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Ninja Gaiden 3 On Wii U To Be Ultimate Version For Hardcore Fans

Compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, developer Team Ninja insists that Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge for Wii U will be a much better title. The developer now claims that the Wii U version will be the definitive version for followers of the series, and will be the “hardcore fan package.” According to Team Ninja leader Yosuke Hayashi, hardcore aspects that were left out from the other versions will be included in the game for Wii U.

“We left out some of the things the series was well-known for. We did leave some of our fans out.”

“We had this opportunity to put those hardcore aspects back in [Wii U version]. It’s kind of the hardcore fan package of Ninja Gaiden 3.”

71 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden 3 On Wii U To Be Ultimate Version For Hardcore Fans”

  1. I really hope so. I want the game to be as hard and unfair as the old NES titles. That would really make me happy.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The old NES games were frustratingly, hairpullingly, throw your controller against the wall and smash it into pieces hard.

          1. There actually is a GameBoy in a museum somewhere that survived the Gulf War. There are pictures of it lol. You can still see Tetris on the screen.

          2. Nintendium, haha…I think you may have to claim a new spot on the periodic table, my friend…I also think this material may be closely related to adamantium…

    2. The NES Ninja Gaiden games were masterpieces of difficulty. Insanely difficult, but overall well-made enough for you to know that your deaths are YOUR fault, not the game’s.

  2. Hmmm… i will believe it when I see it. Plus they also need to improve the poor visuals that those who played the game complained about.

  3. What Ninja Gaiden 3 had missing:
    1. Moves list, and techniques that actually matter
    2. More than one weapon, eliminating variety.
    3. Ninpo (magic) attacks
    4. The famed difficulty and challenge.
    5. Dismemberment
    All of which defined Ninja Gaiden

    What Razors Edge has:
    All of the above, thanks to Nintendo pulblishing it and forcing it to be better.

    Who said Nintendo only do baby games? ;)

      1. Same. I loved NG Black, and 2, my brother had them on the 360, and then the ps3 got god awful ports that were just weird, like purple blood (whut) and the audio was just crap.
        But this sound like the 1 and 2 that i loved, will probably be a day 1 purchase, depending on whats out

    1. This was an excellent list and makes me extremely hopeful that Nintendo and Team Ninja succeed in this endeavor.

      Too, it would be nice to have the combination of the two not immediately be associated w/ Metroid: Other M (which I’m at least okay with, still recognizing that it didn’t succeed in certain areas like controls and Samus’ divisive depiction).

      1. Yeah. Nintendo and Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo have a good history, and Other M was a good experiment, but it serves better as a 2D side scrolling shooter, or a 1st person shooter, although wouldnt mind seeing a third person shooter Metroid. Similar in te way that Dead Space is, but more fluid and fast paced movement

  4. This idea of ‘hardcore’ gamers and fans is stupid. If the game is good, people will buy; doesn’t matter if it’s a bloody game or the most non-violent game ever.

    Nintendo and third-party companies need to focus on making good games, not who or what crowd it could please. By doing that, you’re just attending to one group of people and limiting your choice to sell more.

    1. In the case of Ninja Gaiden, though, what made the game hardcore wasn’t blood alone. It’s the punishing difficulty that an experienced player can manage to get through and achieve satisfaction from.

  5. I’m definitel looking forward to this game. It’s got lots of blood, fast paced action and ninpo. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. This sounds good but it would really be better if they included some ports of the 2 first games, same with AC series and so on…
    Just some ports I don’t care if it’s identical to the original releases…
    It’s like movies, I don’t want to see the final movie of a trilogy first when not having seen the first 2 movies…

    But anything that boosts Wii U sales is also fine of course :)

    1. The first 2 series has nothing to do with this one so don’t worry about it. You can play this without playing the first 2.

      I am a big Ninja Gaiden fan. I have all six games. The three on the ness and the three on the ps3…. three was ok but wanted more. So i will definitely get this one too.

      Get n or get OUT!!!!

  7. Just like Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford says that Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U is the DEFINITIVE VERSION of the game, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for the Wii U is the DEFINITIVE version in the NG series! I’m sure it’s gonna be even better than the original NG3.

    1. Fuck the original, Amir. That game has less blood and no decapitation. I prefer the definitive version instead of that half-assed game of Ninja Gaiden 3 on PS3/X360.

      1. Once again, was not fucking talking about Gaiden 3. I’m talking about the first games when the series was reintroduced, IDIOT.

  8. Gonna get this on Wii U. Looks light years better than the PS3/360 versions. I tried NG2 a little, but it was awesome. Hopefully this NG3 really lives up the the mastery of Itagaki’s NG. So sad for PS3 and 360 owners.

  9. From what i played that game was so freaking hard to even beat some of the enemies. I died over 12 times before i even manage to get to the midway point. So this is Hardcore at is best.

      1. Correct. The gamepad does do much, but it does display the movelist, which is very useful in a game like this, when you need to know how to pull of different combos and advanced techniques

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