According to the latest trailer of the game, Rayman Legends will be a Wii U exclusive. Back in June, a Ubisoft employee claimed that Rayman Legends may not be Wii U-bound. Because of these two messages, Joystiq asked Ubisoft just to make sure and were told that “yes, Rayman Legends is a Wii U exclusive. It will be releasing in Holiday 2012.”



  1. The question is, for how long will it stay exclusive? I think they might release this for PS3/Vita combo. Does the Vita have gyroscope like the Wii U GamePad? If yes, then I think it can be ported at a later date.

    Ubisoft so far have 2 Wii U exclusives, right? I wonder if the other major developers will get on the same track and start releasing exclusive new generation content (like exclusive to the Wii U until PS4/NextBox comes out.


    • i honestly dont see the ps3/vita version happening. there aren’t nearly enough vitas sold to justify it. i mean sure the wii u isnt out yet, but it IS nintendo, it’ll sell like hotcakes.


        • uh yes i do, its nintendo, and its launching with a mario game, right before black friday, and has the word “wii” in it’s name. it’s going to sell very well.


          • It’s “nintendo”. Yeah, just like how their GB Micro and 3DS pre-price drop sold well.

            Sorry, it’s “Nintendo” isn’t guaraneted to work. End of discussion.


            • guaranteed*

              Btw, the Wii doesn’t sell so hot anymore, the fad died. It gets outsold on a monthly basis by the other consoles now. So again, invalid argument.


              • It does,past me! In my new Nintendo loving state,I ordered millions of them to decorate my house with. And I play it all the time-including this homebrew game I made called “Past Aelous Busters” where you have to stop my past self from trolling everywhere on the internet by using a proton pack.


            • um, actually the 3ds sold pretty well when it launched, and then declined due to a lack of games. the micro was hardly even advertised, and was resleased at the same time as the superior ds, so ofcourse it wouldnt sell well. where as the wii u has a ton of great games at launch, is being released right before black friday, and has the name “wii” in the title, which is, if you dont know, the highest selling console of all time. so yeah, it’ll do just fine.


    • Maybe as long as how Muramasa, LKS, ArcRise Fantasia, etc remained exclusive to the Wii when an “insider source” claimed it was coming to the HD twins. Whatever happened to that after 2 years of confirmation? It sad to see ppl miss buying those games because of said rumor. The fact speaks by itself it is EXCLUSIVE until stated otherwise. Just like MH4 is 3DS EXCLUSIVE until Capcom says otherwise (I don’t know why they would even waste resource to port it to a dead or dying system the PSV).


        • Yeah but that game was just a basic game, this is built with the need to use a touch pad. And seeing as barely anyone actually uses the vita, let alone for cross play, i doubt we’d see it on other consoles, unless that idea took off


            • I’m not…the Vita chance had passed long ago. It will not only compete with the 3DS (and the new 3DS XL), but also the upcoming Wii U for gamer’s dollars. Add to
              the fact that tablet gaming is catching on; things don’t
              look good for Sony’s handheld.


    • All except Origins have been exclusive to something I think. 1, 2 and 3 to Sony (though ported later.) and the Rabbids series either to Microsoft or Nintendo.


  2. We’ve never seen a third party game use the PS3/Vita connection. We’ve only seen one first party game use it, and that’s only just coming out 9 months after the Vita’s release.

    There’s nothing to suggest that a mass of third party games are going to suddenly start using it. So the argument that this might is a little weak.


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