Next Super Smash Bros. Called ‘Super Smash Bros. Memories’?

According to an anonymous source who wrote to ZI, Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS will be called ‘Super Smash Bros. Memories.’ Nintendo confirmed that both Super Smash Bros. games – for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS - will not be identical, and the source claims that he or she knows the main difference between the two.

According to the rumor, Wii U’s Super Smash Bros. will focus on modern characters while ‘Super Smash Bros. Memories’ will star retro characters including Donkey Kong Jr., Ridley, Pac-Man, Takamaru, Mach Rider, Dig-Dug, and Stanley the Bug Man. The source also claims that Nintendo 3DS’s Super Smash Bros. title will be released holiday 2013.

174 thoughts on “Next Super Smash Bros. Called ‘Super Smash Bros. Memories’?”

    1. Why not? As far as you know it’s an interesting concept. You can have a character roster, levels, and other features that is only unlocked on the 3DS version of the game. Then can later be transferred to your Wii U save data and used there. This would coincide with Sakurai’s reference that they weren’t just striving to create a bigger roster and add more levels, but they were thinking of it as both games collaborating together.

      Although I’m also smelling the bullshit on this one, it’s still plausible that maybe it’ll be the N64 Smash Brothers, with a better combat system, and a few more levels/characters. Which can only be unlocked on the Wii U version, by playing the 3DS version. Really, anything is possible at this point, I’m sure Sakurai and his team have mentioned all kinds of things at their drawing board.

      1. For this point of developing, its a lot of info, there’s no screenshots or something, not even a logo, this is only a huge rumor. Maybe this rumor was created for all the leaked stuff from PS All Stars. But personally I want Board the Platforms again on the new game, and some kind of RPG stuff like Subspace Emissary with the stickers but now on the multiplayer with ranked online matches based on that customized character.

        1. Oh god, a full roster of retro characters would be amazing. This sounds like a great idea, i love it. I think they should put Little Mac in the 3DS version. There might have been a new punch-out, but Little Mac is still mainly a retro character.

    2. Exactly. Since when have Zelda Informer’s “anonymous sources” ever been correct? It sounds like a load of Istanbul to me

  1. Some of those characters seem unlikely and I doubt it would be out next year, my guess is 2014 at the earliest.

          1. “Read em and weep old man, i just found my first fossil. So what pokemon is it?”

            “hmm, well by the looks of its…fossilised dung”

            I dont know why i remember that bit from the cartoon

  2. If this is true. characters I would love to see are laughing dog, excitebiker, balloon fighter, Wart, king hippo and lil mac. Also I would love to see 3D models rather than 8-bit. Hope it’ll be awesome.

    1. Sadly I don’t share in your lack of enthusiasm. I really wouldn’t even mind if it was using the combat engine, roster, and graphics as Melee. Hell I wouldn’t even care if it was just a spiced up version of the n64 but with a better combat system and a few new stages.

  3. It’s an interesting rumor. Keyword: RUMOR. I”ll take it with a grain of salt, but it is nonetheless intriguing. PS: Alba, Where did you get that photo of Samus?

    1. Ridley is plausable. I mean look at the original and other depicted sizes of Bowser. Hes huge, but they scaled him to fit and work. I mean Olimar should be the size if an ant

  4. “the source claims that he or she knows the main difference between the two.”
    and…how would they know? development has barely started.

  5. I would not purchase the 3DS version if all of the fighters looked, moved, and fought like Mr. Game&Watch.
    He’s the only Retro character we actually need, and he annoys me quite enough.

  6. Omg!! Sprite characters for the 3DS version!!! That’s a great way to make the two games different. If they do this I will love them forever!!!!

  7. this is actually an actually amazing concept however i think this rumor is fake because theyve barely started working on smash bros and it says its coming out in 2013… sakurai stated that “smash bros is years away” itll probably be in 2014-2015!

    1. The 3DS one would take alot wuicker to make than the WiiU version, especially if its using sprites (which is awesome i might add).
      Plus theyre beyond the conpect brainstorming stage seeing as Namco already made a working engine with fighters (according to Sakuri, he said what theyve made now is great, for now, so basically an alpha)

      1. i agree the 3ds version will be quicker but it wont be released in 2013.. at least probably maybe late 2013 early 2014..

    2. No they told us they just started working on Smash Bros. They’ve probably been working on it since 2011. So I’m saying Next November 2013

      1. Lol no they haven’t kid icarus was Sakurai’s last project, he didn’t start smash bros. 4 until after it was out. It was probably started in March of this year. They partnered with Namco, so I’m sure 1.5-2years is a more realistic window.

