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Dragon Quest IX For Nintendo DS Is $10 At Best Buy Today

Square Enix’s highly regarded Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies for the Nintendo DS is currently $10 at US retail chain Best Buy. The Nintendo DS exclusive managed to receive an impressive 87 score on Metacritic from 65 different publications. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was released on the platform July 10th, 2010.

35 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IX For Nintendo DS Is $10 At Best Buy Today”

      1. you must be mad since I can play the games for FREE ;)

        cough emulator cough cough plus dragonquest 8 is much better for me.

            1. You will need many many potatoes to harness enough electricity to run your Emulators!

              120+ hrs of multi-player gameplay attests to the fact I loved DQ IX!!

          1. I played DQ8 and DQ9 and DQ9 it’s miles better since it’s more similar to DQ6 that it’s considered the best DQ game ever made, son.

            1. DQ6? The game that never made it outside of Japan cos of silly Nintendo and Enix?

              Gotta love the perfect Nintendo not giving u the DQ love till YEARS later

                1. not really lol. was a lazy port. emulators solved my problem. Not illegal if I cant get a copy of it in english (all those years ago)

          1. I don’t hate nintendo. I hate nintendo fanboys! Hu think nintendo is perfect. Refer to operation rainfall why they are pathetic when the games were already in english!

              1. Not really… The west almost missed out on three rpgs which have achieved high acclaim for the shitty Wii platform. They were already in english but Nintendo refused to bring them over to USA. Europe got it ages before. There was a petition and eevrything. Nintendo are well known for fucking over their customers when it comes to localising niche games. Dragonquest had that treatment aswell with 4-6 but now they are remade for a quick buck.

                Google operation rainfall for the whole story. Really bad move from Nintendo espec when the Wii was already dead with only skyward sword worth getting for Nintendo fanboys.

                One major game in a year is a joke

          1. Step right up! Why “Smell” a troll when you can “TOUCH” a troll!
            He’s right over THERE!!! ^^
            Disclaimer. Said troll does not support developers, and plays emulated games via potato-power, and distills used potatoes into Vodka, then comes to NintendoLand to kick Nintendo fans around for fun!

            Smell. Touch. But DO NOT FEED the fucking troll. (except potatoes)

      1. If you’re going to feed the trolls, give him potatoes! He needs them to run his Emulators.
        No Potatoes = no emulator = No DQ8 for Aeolus! D:

  1. I love my gaming like my drugs jk

    Aeolus are three god of the wind in the Greek times. In turn making a big bag of hot air. Like a lot of his common.

  2. I recommend picking this up. This story in itself is pretty shitty. But wireless multiplayer is fun as hell. So it’s good to pick up a copy for you and your friend.

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