Team Ninja Were Actually Shocked At Ninja Gaiden 3 Reaction

Dead or Alive director Yohei Shimbori has admitted that the development team were actually shocked at the amount of backlash there was for Ninja Gaiden 3 by both the fans and the critics. Shimbori says that they soon realised that they needed to pay closer attention to the fans, and what they wanted out of a Ninja Gaiden game. Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi says that the forthcoming Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge for Wii U will be the ultimate version of the game for the fans.

“Everybody at the studio was pretty shocked. It really made us take another look at the game and why that reaction was there. One of the things that I learned was the power of having a series behind you, and what it means to be part of a series. There are existing fans out there, and you have to think about the people who have supported the series for so long, and you want to make sure that the game that you make appeals to them first, and satisfies those fans first.”

67 thoughts on “Team Ninja Were Actually Shocked At Ninja Gaiden 3 Reaction”

  1. I have a feeling soon to be Wii U owners and Ninja Gaiden Fans like myself will be very satisfied with this ultimate version!

            1. You are the most pathetic person I have ever known “Zigfried”. Just go and play in yuor play pen!

              PS3 is terrible and Wii U shall be awesome. Stupid idiotic troll.

              1. The PS3 and the Wii are good. The Xbox however… Well, I don’t agree with having to pay for multiplayer when not one game uses Xbox servers.

                1. they all use microsofts servers. if they didnt, then you wouldnt be using matchmaking and games from 3 years ago wouldnt support online anymore. think before you spew nonsense. i do, however, agree that you shouldnt have to pay for onlein, but it’s only 5 bucks a month. it’s really not that big of a deal.

            2. Aaaand does this really mean anything to those who enjoy games?

              Not really – true gamers play and enjoy all types of games without caring about the power…for example, some of the best games I’ve enjoyed have been Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney on the DS…all whilst I’ve owned a PS3 or equivieant next gen console.

              If one is a gamer – a true blooded gamer and not a buzzword generated by the insecure and the idiot media…power and next gen doesn’t matter – it is the games, and personal enjoyment that one gains from playing them, that make you a gamer….and not the gear that you own.

              ‘Weakest’ ‘strongest’ – Merely an indicator of ability…so long as there is something one enjoys on the console you yourself might own, then it matters not a thing,

              Now – Grow up a little before you try to troll harder.

                  1. When ya don’t get any sleep owing to various things for two nights thanks to various people and reasons, stuff like that can trip ya over.

                    Thanks for that regardless, anyhow.

            3. What confuses me I that you say that it’s a current generation console, but it’s coming out next generation? I don’t know how you define generations, but it’s next gen.

  2. I dont how they were shocked. NG3 was like having 2 epic cakes, the best tasting cakes ever, then on the 3rd, you patiently wait an you end up getting sponge…not frosting, no jam, nothing, just the sponge. That what Ninja Gaiden 3 was, a sponge, for money.

          1. I hear they’re making NG3 dlc with Seto Kaiba from Yugioh using his Obelisk the Tormentor card cut enemies’ nuts off.

            In all seriousness, Dragon made a comment that yugioh sucked so I replied that I like Yugioh. I even used to play the game in real life.

            1. You’re named after a dude who can “rob” others of their “options” after you successfully “mug” them.

              Anyone who knows Yugioh, knows you.

  3. ya I played it at a demo event in Denver, and even on the wii u it just felt….dry and should have just bin played with the pro controller, the gamepad offered nothing, which sucked cus a lot of games offered grate uses of the controller like zombie u and rayman

    1. Zelda fans? They only ask for bigger and better, then get disappointed at announcement, then play the game and love it.
      I love the Zelda series but I hate the fans. They never really know exactly what they want, just bigger, new items, stuff that comes as granted with a new instalment.

      1. That’s a common misconception. What we want is quite simple. A big game that’s actually better than the previous ones, is colorful -and- has good graphics, stays true to what makes a Zelda game while introducing some new elements, and actually gives us some interesting and diverse dungeons. They’ve failed at all of this time and time again because they ignore what the fans want. Aonuma just keeps making worse versions of Ocarina of Time and trying stupid “art styles” as the only way to change things up. The fans get more and more disappointed over time as a result.

          1. So you think Zelda games should only be colorful with bad graphics (WW and SS), or have good graphics and dull color usage (TP)? The only reason I was “speaking for all Zelda fans” was because I figured there wouldn’t be anyone strange enough to actually desire something like that.

