas. Usa>weeaboo traitors


  5. @firesplitter ‘ruined gaming’ Um without them nintendo would have never made the wii which was the cheapest garbage trash with shovelware games that suck worse than angry birds. Heck wii knew they needed to appeal to poor minoritys


  6. I’ve gamed on ipod touch before. hated it so I went back to my pspgo and eventually got a 3ds. so no it hasn’t because touch screen controls alone suck big balls.


  7. As a Mario fanboy, I don’t see what the problem for Nintendo is. “The company can no longer offer some kinds of games experiences that couldn’t also easily be offered on a smartphone”? Bull honkey! A smart phone with nothing but a touch screen can never duplicate the sheer joy of playing a well-crafted Mario game with a controller. The tactile sensation of the buttons, in fact, makes such games easier to play than with a flat touch screen. So offer up more games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D Land, and bam. Heck, Mario isn’t Nintendo’s only franchise that benefits from having actual buttons to press. Just keep making games in those franchises, and the fans will gobble them up.

    Smartphones have changed the industry, but they haven’t killed Nintendo at all.


  8. @revolution you FOOL! Its on kotaku right know. The poll was taken in japan smh im even giving you the source where you can check it out.

    Epic fail sir
    ill forgive you but you gotta suck it good first :)


  9. I really don’t think that smartphone games are real games. I really give it to Nintendo for accepting the crude truth. But I will never, and I said, EVER going to give up on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for smartphone games.


  10. I love Nintendo, but I also think Tablet gaming is fun. I have an iPad and would probably be considered a casual gamer. As long as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have good exclusives console gaming is here to stay.


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