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Gearbox Really Likes Wii U & Thinks Borderlands 2 Would Be Fantastic On It

During an interview with Dealspwn, Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel stated that a Wii U version of Borderlands 2 would be fantastic. Martel is excited about the Wii U GamePad because it can be a great device for managing inventory in games, including Borderlands 2. Martel thinks that the game would look really good on the Wii U because it can “deal with the resolutions and textures.” Borderlands 2 will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September.

“We really like the Wii U. I think it’s a really cool platform. I like what they’re doing – obviously with the touchscreen – and it will be interesting to see what Microsoft do with their approach to that idea. It’s one of those problems of the Wii: the only people who have ever made a lot of money on the Wii is Nintendo.”

“If Borderlands 2 was on the Wii U, the thing I would be most excited about is inventory management: it would be amazing on that, it would just be fantastic. And I think the artwork would look really good, with the way they can deal with the resolutions and textures, I think it’s a really good console.”

126 thoughts on “Gearbox Really Likes Wii U & Thinks Borderlands 2 Would Be Fantastic On It”

      1. Word. It WOULD be awesome if they made it happen, but for now, it’s probably in the same boat as the Vita idea.

        They would love to see a Vita version, but can’t develop it (at the moment). So maybe a Wii U version and a Vita version will come next year or something possibly in a GOTY edition. Maybe.

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      They can’t though, they’ve reached the limit of their budget. They also want a ita version, so that’s where I found out about it.

          1. I don’t think you understand where his going. I am a nintendo fan but I still play on PS3 and Xbox 360. To me nintendo fanboys are the most understanding, while sony and Micro… fanboys say nintendo sucks because of grafics and no new IPs. Sony and Micro.. fanboys are the tyipcal fanboys. And he hates the idea of you coming here and shiting on ever thing, and not just because your a fanboy of what ever you are.

            1. “….nintendo fanboys are the most understanding”

              There are no understanding fanboys, from any side. Maybe fans, yes. On this site, I have encountered some of the WORST, most foul mouthed, ignorant, disgusting, and hard-headed Nintendo fanboys ever. It just makes the rest of the Nintendo exclusive fans look bad.

              1. Oh you must be talking about Peteriess and his many clones. I usually try to make my rants have no vulgar words in them unless I feel like trolling the trolls on this site or I get really mad.

          2. fuck you and fuck your family. do the gaming community a huge favor and go burn yourself. or better yet get beaten to death first then have your body burned to ashes.

  1. Borderlands 2 would be a PERECT addition to the Wii U lineup. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software truly passionate about Nintendo… especially upcoming games like Aliens: Colonial Marines. Let’s all hope that Borderlands 2 comes to the U next year.

    1. truly passionate? sounds like marketing talk to me. Passion doesnt just appear instantly. Passion happens over a long period of time. Like Miyamoto pouring his soul into his work or Kojima with metal gear…

      1. If it ever was marketing, it would be like Mark Rein promoting the Unreal Engine 4 for PCs only. I can’t blame either Pitchford or Miyamoto when it comes to making and innovating video games. It’s your opinion, Aeolus… and I have nothing else to comment or object you.

        1. you know its true, gearbox NEVER supported it before… NOW they do? not rly passionate. Ubisoft however have always supported Nintendo in one way or another

      2. Actually in an interview i watched he said hes a big Nintendo fan and is excited to bring Aliens, with genuine excitement on his face, he is a proper geek

  2. I never played Borderlands 1, is it good? Also I can’t wait to play Aliens!!! It looks like a serious contender for best third party game on the Wii U (so far).

                    1. I didn’t mean to direct that at you, more to the comment above about steam. Sorry about that :) Also, I don’t have a N64, PS2, or 360.

            1. I don’t like the XBOX 360 perosonally. It has no exclusives that I like except for maybe Fable 2. I bought a XBOX 360 & I was bored. Graphics doesn’t always translate to fun. Man, I’m bored with my 360 lol. But it’s always best to own more then one console. Wii/PS3 was the best to have this gaming generation. N64 was a great console & I owned it & PS1 back in the day at the same time. I got my dad to buy me a N64, while my grandma got me a PS1. Try to get a WiiU & a PS4 next go round man. WiiU will be awesome & it will come out first with the next video game consoles so get that this year first.
              PS4 should come out at the end of next year so get it, if u or someone in your family can afford it.

              that. If u can afford it that is.