            1. Yeah sure, bad graphics…have you actually tried to say that in a Zelda forum? I’m sure the results would be very entertaining. Ironically, I’m re-playing Wind Waker now, and I can see the advantages of that art style…For a 10 year old game, the art style really holds up. Does that mean I’m against a realistic look in Zelda games? (ala the graphics demo). Of course not. But calling people strange just cause you can’t appreciate WW and SS is just plain wrong.

              1. I’ve said that in Zelda forums. There are some WW and SS fanboys who complain. What’s key though, which I’m glad you brought, is that even such people would -prefer- something with good graphics and good color usage (like the tech demo). I can appreciate how Wind Waker looked. But you can’t deny the texture detail and polygon count were quite below the gamecube standard, especially when you put it against TP. The same goes for SS and the Wii standard for major games. There really is no “art style”. That’s just a lazy, vague way of describing it. Wind Waker still looks ok today because it is so colorful and lively. It would hold up better yet if it also had the effort put into the textures and polygon count. The same can be said for TP and color usage. Don’t worry, I’m speaking for all Zelda fans. Most just can’t articulate these concepts like I can.

                1. No ‘art style’?? Seriously? The changes in art style between one title and another is a part of what keeps the franchise fresh. Sure, I really like the ‘realistic’ art style of TP and the graphics demo, but it would get boring if ALL the games were in that style.
                  As for art style having anything to do with laziness…ok, take SS for example. You think a game that spent 5 years in development has anything to do with laziness? I personally don’t play Zelda to look at detailed textures or count polygons, but in the art styles of some games (like WW), these were just not as important, and thankfully time and resources were used on other aspects of the game.
                  And again, I highly doubt that one person can speak for a large fanbase as a whole, let alone one as divided as the Zelda community…

                  1. TP and the tech demo aren’t realistic. And you’re simply saying it would get boring if everything always looked the same. The colors could still vary in brightness, and the character designs could still change, regardless of having good graphics.
                    You think it took them 5 years to design the visuals for SS? It took them 2 years to sit on their asses and decide to use wii motion plus the way that they did. Then it took them an additional three years to get it off the ground and design the actual game. In fact, trying to get it out before the end of the wii’s life cycle was probably a big reason for the lazy visuals.
                    Nobody plays a game for good graphics, but there’s more beauty in the experience if the graphics are good. And based on that phrasing, you don’t know what polygon count refers to.
                    WW has very tedious travel, it had several dungeons cut out, and the triforce quest was quite poorly set up. It was one of the most rushed Zelda games, and it shows in more ways than one. End of story.
                    The Zelda fan-base only seems divided because there are so many uninformed, misguided people like you who all spout the same crap about “art styles”.

                    1. No. Just no. The Zelda fanbase is divided because everyone has an opinion, and what you may see as wrong or what you don’t like does not automatically = bad game (or bad aspect in a game). Opinion =/= fact

                    2. And for the record, when I was referring to what you supposedly called ‘laziness’ and I specifically mentioned SS, I was referring to how easier it would have been for them to just ‘upgrade’ the TP visuals…we probably would have loved it too. But they didn’t, they went for something new and I applaud the fact that they tried to experiment with something different

          2. This has nothing to do with facts. I’m saying that if people would think a little further into this, they’d realize what they really want. Why do I think this? I have heard a LOT of people’s opinions on this stuff. And these are some pretty solid conclusions I can come up with based on that.
            Honestly, for the Wii U, would you like to have a game with an unnecessarily low level of texture detail and polygon count? (Since you don’t know, polygon count refers to how smooth something is. On the N64, you could basically see every polygon because there were so few and as a result they were bigger. Now, individual blades of grass are possible.) No, you want something like the tech demo. Don’t bullshit. Most people don’t realize though that they can still design everything in a very fantasy-based way. Good graphics =/= “realism”.
            They specifically said on numerous occasions that the reason they chose SS’ look, was that it would otherwise be difficult to program clear weak points for the sword strikes. So instead of going to the trouble to make a game with good graphics that works with the one to one sword control, they decided to just slap together something that looks like Pokemon Colosseum. And again, good graphics don’t entail every game looking the same. So it wouldn’t have had to look anything like TP.

  4. They were shocked at the reaction? Nah! Can’t be. That’s impossible maybe that’s why keiji is making a side game to ninja gaiden 3 in yaiba to forget part 3 existed

  5. I bought NG3 for the Xbox, and was talked into returning it before I opened it. As a huge Ninja Gaiden fan, that really hurt — but after seeing the reviews, I knew it was the right thing. I’m really exciting to try this game on the Wii U (as well as other awesome Nintendo games) and it’s encouraging to hear that Team Ninja took the feedback to heart.

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