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Nintendo To Unleash Wii U Advertisements & Accept Pre-Orders Next Week?

GenGame writer Ben Lamoreux, who claims he has good relations with GameStop management, ‘confirms’ that the recently spotted Wii U marketing materials are made by Nintendo. Lamoreux is confident that official Nintendo-made advertisements will go on display throughout all GameStop stores beginning August 13th. Lamoreux is also told that consumers may be able to pre-order the Wii U on the same day or “shortly after.”

91 thoughts on “Nintendo To Unleash Wii U Advertisements & Accept Pre-Orders Next Week?”

            1. PLEASE i want a nintendo direct for Wii U. I been waiting PACIENTLY till E3 but they didnt tell us what we wanted to know :( too much hype -_-

  1. price is what i need to know, Launch Games, and a release date!!
    so looking forward to this only wish Bethesta would port skyrim!
    but it aint gonna happen =c

    1. Big Batman Fan Here (and no, not coz of the damned movies!! lol)
      so what if its an ”old” game?
      it kicked ass back then and im Sure as F that its gonna be even better on wii u.
      so fuck it!

    2. Oh no! two “old” games. Why would they make these? Well how about to show off the potential of the system in games people are familiar with. Ever thought about that?

    3. Not even one year old games with added features and enhanced gameplay? Yes. If it were mass effect 2, then there would be an issue.

      1. Zero. Amd in fact, these editions are not only imporved in terms of contemt, and new features, they also look better (refer to the ps3/wiiu screenshot comparisons). Hes just an idiot

    4. thekidnintendowiiman

      >Implies Wii U’s launch games consists of games seen on other consoles awhile ago
      >Implies Assassin’s Creed III is an old game
      >Assassin’s Creed III Isn’t out until October 2012

    5. You are going to be so bored and miss us so much when we leave you hear, and begin talking and playing with each other on our WiiU’s.

    6. I just now got to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. I am pumped for Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean everyone’s played it. As for Mass Effect 3, I don’t give a crap about that game.

  2. It’s the system destined to get the next iteration of Smash Bros and Zelda.
    Those two alone are reason enough to nab it, for me, but the addition of third-party AAA titles both at launch and in the future is just icing on the cake.

    1. Seeing as she’s someone who you love, or at least should love, she should come first. But, however, if she likes playing video games, then get here a Wii-U for her and yourself.

  3. Wii U can be a great console. We just need to see more 3rd party support, and I’m not seeing that aside from DS2 (somewhat late port), AC3, ME3 (late port), BAC:AE (late port), RL, and ZombiU. Hopefully there are still secrets.

    1. Forgot to mention A:CM, NG3:RE (late port), TTT2, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a few other quality 3rd party titles.

    2. In terms of “ports”, theres only really 3, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden and Batman. Everything else was in developed along side the wiiu dev kit, a couple just have later release dates, but, thats bound to happen

    1. definitely, i think the System price will come sooner than expected.
      GameStop is already promoting the Wii U by August 16th

            1. Yeah, but i havent seen them, so i dont care about them. And by Easter, Dead Space 3 wouldve only just been released. What you consider “next gen” wouldnt be close, although the games would look better on the WiiU (same thing happened with the 360)

                1. DE3?
                  You mean DS3?
                  Its not comingto WiiU, that weknowof,iwas just isingit as an examplethat by then,what posers consider next gen, wouldnt of arrived, and the games wouldbebetter looking onWiiU

                2. Unfortunately, that’s not happening. EA ain’t doing that, though I wonder why they gave the go for ME3 when that came much earlier.

          1. Yep that is why they went bankrupt :P but saved at the last minute by the guys who own comet etc

            /sarcasm :P\\Game are still ripping people off. They clearly never learnt.

  4. A little bit misrepresented-
    1) Ben LAMOREUX.
    2) The manager is saying that the adverts are scheduled to go up Aug 13.
    3) The manager can’t confirm that Wii U pre-orders will be taken, but thinks it’s “likely” – perhaps given previous Nintendo-related promotions?

  5. Sad to say I have no money to pre order but I hope Nintendo knows I’ve loved every system they’ve had and I’m extremely excited for Wii U I can’t wait to see all these good ol games on this system plus Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus and all the good ol Nintendo characters in 1080p it’s just gonna be so amazing I can’t wait for this system :D

  6. This is really good news, but I don’t have nearly enough money saved up, damnit. I’m really hoping to buy this before Christmas. Can’t wait to get a confirmation on price and what will come with the system. If not Nintendo Land, I hope they at least pack in a Wii Remote + and nunchuk. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. They definitely will. I think the one for America’s launch should be hosted by Reggie. I wouldn’t mind Iwata, though. He handled the Pre E3 ND very well.

  7. fuck obama fuck the lebrieals fuck the gays gays should die

    Don’t get ur hopes up Nintendo said wiiu price and colors will be told this autumn and release date but still in fucking excited

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