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Mario Kart Voted Best Multiplayer Series Of All Time

Digital Spy, British entertainment and media news website, readers were asked to vote for their favorite local multiplayer game or franchise of all time. Nintendo’s Mario Kart series came out on top with over 40% of the votes. Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS was voted the best game of 2011 by the website’s followers.

Goldeneye 64 and the Super Smash Bros. franchise follow with about %10 of the votes for each. To those who don’t know – the first Mario Kart, Super Mario Kart, was launched in 1992 for the SNES and the original Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 was released in 1999. Which local multiplayer game or franchise do you enjoy most?

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93 thoughts on “Mario Kart Voted Best Multiplayer Series Of All Time”

    1. Its rigged anyways cod #1 best game of century according to WORLD RECORDS and destroy gaytendo shit and im more cool with that btw die shitendo die

      1. ×1 yeah mario kart 7 was the worst garbage of the series for many reasones. one it copyed diddy kong racing in a suckass way. two it had worst glitches than the rest like mahi speed track.three it took out bikes making racing more joring and the levels were shirter and had repetitive levels. four the levels that were reapeted from wii version sucked even more the only good level was the rainbow speedway

        1. Learn to type. And mario kart has been around longer than diddy kong racing, and they’re both made by the same company, why would they copy it? Mario Kart 7 is my favorite mario kart game ever.

      2. First of all, learn to speak correctly, second, cod is NOT the best game of the century, whatever world records your looking at, must have been written by ps3/xbox360 fanboys

  1. Personally I enjoy Super Smash Bros. the most, but that’s only because it has more action in it than Mario Kart. Plus the controls are much smoother because it came out on better platforms. No offense, but if you play something like the Wii or the 3DS and then go back and play a GBA game or a SNES game, the graphics are terrible in comparison and the controls are quite laggy and sometimes unresponsive all together. I love EVERYTHING Nintendo though, so I like both games equally, but I have to say Super Smash Bros. topped my favorite local multiplayer game because its just a blast to play with others, the ideas of the game are similar, just like the ideas in Mario Kart stay similar, only characters and stages change, but hands down Super Smash Bros. was the only game that I could stay up all night in a verses match with my brother and never get bored.

    1. I have it too and I find it to be incredibly boring and ugly, but I love mariokart DS and mariokart 7 and super circuit!

    2. I really liked Mario Kart 64, although it could’ve been better. It wasn’t the bast. My first Nintendo 64 game was Super Mario 64 in 1996, by the way.

    1. I think Mario Kart 7 is great, and I’ve played every title since Mario Kart 64. People don’t like it because it’s new. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker wasn’t very popular with the fans when it first came out, but now it is. Same with Skyward Sword, although it isn’t as popular as The Wind Waker yet.

      1. thats not true man, i doubted wind waker when i saw it the first time, but as soon as i played it i said to myself forget it this is awesome. Skyward sword had me doubting again the first time i saw it, and it was a complete joy from the moment i started playing. Mario kart 7 i was so excited for, i preordered, came out, and then i stopped playing the game by the moment i got to the mirror cups, i dont know for me, i kinda lacks punch, i enjoyed mario kart wii much more than 7, and even double dash and mk64 were so much more entertaining than this one. This is just my opinion though.

        Leave luck to heaven

    I was thinking about this yesterday. I really want a Wii U sequel to Mario Kart Double Dash. I think it would be so could if Co-op was expanded by having one person drive the kart with the wii mote or pro controller and then the person with the gamepad is on the back aiming at other karts with the gyroscope or touch screen and taking people out strategically (even maybe from a first person view.) This would make team work a huge deal and I think that would be the one game that would define racing on wii. and thats just one idea.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’d just like to see the team up thing come back. It’s one of the reasons Double Dash remains my favorite Mario Kart game.

    2. That’s an absolutely brilliant idea! I hope nintendo is reading what you typed because on multiplayer that would be so awesome!

  3. SSB is my favorite. There’s a (slim) chance I’ll have some of my finest brawls up on Youtube soon…ish. Top 6 Replays for each of my best characters: Fox, Ness, Sheik and Link. All with some kind of handicap (fighting single level 9= 90% handicap).
    More to the point, I gotta say Mario Kart is the better party game. Hoping the next one has less throwback courses (half the courses in MKWii are old ones? Really?).

        1. Yeah ones kart racing, and one is shooting. But their multiplayers are very good so id expect halo to be on the list, somewhwere near the top.

  4. Those are some of the best games out there. Though I gotta give it to SSB because it was my first game, excluding the NES and it’s games my dad have me. I’ve spent countless hours on that game with my sister and cousins. When we were little our older cousin had us thinking that the rising % was good lol

    1. Not me. I play on all the systems and all types of games, yet I’m happy to see Nintendo on the top. After all, I’m a Nintendo fan first.

  5. For best multiplayer, I’d go with Smash Bros, as the best. Mario Party would be 2nd. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it.

  6. Ok mariokart has really awesome multiplayer but there are much better canidates, what about halo, or even smash bros those are obviously better choices in my opinion, don’t get me wrong I really like mariokart, but the multiplayer isn’t as awesome as the other two I mentioned above.

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            1. I agreed with MK7. it has close to none skills involve compare to the others in the series, I wish the items are completely random instead of the 1st always gets a green shell or bananas and last place gets items like stars and bullet bills..

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    1. It’s ok and I’ve had some good time with friends, but I prefer Mario kart. Sometimes in CoD there are times when people annoy you or make you mad. I have fun playing Mario kart a lot, even when I’m not doing that good.

  7. I like smash bros a lot, but I think Mario kart is slightly funner in terms of multiplayer. It could be since I am playing it more though, I’m having fun local and online with my friends when racing.

  8. Mario Kart……I love every single one of them. The fact that you were more likely to gain powerful items the further behind the pack you were, was a grand way of balancing out an otherwise completely random item acquisition system.
    I gotta give more love to Smash Bros, though.
    It FINALLY let be beat the ever-loving shit out of Jigglypuff.XD

  9. Thank god CoD did not win this!

    I think it is good that Mario Kart won, it along with Brawl are what my friends play the most when we get together :)

    We also play 007: Nightfire a lot, I think it is the best James Bond game apart from Goldeneye. If you ever get that game, play King of the Hill with State-of-the-Art weapons on Phoenix base. It is amazingly fun, seriously go on Amazon and buy it NOW.

  10. Mario Kart is my favourite racing game, but I got to go with the Super Smash Bros. series on this one. I have 3 controllers for my GameCube. Playing Melee with 2 other people is ridiculous fun. Never gets boring. It ain’t even that serious, just keep picking random characters and have a blast. Put items at max and spam poke balls = chaos on the battlefield. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. Goldeneye is my favorite, without question. To this day, I’ve never been able to replicate with any other game the type of fun I had with that one.

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