    1. Bad Dudes eat burgers with presidents

      For me, it was one of those games that I had to force myself to play in the beginning, but once I started, I couldn’t put the controller down. Its really fun when you play online with people you actually know too. One thing I didn’t like was the amount of guns. Gearbox kept talking about it like it was a good thing, but once you play the game you realize that there’s little difference between the gun you’re holding and the next best upgrade. It got annoying constantly going through inventory to compare guns so I didn’t ungrading until I noticed I was doing less damage than before.

      In the end, I’m getting Borderlands 2. I just don’t know if I’ll get it at launch.

    2. Borderlands was fucking awesome especially the multiplayer they should make this game for wii u or at least port it

  3. these are my kinda RPG not those spike hair fags with long ass swards and speak choing all day fuck that borderlands one was the best rpg next to elder scroll and brink which i still play

          1. Yeah. I honestly can’t understand what he meant in the first part of what he said. Oh and Brink it’s not a RPG.

    1. you consider borderlands to be better than a traditional rpg? have you actually played the genre at all? borderlands has some decent rpg elements, but it is more of a shooter. you have not played many rpg if you consider this to to be better.

      1. guess it depends on taste
        i like some jrpgs but certainly not all.. especially those that tend to exaggerate

        1. Nobody likes exagerrated things in games, but the best rpgs are jrpgs as I said. Fnal Fantasy, Tales Of, Skies Of Arcadia, Kingdom Hearts, The Mario RPGs, Persona series, Valkyrie series, Xenoblade. The list goes on and on.

    2. I do prefer RPGs where i actually have control over what im doing and dont just stand there when i get attacked.

      Seeing as you’re talking about Final Fantasy, check out Versus 13, might be more your thing

  4. It’s one of those problems of the Wii: the only people who have ever made a lot of money on the Wii is Nintendo.”

    One of the best quotes I heard this year so far. Nintendo platforms sell Nintendo games far more in quantity than third party developers. Good that he mentioned that point. The Wii made loads selling Nintendo games but lots of third party games barely hit the 1 to 2 million mark

      1. Well.. Nintendo cant do anything… its down to the consumer to actually buy the games to support third party :P and if Nintendo fanboys stick to just mario zelda metroid etc… then third party devs will drop support if they are not making enough money

        1. Have to agree with you. It’s sad. I myself buy alot of third party. Sadly that can’t be said about other N gamers I know ): Even though I like N first party best so is there alot of great third party as well and that’s something I can’t look past. All good games deserve a shot!

        2. Not all Nintendo fanboys stick to Nintendo only games, I’ve gotten over 40 third party titles that I love lol, but third parties need to make great games for Nintendo systems instead of doing the quick shovelware route like many did for the Wii.

        1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

          So far, it’s actually pretty good. But they are releasing 1st party stuff now, so the drought is over.

          1. mario bros 2 is a rehash :P of the ds and wii version with MORE COINS. The next big game is Bravely default or Paper mario.

    1. Agree. That’s a sad truth… That’s why big N didn’t offer alot first party for 3ds launch… Sadly it failed as most N console gamers barely look at third party games, which is sad.

      1. yep. This article is also pure marketing. Of course they are gonna praise the console… they are POURING money into the wiiU port! No tthat its a bad thing… its called running a business :P but yep that quote summed up the wii perfectly

        1. I really hate to say this to you, Aeolus… but you’re right. Secondly, about what I’ve poste a link to a Barney skit in “Robot Chicken”… I take it back and apologize.

            1. Well there are multiple Aeolus’s. There are some fake troll ones. There is the real trolling one. Then there is the fake NON-trolling Aeolus. I like the fake NON-trolling Aeolus, he’s not a complete fanboy.

      2. Yeah. Fanboys stick only to Mario, Zelda, Metroid and they don’t even look at Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed, etc..

