We’ve known for quite some time that Nintendo is planning to team up with fast food chain Burger King to give those of you that purchase a kid’s meal a free Nintendo toy. Well, a forum member at Neogaf who works at the popular chain has snapped a photo of the promotion that appears to be New Super Mario Bros U orientated. There doesn’t seem to be a set date regarding when the promotion starts, but the forum member believes that the deal will go live sometime next month.

Thanks, Troll Hunter



  1. I’m glad they are teaming up with BK. I hope they alter the poster tho. This does not give me much info about the WiiU. Maybe something with the gamepad or the console on it.
    I can easily see people thinking this is just an advertisement for one of the old NSMB games.


  2. Even if I had the money to buy Wii U, I don’t eat at fast food places, so this would be an empty victory. I’d have to find them online or steal them from family memvers LOL.


  3. Can’t wait to see what they are. I still think they could be NFC compatible. Nintendo only said that launch games won’t use NFC at launch, they never said anything about the Wii U itself not using NFC.


  4. this will prove to be interesting in the U.K. as there was plans to get McDonald’s to get rid of the toys in there happy meals, there was no mention about burger king but if it hits one it will definitely hit the other….


  5. One was always partial to the odd burger – We should visit Burger King when the opportunity presents itself…regardless of whether or not these are available.

    One has developed a sudden hankering for a Bacon Whopper!


  6. Damn, I don’t even care what people say, I’m getting me some of these. I’ll slam a ten dollar bill on the counter and be all like “Give me a kids meal and make it fast. For the kids of course.” But I don’t have children…


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