        1. Iwata said at E3 2011 that he asked Sakuri to make SSB for 3DS and WiiU. Kid Icarus probably finished development a good while before it release date, it has to go through all the legal stuff, the ersb rating, get translated, and then finally produced and shipped. I think Darksiders 2 or something finally got the green light to start shipping last week, but we arent seeing that till winter.

          1. Derp, not shipping. It was basically finished. Just has to be rated and produced, might not even be that game. I think it was Halo 4 actually. I duno, doesnt matter

              1. That doesnt mean he started when he told everyone.
                And he was taking notes from the Dojo site, most likely to plan revealling info in the same way. Its not half way through being made, but its past brainstorming. And this is the 3DS version still

              2. not necessarily, this team was made only just earlier this year, but as far as we all know it was after starting work, that they realized a partnership with a secondary studio was required in order to finish in a reasonable time span. All smash brother projects have come out in reasonable time spans after their consoles launch, with the exception of the original N64 Smash, which is understandable, since it was a new concept. And in fact, Melee came out on the GC launch window, while brawl took less than 1.5 years to finish and bring to the Wii after its launch.

                I am certain that Sakurai is shooting for something like this, to launch the new smash brothers at least a year and few months after Wii U launch, and he realized this would be impossible to achieve by his team alone. But this also means even if the team-up with Namco was made only earlier this year, work on the new Smash projects did indeed begin even before the partnership was made.

                My bet is on that next E3, we will see the new Smash Brothers in action, and might even get a glimpse of the release date, e.g Holiday 2013, or latest Q1 2014.

                1. I would say that is reasonable, Namco is already familiar with the console and I do think late 2013 could happen, but I still believe early 2014 is more likey. I can’t wait either way!

    1. I’m certain that it’s one of the many official artworks out there that’s not with the other common ones, I guess. o.o

  8. Give me Roy and mewtwo back ;_; damn it! They need to put melee on the U’s eshop. This concept sounds cool and I’m definitly buying both versions, so I pray that I can transfer stats/characters between both games. I could die happy if its as good as melee and allowed data swaping. Im 90% sure I’ll die happy, but I dont believe 2013 for a second, even with Namco working on it, it seems like too much to do in a year.

        1. We’ll have old characters, but only the ones that are neccessary. I suspect we wont see Falco, Lucas, Lucario, Pokemon Trainer, maybe even Ganondorf return, because theyre all clone characters, and returning any old clones would be pointless (mewtwo and lucario are the same, just in a different skin).

        1. This. Look how many characters are in Tekken Tag Tournament 2!! We can have both! I’m sure Sakurai is weighing options, but I dont think anyone will be X’d and will probably appear in dlc.

  9. It’s almost definitely false, Sakurai has stated that he thinks the roster is as big as it can get and won’t contain any (or very few) new characters.

  10. Wait donkey kong jr is modern donkey kong cranky kong is donkey kong from the arcade game and the other arcade ones too plus don’t get rid of the ice climbers i love to play as them also LOVE OF GOD GIVE US A ICE CLIMBER GAME SOON ITS BEEN LIKE 25 OR SO YEARS!!! u brought back donkey kong country, punch out and kid icarus bring them back next

      1. No if read u read the nintendo magazine it says donkey kong with the nck tie is donkey kong jr and crankey kong is name donkey kong plus hes donkey kong jr’s father

  11. I realized it was BS the moment “Pac-Man” was muttered off.
    I don’t want to seem like I’m bitching or anything, but this doesn’t qualify as news as much as it does baseless rumors. With that said, some of the articles as of late have been slipping or misleading. I suggest you guys pick up your game a bit.

    No pun intended.

  12. ZeldaInformer is a garbage news site, who always put up “opinion” pieces aimed at causing a massive rift for the sake of views. This stinks of something similar, for if the 3DS version only focuses on older characters who most people would struggle to remember sales will suffer badly.

    1. Didn’t they say the rare rumour too If i wanted to tell everyone something about SSB i wouldn’t tell zelda informer I would tell neogaf or ign also who is Stanley the Bug Man

    1. Yes but you have to do 1000 hours gameplay (with jigglypuff) then use 1 millon poke balls then quickly put in the konami code but it will only work between 2-4 in the morning. That’s how you get master chief and drake

  13. I won’t believe it until I see it on the Dojo, but if this were true it would be so exciting. Sakurai did indeed say there wouldn’t be that many more characters, but are we sure he didn’t mean in total?

    For example, SSBU could have 40 playable characters in total, only three more than Brawl. Only half to two-thirds, though, are returning from Brawl, the rest having migrated to the retro-themed 3DS game, making room for lots of new characters on both games… Of course Mario, Link, and Pikachu would be on both, but who’s to say who would move. Ice Climbers and Marth on 3DS, Dillon and Sakura Samurai on Wii U?

