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Game Informer AU To Reveal Top Secret Announcement In Next Issue

Game Informer Australia has announced via Facebook that they will be revealing something special on August 14th. The magazine wouldn’t be drawn into giving any hints, but it sounds as though it’s something Gamescom related. Due to the announcement the next issue of Game Informer will be arriving to subscribers a day later than usual.

60 thoughts on “Game Informer AU To Reveal Top Secret Announcement In Next Issue”

        1. MEGAMAN!!!! If so il be hosting a party dress up as ewoks. & play the theme of return of the jedi, when the war was over.

  1. FLASH NEWS: WiiU IS FOR CASUALS! with lack of NEW third party support and a heap of old games 100% aced by most real gamers.

          1. Cause your not supposed to be out of your room listen to your dad. He’s gonna beat your ass when he gets home for being such a fuckin loser

            1. Dad it’s a sailor. He’s gone until December. Try harder, son. Also, my parents are proud of me, unlike your parents who aren’t proud of you.

    1. ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed 3, COD Black Ops 2, and Aliens would like a word with you.

      1. lol All will be on MULTIPLATS. including zombi and rayman as mentioned by Ubisoft themselves. Google it if u dnt believe me. I will find u the article if you fail to find it…

        1. itll be multiplat after 6 mnths to a year… just like resident evil 4 was exclusive to gamecube before it was released on ps2…

        2. Tell me a game released by ubisoft or any major developer only for ps3 or only for xbox that is coming in the near future.

      2. ZombiU, Rayman Legends are crap games and will be multi plat anyway.

        Assassins Creed 3 is shit and is multi plat

        COD Black Ops 2, no ones want to play a game about black people eating fish.

        Aliens is a movie licences game so there’s a 99.9% that it will suck.

  2. Nintendo bought back the Banjo-Kazooie franchise and Banjo-Threeie comes back to WiiU? Just dreaming, don’t mind me.

        1. MS didnt destroy rare. Rare just left the sinking ship…to find BETTER jobs. You know… like most workers who always seek better oppourtunities

          Plus I bet you if rare was sony exclusive you would hate them as much as you hate MS…. FACT

  3. Sonic Adventure 3 on Wii U? I know I’m dreaming, but I’ve been waiting for it for about 10 years now.

      1. Nobody said it was. Why are you here anyway? If it makes you feel superior, that would be faggy as fuck, if you think you’re smart, you’re not. =)

  4. Man, you pulled this same shit with ANOTHER Game Informer cover back then. All we ended up getting was the Elder Scrolls Online bullshit! Or was it the Gears of War Judgment bullshit? I don’t know, they were BOTH bullshit!

  5. This means nothing.

    Seriously this website needs to stop posting every rumour that may or may not have to do with Nintendo.

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