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Sega Says Wii U November Release Date Was Incorrect

Yesterday it was reported that Sega said that Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed for Wii U will be released in November. The publisher now says that that’s a mistake, and they’ve yet to set a date for the racer on the Wii U and PC. It’s only the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that have a set release date.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

90 thoughts on “Sega Says Wii U November Release Date Was Incorrect”

  1. If they bothered to correct themselves that quickly, it means it is the real release date.


    1. Yes, I think so as well. They was prob given a phonecall from Nintendo’s ninja sqad who forced them to take back the info. (people who’ve followed this page for a while know what Ninja’s I’m talking about.)

  2. Sega is the new CAPCOM making schoolboy mistakes. Another game wiiU is getting after current gen systems… heck even handhelds :P

          1. not like I care. Sega have become irelevant as of late. ALiens is prob the only game i cared about from them since the original Sonic trilogy.

              1. Thanks for correcting me. If that’s the case… NO games sine the genesis days :P proves my point even further!

                1. Have you tried Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations? They’re pretty good (cant top 3 and K though still), Not everyone enjoyed them but I really think Sonic is back from a decade or so of being terrible, back into good games

                    1. I thought they weren’t too bad, but yeah I can understand they aren’t for everyone lol
                      I don’t think Sonic will ever be able to top 3 and K, that game was amazing

  3. wow so many indenial comments about the release date of a shitty sega game :P I remember the time when Sega were GOOD :p

  4. I actually think that it might’ve been true but that Nintendo told them to take it back as they want to reveal info like Wii U release date on their own. Not sure, but it sounds like a normal Nintendo move.

    1. I like you. You seem to actually have a brain :P and think about the situation… not like

      1. Thank you :) I’ve started to like you aswell! First I thought you were just one of those trolls that often visit this page just to spread hate, but you’ve really grown in my eyes the last couple of days and I know when I’ve been wrong and I am sorry for being too quick in judging you. :)

        1. no problem. I am a vicious troll when I get prodded with NINTENDO IS THE BEST. UNatin who is on here knows what i mean ;)

          I am not a bad guy. I was also a huge Nintendo Nerd (and proud) but the Wii was SHIT in general. Seeing donkey kong or mario galaxy shows Nintendo still have the magic but are too damn lazy as of late. I think cos they are swimming in money.. they are being too complacent.

          Watch me get flamed ;) and I will bite back like a zomBI U!

          1. I have to agree. They’ve been too relaxed since SNES days and not thinking about third party. And I hope (and think) that the Wii U will be the changing part of this. It looks good this far. But they have to put out a big thing to regain all third parties trust.

              1. Its funny cos Fanboys forgot that the wii had good support before but then developers treated the wii as a joke

                pity Unation has his Nintendo fanboyish head stuck up his arse to see that

                1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that Aeolus is having a conversation with himself. Maybe it’s just me.

                  1. makes sense if am talking to OTHER PEOPLE… fucking faggot… how ironic ur name is happiness… you’re always moaning you whiney bitch!

                    1. Here’s the reason I said that. I ‘Anonymous’ and you seem very similar your posts. I never once accused you of being a fanboy. That’s one word you like to throw around a lot. However, you are a fanboy. Just not for Nintendo. And you need help with the word ironic. My comment was in no way was me “moaning” like a “whiney bitch.” It was merely an observation. One I still think I am correct in. I almost thought you were going to be clever and and ironic when you called me a “faggot” as my name would be synonymous with the word “gay”, but you missed that one. I gave you far too much credit. You are 14 and there are a few more years of high school to go. So, it’s not your fault. I will say that, what is ironic is saying that I always moan and am a whiney bitch, when you are the one who comes on here with your panties in a twist. Here’s a project for you and your apparent free time. (Maybe it’s tiem to leave the school’s computer lab.) Find out how many posts I whined and moaned in and get abck to me. I’ll wait.

                    2. Also to add to my previous statement. Both this “Anonymous” and you replied to my statement fairly close together. That tells me that you “both” read it and opted to reply at incredibly close intervals. I could be wrong, but that’s doubtful.

                      And for future reference: you may want to lay off the “…”. I understand that you are slow, but not as many people will realize that you are thinking really hard to come up with your words if you put in all those dots. FYI.

      1. Who knows. maybe it’s October, maybe it’s November, it may pretty much be December. We don’t know.

  5. I have a feeling that the “mistake” was that they were giving the release date out of everything but the Wii U and PC. It doesn’t mean that the date is wrong, but that it came out now. I’m sure they got a call from Nintendo. I wonder why they haven’t released a PC date.

      1. PS: Nintendo fanboys need to grow a brain. I can’t believe I have to put up with so many stupid people who pretend to be “Gamers.”

        1. hi there you right becuase gamers say they want too use a 1956 ibm 5 mb 1,200 rpm hard drive max speed data is 10 kb/s thats a million times slower then todays solid state drives and you though ps3 30 mb/s 5,400 rpm hard drive was super slow

  6. The Wii was such a failure. It sold shit compared to XBox. WiiU will be the same. Nothing with the name “Wii” on the box will ever be profitable.

    How blind are all of you? Nintendo has never made a successful console since the Super Nintendo!

    Nintendo hasn’t released a release date yet because they are scared to launch a new console. I’ll bet $100 they cancel WiiU and leave the console business entirely.

    Fanboys are so stupid.

      1. Fail talking to yourself. Trying to save face?Nice try. Just don’t act like a dumbass next time, and you won’t have to pretend someone cloned you.

        God-damned you’re an arrogant prick.

    1. According to numbers the Wii has sold more units than the 360. Also 360 had a high level of malfunctioning so many people have bought more than 1 360. Nice try imposter.

      Btw, N64 was a good console, sold pretty well, has many of the best games of all time for it. Only time Nintendo really failed was with Game Cube because Sony dominated the market with that system. Even then they sold pretty good.

  7. The fun part of new nintendo systems is guessing the release date. Im placing my guess on November 27-28 2012 at $349.99 XD

  8. Sickr look what I found on the Internet

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    6. Colors! 3D
    7. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
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    1. And Starship Defense has been added to Club Nintendo US for 150 coins.
      And the 3DS now sold 5 Millions in the US.

  9. They are covering their tracks…SEGA didnt mean to confirm the release month but they did! :D November it is!

  10. Thanks Sega for giving this away XD, looking forward to the launch date so I can see what others think of the launch titles :)
    I won’t be getting one straight away since I can’t afford it as of now, however I’m hoping to see Metroid, 3D Mario, Zelda, new IPs and Starfox in the future that would be great
    And of course, Yoshi’s Island on Wii U would make my day :D

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