        1. yep and if they carry on then Dare i say this… Pachter is right. He was right about E3 aswell :P E3 sucked FOR EVERYONE…. minus ubisoft surprisingly enough!

          1. Yeah. The Wonderbook it’s bad, TheSmartGlasses are bad and Nintendo Land it’s bad as well. Pretty all of the Big 3 had a shit bomb showed at E3.

            1. Nintendoland actually got very very good reception when you actually play it. The show execution was poor however

                1. heard they didnt have a choice cus retro pulled out att the last minute, so they were force to extent nintendoland’s show case..

            2. Nintendoland looked bad at the conference but watching it, it actually looks tons of fun, im pretty big on local multiplayer, it awesome to looking forward to it.

              But yes, smartglass and wonderbook are stupid, although besides wondershite, Sony had a good E3, i got what i wanted from them.

    2. its because they know what there doing. everyone in the industry if fired people and losing companies but Nintendo there earning money because they made there choice that people said oh that’s stupid, there doom.
      “It’s one of those problems of the Wii: the only people who have ever made a lot of money on the Wii is Nintendo.”
      man i can tell michel patcher is super jealous man.

      1. “It’s one of those problems of the Wii: the only people who have ever made a lot of money on the Wii is Nintendo.”
        man i can tell michel patcher is super jealous man.


      1. sonic racing was already on 2 Nintendo system i think ck he meant game that haven’t been on a Nintendo system

      2. I thought I told your fucking dumbass not to reply to my comments. you really want me to find you and use your skull as a coffee mug.

          1. oh I bet you are. everyone feels safe at the comfort of their home until some real shit happens. am I right you worthless fucking asswipe. all it takes is tracking down your ip address.

  5. Borderland? On a Nintendo console? Make it happen! I simply love Borderlands, finished the story mode a couple of days ago after playing it nonstop in a month. Now, I’ve started playing on the DLC, freaking sweet. Would love to buy this game and many other awesome titles on a Nintendo console instead. Well, that is if Wii U has everything that the 360/PS3 has and even more.

    1. Whaaaaaa?

      Hop on it. It’s some awesome fun. That is, if you’re into over-the-top action/shooter/rpg games.

      Also awesome co-op and arena modes. :3

      1. thought it was awesome in the beginning

        but over the course of the game it slowed down until near the end it was nothing more than a mediocre shooter imo

        1. Eh, I guess to each his own. I loved it through and through. Until I started to replay it and ended up with that freakin’ save/mission glitch. >.<

  6. Patcher: “Noooooooo!!!!.” FcuK You Gear Box, you Microsofty traitor you!! Damn Nintendo, damn you to hell!!

  7. I’d buy that in a heart-beat.
    Know what else, though?
    Funny possible easter egg: Find a wearable helmet in-game that looks like your Mii’s head.
    I’d wear it for the lulz.XD

      1. Her cannon, or Mega Man’s buster.
        Or, hey! How about a Beam Saber for Zero in BL2, directly FROM Zero off of Mega Man?XD
        And while we’re at it, let’s get an upgrade pack in there that turns Axton’s turrets into miniature Metal Slug tanks that roll around shooting stuff for you.XD

      1. With the first Borderlands, i couldnt really play online, its not the sort of game i can play with some random dude, but me and my brother love borderlands, but he has a 360 amd i have a ps3, but we both want a wiiu, so that would be epic

        1. ..thats sexy, same. i cant play online, too many shitbags & cheats (hackers) i prefer my 2 best frends wich R chicks. i’d get borderlands 2 wen it arrives on ps3. just calm down on the vast amount of weapons this time, gearbox..geez

          1. Yeah. That was the only problem with Borderland 1 imo, and you’d get to a point where you’re massively outgunned, and its like, fuck it…

            1. Never had the problem my problem was with my brother taking me into his playthogh 2 games while i was only a Level 30

  8. Someone needs to start a petition.
    Isn’t there a petition for this yet?
    There needs to be a petition to get a Wii U version of Borderlands 2 in the future….

  9. what theyre saying is BUY ALIENS COLONIAL SPACE MARINES, and then we’ll get more games published from 2K like Borderlands or GRAND THEFT AUTO! SO PLEASE LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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