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GameStop Taking Wii U Pre-Orders August 28th?

A GameStop management meeting is apparently scheduled on the 28th of August. Nintendo’s upcoming console is rumored to be the focus of the meeting. Shortly after the meeting, according to a GameStop employee, the retailer will begin offering Wii U pre-orders.

62 thoughts on “GameStop Taking Wii U Pre-Orders August 28th?”

    1. Ditto. Amazon is ray of light to get a wii u. I’m not gonna preorder at gamestop cuz I know amazon is more trusting . plus ill get it day one since I have special membership hopefully I know about amazon preorders before they’re known n out of stock

    1. how come? I preordered the 3DS XL a few days ago, put down 50 bucks for it..was my first time preordering anything from gamestop, how come they are not trustworthy?

      1. some gamesstops have evil bosses that try to steal people preorders, i know someone that there boss took 4 wiis when it came out and gave it away to there friends , those wiis are the preorder ones, consumer got piss that day.

        1. I have the receipt showing I gave 50 bucks so if they try screwing me over I will just get my money back

          1. receipt or not they can still screw you over, it happen to a friend of mine. like it said that you preorder this but they can say you “REALLY” preorder this thing instead.

                1. I totally agree game stop is complete shit. The only gaming store I go to is ether best buy or eb games. Eb games is frickin awesome!
                  Nothing but awesome from eb games

                  1. EB games is owned by gamestop.. lol I thought that gamestop closed all the eb locations or changed them to game stops. Your all a bunch of idiots.

              1. hi there eddie what they saying is game stop are giveing away preorder wii basacly if you preorder a wii they will just hand out preorder wii even if non preorder wii units

        2. it’s true. because of a fuckboy store manager at gamestop not reserving my MoM edition of KH3D, I may not be able to get him. But on monday im going back there and telling him to find me a copy or else i’ll get him fired for lying.

        3. I worked for Gamestop during wii launch in 2006. You are full of crap about a manager taking 4 for his friends! Nintendo was angry with gamestop because of a leak in price point for the wii, therefore gamestop only received minimal pre order availability of wii’s at launch. I wanted a wii and ps3 (being that they launched same holiday season) but as an employee I was only allowed to choose one console. Trust me.. gamestop is all about customers first. Management cannot take 4 pre ordered wii’s and decide to sell to their friends. Don’t worry reserving is safe at gamestop.

        1. did not know that fact thank you for the information i never thought managers get first dibs on items even on preordered ones i thought preorder means we get first dibs on items

    2. yeah, that and it’s actually cheaper (at least for me) to order from amazon, since the shipping charges are actually less than the sales tax i’d pay if i bought it at gamestop, that and by ordering from amazon, i don’t have to go into a gamestop, which is always a nightmare

    3. EB games never gave me hell at all for pre-orders. But over here they never took preorders for consoles/handhelds in the first place. First come first serve basis.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      i know time ,is at a fixed speed XD .

      the 3ds has a flux capacitor in it though. thats what makes it 3d. so ……………….

  1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

    come on Nintendo stop tickleing our ass holes with your new console. seriously every fuking day i am looking At some wiiu gameplay on youtube :/ and just thinking about playing wii games on the gamepad whilst i am at my comp. stop revoloutionising my brain and revoloutionize my Entertainment set up .

    Also if you are American make sure you get a 3ds XL tomorow , they are the best thing ever.

  2. ive been waiting a year for the wii u and they’re just now MAYBE giving out preorders! :( At least its a step up from not even knowing the release date. T_T

  3. bout time, i was getting scared there’d not be enough news for the day.


      1. wii u is eather $300 for basic no games or $350 with nintendo land and 32 gb flash storage with 260 mb/s read 180 mb/s write speed

  4. This isn’t just a WiiU meeting, it’s our yearly conference where we see a lot of trailers and other things. And the conference is from the 26-30, so there’s no real telling when pre orders will start. It’s all just speculation.

  5. I’m going to preorder my Wii U. I purchase the new Mario game and left the 3ds XL there just because I want a different color. Everyone knows.there will be better colors later on and a cheaper price.

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  7. my wii u preorder was on day on at best buy target walmart and frys eltronics have only basic not delux version soo not preordered soo check out those websites

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