Darksiders 2 Inspired By The Legend Of Zelda & Should Launch This Year For Wii U

Ben Cureton, Darksiders II’s combat designer, was asked about which games inspired him and his team. Cureton revealed that The Legend of Zelda series was an inspiration for the “puzzles and stuff” within Darksiders II. When asked about when the game will come out for Wii U, Cureton said Darksiders II should be a launch window title.

Some of the mechanics feel comparable to Devil May Cry or Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. What games inspired you?

“Well, we definitely played every combat game. It doesn’t matter if it’s considered the best game of all time or the worst game of all time. We play ‘em all. Obviously, we had the Zelda inspiration with the puzzles and stuff. But for combat, we are hugeDMC and Bayonetta fans.”

Is it still coming out as a launch window title?

“Right now, I would say yes, but I’m not anybody who has anything to do with that.”


  1. got this on the pc as a gift, and i have to say this game is pretty damn fun. its like devil may cry, diablo and zelda put together. i’ll probably buy it for the wii u if it has enough features.


    1. I downloaded it free. Least am not wasting my money on a very simple tech game :p

      Pushmo is a rip off ironically. Like most 3ds ware games


      1. You’re*

        And that is the best… I get the SAME game FREE :P I save money for something worthwhile (not game related)

        Do you actually want a game to be free to play or you want to pay for it? are you that dumb? Anyone with half a brain cell would go for the cheaper alternative… despite the game playing the same. Gamers especially those that play on mobile dont give two shits if its a copy or not… only developers care because they are ripping off their ideas.

        How is super mario bros 2? (NES game) realised that it was a complete rip off of Doki Doki Panic but with Mario characters instead as playable characters?


  2. Kind of ironic that the ex-darksiders developer bashed on Nintendo’s Wii U console yet their game is basically inspired by a Nintendo franchise.. lol!


  3. Wow, I never heard this game but once he mentioned “Legend of Zelda” and Bayonetta” I am sold! I might have to pick this game up.


    1. Its a great game, and its all based in its own universe, with its own take on the Apocalypse. Basically, darksiders 1 was about how the great war between demons and angels would eventually take place, and it guarded by seven seals, which if broken bring on the war. But theres supreme beings known as the council, who created the 4 horseman, to punish the wicked, no matter what side they be on. The first game is about War, the first horseman being betrayed and called down when he wasnt supposed to, and thus gets his powers taken away, and he seeks out whoever betrayed him. The 2nd game is about Death, avenging his brother and unravelling the mystery.
      So, yeah, you are the good guy, but more of the sense that you have no leigance with a side, just honour and to punish the wicked.


      1. Death is definitely the protagonist, but I wouldn’t say he’s a “good” guy. More like a neutral standing, given he’ll fight angel and demon. And War has honor. He served his time after being convicted. Death is more of the “taking action” type, such as he would say, “This is bull****! I’m gonna find out who framed my bro!”


  4. I’m definitely picking this game up at launch. The first two games I’m gonna buy for my Wii U are LoZ: Skyward sword and Darksiders 2. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. The first darksiders was great and the second one looks like its even better. Definitely one of the first games I’m picking up for the Wii U


  6. Darksiders is an American made filth.

    It isn’t worth buying at all.

    Hell Western gaming is boring, stale and lack the replay value.


  7. Hella looking forward to this. It’s a mix of The Legend of Zelda and Devil May Cry, two of my favorite franchises. So far I see mostly postive reviews of Darksiders 2. That’s a good sign. Can’t wait to be Death.


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