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Nintendo Offers Great Incentives For Purchasing Digital Retail Games

Nintendo of Japan has announced that gamers who decide to purchase the digital version of a retail title will be eligible to receive double Club Nintendo points and a free Virtual Console copy of Donkey Kong. If you decide to purchase both New Super Mario Bros 2 and Demon Training you’ll receive another 20 points as a bonus. Would this be enough to get you to purchase digital retail games?

57 thoughts on “Nintendo Offers Great Incentives For Purchasing Digital Retail Games”

    1. I’ll buy DK on the side. I love my physical copies and rarely download full games. I reach platinum status every year so what’s the point anyways?

    1. ”No way!” but you answer with yes actually….

      For me: no, I don’t really want DK anyway and club Nintendo fucking sucks. I’m not buying enough for those stars to add up, and I’m not planning on doing so just to get a crappy reward for way to much stars.
      Also I like to sell a game if I either played it and have no interest in keeping it any longer or it’s not my cup of tea.

      Only reason for me to go digital is so I don’t have to carry shit around, but I don’t really take my 3DS with me alot anyway, so that argument is rendered invalid.

  1. I have donkey kong on NES… So no… Even if I didn’t still no… I still rather own a physical copy of things I pay for

  2. Nintendo, you need to up your game. If you really want consumers to go digital you need to offer complimentary items that people really want. i have and prefer hard copies, but I would be willing to go digital for the right “incentive”.

    1. “Nintendo, you need to up your game. If you really want consumers to go digital you need to offer complimentary items that people really want”

      Because no one wants free games and points to give you free games! Derp.

      1. I was thinking more like collectable items lol. Memorabilia of some sort. Id buy digital stuff in return for some physical stuff. But it would have to be something worth while for me to consider it.

        1. i feel like that would defeat the purpose of them saving money on the production of physical copies…..

  3. I will buy the digital version when they come up with a method that lets me (1) sell it, (2) transfer it, and (3) lend it to a friend.

  4. To each their own. But whether or not I download it depends if its the kind of game that I’ll play on a regular basis for a long time.

  5. I’m not all that excited about the ELITE gift selection from this years Club Nintendo reward. A deck of cards or a 3 poster pack. They will have to step it up this year if they want another years worth of survey reviews from me. I would like to see more things like iron-ons, patches or hats.. Something I could sport around town to like the world know Nintendo is the cats pajamas.

  6. Fuck the bonus points!

    I want a game that i can trade-in for cash when i get bored with it.
    I dont want games that i will never play again clogging up my hard drive when im finished with them.

    Getting money back is more important than a few stupid Nintendo points bribe.

  7. If Nintendo of America use the same method as the Japanese offer, this could be an ultimate game changer. Just make sure you have an 8GB (or higher) SD card.

    1. If Nintendo insist on people buying download games, they should give free 32GB cards free with every new 3DS console, instead of a rubbish 2GB / 4GB card.

      Why should consumers have to buy expensive SD cards AND expensive game downloads?

        1. /\ Exactly

          Nintendo will screw gamers for every penny they have,
          but they wont cut consumers any slack.

          Greed will be Nintendo’s downfall.

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  10. No, not good enough. Gotta be at least 50% off from the Retail Price in order for me to even consider full digital games. Plus, I must be certain that I will really like the game, With retail copies I know I can resell them if I happen to not like them. This is important to me. Plus the stupid 5 x system transfer limitation sucks. I got me a new color 3DS a couple of month ago and transferred my digital stuff and now i want a 3DS XL and so I wasted a fucking system transfer. No, I prefer hard copies any day, thank you very much.

  11. I already have Donkey Kong on Virtual Console. So What would I get? Although I suppose nintendo will give out something else like a free copy of Super Mario land or something similar. But of course I’m only saying if they were to do the same here in the UK.

  12. Heck no. What if something happens to the console? I already got screwed on the Wii with losing all my virtual games because I refused to spend $90 on fixing my Wii rather than buying a brand new one for close the price (plus a free game, nunchuk and an additional controller). I’m not chancing losing a digital copy of something if the system messes up. Plus, you can’t share it with another person (my fiance in this case) and it takes up space. I like having the case, game and booklet all combined.

  13. They would need a grand incentive to lure me away from purchasing hard copies, and this is not it :/

    I can’t abandon the satisfaction of holding that new game in your very hands, observing it’s riveting art and text around the case. The invigorating fresh smell when you unwrap and open the box, and venturing through the instruction booklet additional slips. Finally, to cherish and reserve the actual disc….yes, yes indeed.

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