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EA: “Never Underestimate Nintendo”

EA is planning to support Nintendo’s forthcoming console. EA chief operating officer Peter Moore claims that EA is “keeping a very close eye” on Wii U. Although EA is not announcing new games for Wii U at this time, the publisher plans to bring “great franchises,” which will be revealed in the future, to Wii U. Moore added that EA has learned to “never underestimate Nintendo, as proven by the last generation.”

75 thoughts on “EA: “Never Underestimate Nintendo””

              1. Hey! bush got re-elected for a 2nd term. After his self appointed 9/11 commision failed to show proof and blatently lied, his ass should’ve been impeached. That right there shows you the future of america. So to answe you’re question, Yes, people are this stupid.

  1. Ayup. Everyone said the Wii would never sell to ANYONE, last gen.
    Blew such claims out of the water, they did.
    I’m curious as to what kinds of titles EA will bring to it later, though…..
    IMO, EA isn’t exactly a company with great business practices, lately, so I’m hesitant to celebrate any news of an EA-made game coming to a console I want to own, if it has the potential to be ruined by the ways EA does business sometimes……

  2. god I swear everyone here is fucking bipolar.

    not even a month ago it was “fuck you ea” “ea the worst company” ect. ect. ect.

    and now its “lets dick ride ea” even though about a month ago they claim the smartglass was better.


    1. I never understood this hatred for EA, yeah, they like money, alot, and theyre a bit dickish in that sense to suck anyones cock for money, but they publish some of my favourite games. I suspect most of the hate comes from people whining about Mass Effect 3’s ending -.-

      1. neither do I, I enjoyed both Dragon Age games, Dantes Inferno, Alice Madness, and my 2nd Favorite. FPS series (bad Company.) I get that they like money, but they are a company. Company’s run on money. people these days, right?


    2. People are riding EA’s dick now because it’s something positive about Nintendo.

      When it’s something positive, the fanboys go “oh ya i love dem das true dey actually right for once”

      When it’s something negative they go nuts.

      Everyone here is like you said, bipolar. And a bunch of hypocrites and fanboys.

  3. People are slowly realising this fact that was common sense a few generations ago. Nintendo is the strongest player in the game. FACT. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Fact: Putting “FACT” in your opinion doesn’t transform it into a fact.

      Stay in school and don’t let Nintendo corrode what’s left of your brain.

      1. Option A: Drop out of school, let Nintendo corrode your brain, and die a happy man, or…
        Option B: Stay in school, become a brainwashed turd, all the while surfing the net searching for things you hate most in this world in order to live up to the name of TROLL, click those url’s, and insult and demean the people who like what you hate, have no friends, and derive immense pleasure from knowing that Nintendo has not ‘corroded your brain’…only power hungry ‘hardcore’ gamer fans could do that…

        Yes, I think Option B is definitely the much more ‘competent’ decision…
        Ugh, ‘college educated’ mental midgets…

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  8. I say EA could bring some good stuff to the wii u and also bad.For example dead space 3 would be great on the wii u, but you know EA like online passes and nintendo doesn’t.Basically they are taking the cowards way out waiting to see what happens, then jump on the bandwagon later praising nintendo. Its kinda sad,c’mon EA have faith like ubisoft hats off to them
    Three cheers for ubisoft

  9. just forget about EA. they are primarily an antigamer-company and shoult be boykotted for the future. EA is the main actor pushing online drm and anticonsumerbehaviour on xboxone/ps4

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