    1. so ur saying…
      Wii U ver: sslink, and new looks of mario and pikachu
      3DS ver: one of the older links, old looks of mario and pikachu

  14. That sounds terrible, Donkey Kong Jr., Pac Man, Dig Dug, Takumaru, Mach Rider and Stanely The Bug man aren’t iconic Nintendo characters, why would I want to play as them? The appeal of a Nintendo All Stars Beat ‘Em Up is gone.

    1. Considering Naxo no Muresame jo is related to Legend of Zelda and there’s minigame based on it in Nintendo Land, Takamaru is an ionic character. He aldo was a guest character in Samurai Warriors 3 for the Wii, a supporying character in Captain Rainbow, and appeared in a microgame in the Japanese Wario Ware D.I.Y. He would be a great idea of a revived retro character like Pit and how Ridley and K. Rool is to America, Japan needs their fair share of region requested characters (Marth, Lucas, ect.).

  15. Yeah, this sounds kinda stupid… just my opinion. If they can’t give it a name then just name it Super Smash Bros. 4. I mean, it does sound much better than this. Also, I’m not sure about all of those characters… they just don’t… I don’t know, make sense to me.

    1. That should be the name for… dare I say… a FINAL Super Smash Bros. Cause if Super Smash Bros Universe was the name, then the Super Smash Bros. sequels wouldn’t have cooler names.

  16. I hope the whole inter-connectivity between the 2 games they were talking about means that we can have all the characters on 1 game. So we can transfer the retro characters onto the Wii U version and vice versa to complete our rosters.
    That is of course assuming this is true, which it probably isn’t…

  17. Idk for some reason it sounds interesting just imagine the roster for the game and it makes sense since u just don’t want to buy the same game for Wii u and 3ds cause dat would be Sony with the all star battle royale I actually hope its true and both game are different cause if not I’m going with the Wii u version of ssb…. Plus like dat u could connect the 3dsbto the Wii u and have all the characters and to me dats AWESOME

  18. I think this is a false rumour even though the retro characters would be great for long time Nintendo fans the list doesn’t seem plausible like Stanley, he only appeared in one game and that was Donkey Kong 3 and I bet many people wouldn’t have a clue what that game is especially if they are younger or if they are casual gamers, also I’ve heard that game wasn’t really anything great anyway. Dig-Dug and Mach Rider, I’ve heard those names before but I don’t know who they are. Takamaru, me and those of other people haven’t heard of him until recently with Nintendo Land so I think he isn’t popular enough to get in. Now Donkey Kong Jr. he is the Donkey Kong we have now so it seems stupid putting him in the game. Pac-Man, well Pac-Man is a popular character in gaming and as Namco are helping making the game he could maybe appear as a guest character like Sonic and Snake did in Brawl. Finally Ridley, one of the most requested character’s for the series, if Ridley was shrunk down in size then I see no reason why he couldn’t be in because look at Olimar and the Pikmin they increased his size for Brawl and also look at the Queen Bee in Mario Kart 7 in Mario Galaxy she’s huge but in Kart 7 she was shrunk down so yeah, no reason for why Ridley can’t be in the game and also the Metroid series need’s another character as we only have Samus and Ridley is the second most popular character in the franchise. So overall I think only two of the characters could have a chance of getting in and that’s why this rumour is proabley false.

    1. Ive wanted to play as Ridley since Melee. Ges probably the most requested character, sure Sakuri would put him in, Samus is all alone in Smash Bros :( she doesnt even gave any items/assist trophies (only screw attack)

    2. Takamaru made appearances in Samurai Warriors 3, Wario Ware D.I.Y., Captain Rainbow, and his theme and sticker appeared in Brawl. Plus, he is very popular/infamous in Japan because of how his game is the most difficult of all Nintendo games. This proves the he is not just obscure

  19. im glad theyre not the same. i was gonna get both anyways, but at least now theres a significant difference…

  20. Ah, does anyone know or remember NyaSenya, Serebii, ChaosZero, and other Brawl insiders? When Nyasenya predicted the exact date Sonic was going to be announced along with a trailer, when one of Olimar’s moves had a chain extension, when Wind Waker Link was going to be in as Toon Link, when there were only going to be 35 roster characters, and when there were going to be two delays all at the same time? I hated how people doubted her predictions and say they were lucky, when it actually wasn’t, because she announced all of them at around the same time. We may actually find more insiders for this game, too, so let’s be prepared. :x

  21. Calling BS since a 2013 release date is rather insane when you think about how long it took Melee and Brawl.

    That and I’m pretty sure Sakurai himself said he wasn’t gonna make Ridley playable.

