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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download To Be Released At Midnight

According to a recent Nintendo newsletter, consumers will be able to download New Super Mario Bros. 2 from the North American Nintendo eShop at midnight on August 19th. If you download the title by September 20th, and your Nintendo 3DS is linked to your Club Nintendo account, you’ll receive 100 coins. Both retail and downloadable versions of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released on August 17th in Europe, August 18th in Australia, and August 19th in North America.

71 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download To Be Released At Midnight”

  1. i pre-ordered from Newegg during a special sale for only $29.99. Pre-ordered 2 of them for multi-player. Can’t beat the deal, though I won’t get it on release date but the price was so worth it.

    1. This. I did the same preorder, soley because of the price. Had it not of been on sale, I would have just waited on this title. All thanks to this site for posting that article.

    2. I ordered mine at GameStop so I could get the pin lol but man I could of saved $10 ohh well.. I thought the game came out today cause GameStop already charged it on my credit card.. I was like wtf? And confused.. It’s the first time I pre order a game and get it shipped to my home usually just pick it up at the store to save for shipping it was a total of like $46 .. Can’t wait ;)

    3. I did the same thing, will we be getting like a hard copy of the game or is it 100% digital do you know? I kind of just want an actual cartridge.

  2. More like three days from then cause every body will be on the eshop, unless Nintendo knows this and has found a way to improve it.

  3. LOL how gay !! This game is a waste of time and money ..gaytendo always makes the same shit over again and you fanboy eat it up !! LOL ..this game is shovelware and its going to be a download coz its graphics suck and it has low content …ENJOY YOU’RE SHOVELWARE NINTENFAGS !!

      1. Too, this is very much a product of the Mario Cram School, so it won’t stray too far from tradition. Glad I’m not the only one to ask Ness that question, btw.

      2. How about ..Princess gets raped by bowser and Mario has to kill him and bowser murdered luigi so bowser has an army of toads that want to kill Mario and Mario needs to fuck daisy and some magical shit happens so the game goes back to normal and bowser dies….

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        1. LOL “go do something else with your life”. Take your own advice idiot, you’re the one who literally just goes on these forums to troll. If you don’t like Nintendo, why are you even on this page? And for that matter why do you even like
          MyNintendoNews? Smartass.

    1. If you look through history of mario… You’ll notice so many games that play differently… Both 2D and 3D… Of course some are the same… But only few… I’d say 3 in the new super mario series… The only thing that is really the same is the plot… What call of duty/FIFA logic were you going by?

  4. Can’t wait for one of you boys give me your cock and I’ll take it all the way!!! I love fat cocks in my man pussy, mmmmmm :)

    1. No , becoz Nintendo is gay and sucks monkey dicks And can’t afford to put online in their shovelware games coz their cheap ..

      1. Let us count the grammatical errors, shall we?

        1. No , (No,)
        2. becoz (because)
        3. And (and)
        4. coz (because)
        5. their (they’re)
        6. .. (…)

        26% of the grammar in your last comment is wrong. If you want people to take you seriously, at the very least communicate your views properly. Thank you.

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