    1. Melee actually took 13 months straight to be developed after the original without a break whilst Brawl took almost 3 years.

      1. And Brawl took a good couple years.

        They’ve barely started development as it is. A 2013 release is still insane to think about. The devs aren’t souless robots here.

  22. Mr Dig Dug could be funny if they used his insane redesign from the Japan-only Namco x Capcom game

    Although, I’d rather keep guest characters to an absolute minimum. Nintendo has enough shelved franchises as it is and Smash Bros is the only chance they’d probably get to reappear. Little Mac, Custom Robo, and Isaac really should’ve been made playable in Brawl.

  23. I am IN LOVE with this idea.. I mean not only do you get a FANTASTIC roster for the Wii U, but in the 3DS handheld version of the game you get an ALL NEW FREAKING ROSTER!!! This makes characters we never thought possible to join the frey! Like the article says “Donkey Kong Jr., Ridley, Pac-Man, Takamaru, Mach Rider, Dig-Dug, and Stanley the Bug Man” <–these characters would not ever really appear in Super Smash, because they are too minor compared to more popular characters(like Waluigi, Crystal and King K. Rool). Though I would rather Ridley in the Wii U version and not the 3DS one…. Gosh! I hope this rumor is truee!!!

  24. Pretty much everything about that post was unlikely. And the fact that it was an anonymous source makes it even less likely.

  25. First, 2013? Keep dreaming. Second, Sakurai has said that the two games will work together very closely, with the 3DS version being more “personalised” and the WiiU version more traditional.
    Third, SSB Memories? Rubbish title. Not to mention the confusion between SSB Melee when they’re both shortened. :P

    1. I think it sounds promising. Game company’s “leak” information all the time to keep gamers “interested” they might be throwing us a bone or somthing to keep us occupied and guessing. Also, making games doesnt take as long as it did a while back. They could totally dish out two SSB games by next year!

  26. the 3ds version actually sounds pretty awesome. just the fact that you can play as dig-dug is amazing lol

    1. I think the name is good, because its surprising! I would hate if they picked a name that has already been guessed on like “Smash Bros. Rumble” or “Smash Bros. Take Down” <–these are awful examples but you get the point :P

  27. Somthing just dawned on me, if this is true than what they might do is put the Pokemon Trainer with the origional “squirtle”, “Ivysaur”, and “Charzard” in the 3DS version(because they are from Red and Blue version) and then they will put a Pokemon Trainer from Black and White in the Wii U version!!! That way no one gets replaced! I think it sounds promising.

  28. I’m assuming that this is fake, but if it isn’t my reaction is: meh
    I’m against having exclusives characters on both systems, as it would basically make both versions of the game incomplete.
    Unless something comes directly from Sakurai himself, I don’t trust any ”news” regarding Smash Bros

  29. The Donkey Kong from the arcade games is Cranky Kong. By implication, that means Donkey Kong Jr. is the current Donkey Kong.

    Sakurai has stated that he doesn’t want to add too many new characters due to balancing issues.

    Production just started a couple weeks ago..

    Sakurai mentioned during the production of Brawl that there were not a lot of new Nintendo characters for him to work with.

    In other words, this post is bullcrap.

  30. Wow. I really hope those rumors are false. That concept sounds really dumb.

    I mean, DK Jr and Ridley? Boring. Who needs those characters anyway? I’ve barely even heard of the others, outside of Pac-man.


    :D *FAKED* Pacman is confirmed though and little mac and mewtwo,roy,dixie kong and pichu since they were going to come along.And Y this game 4 3ds?!Aaaand did anyone notice that the graphics for the Wii U will make crossplay impossible or it’s totally synced into the Wii U(so basically it’s a controller when crossplaying) if you know what I mean.

  32. What if you only own a 3DS and not a Wii U ?

    Will you be stuck with shit old characters and no modern ones?

    That would fucking suck ass

  33. my new characters list

    1.princess daisy (mario)

    2.Shadow the hedgehog (sonic)

    3.Tails (sonic)

    4.knuckles (sonic


    6.krystal (star fox)

    7.waluigi (mario)

    8.Dixie kong (donkey kong)

    9.King K. Rool (donkey kong

    10.Zoroark (pokemon)

    11.Knuckle Joe (kirby)


    13.gray fox (snake)

    14.Coud Strife

    The reason I say princess daisy over rosalina is because daisy was here before her & when daisy had her first appearance in mario party 3 for the first time she knocked out bowser showing that she could be a very powerful character

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