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Nintendo Says There Will Be One New Super Mario Bros Game Per Platform

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Nintendo plans to bring one New Super Mario Bros game out per platform. Iwata said it’s both unusual, and a challenge, that the Kyoto based firm has had to develop two different New Super Mario Bros games in a short space of time. New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS is out tomorrow in the United States, while New Super Mario Bros U for Wii U is expected later this year.

“We only create a New Super Mario Bros. title one per platform,” Iwata said, while acknowledging that is unusual and a “challenge” for the company to be making two for the same calendar year, one for 3DS and one for Wii U. “I think we’ll probably go ahead and continue at that pace. That being said, that’s probably [Mario creator Shigeru] Miyamoto’s choice, so I can’t give you a 100% guarantee that that’s the pace we’ll continue at.”

200 thoughts on “Nintendo Says There Will Be One New Super Mario Bros Game Per Platform”


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    2. Hello Shiteru Gayamotto !! Plzz cancell the wii u !! It will be a disaster and it’s a current gen system with a gimmicky controller !! Were you high when you designed the system ? If you were ..tell me what that shit is !! It must be strong !! And are you dating Iwata ?

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    3. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      i am all for a new newSMB every console . well done nintendo.
      if you have A 3DS but this game . 9/10 . it will put a big smile on your face , and think wow , this series still feels fresh and attractive to play. the graphics are really nice on the 3ds screen . and this game is going to butt phuck the vita out of existence.
      bring on NSMB-4d. apparently you can smell peaches pussy right off the 4ds’s screen .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          not finished it yet , but so far no yoshi . there is a lot of cool new stuff tho. the reviews i hav read for nsmb2 are largely bolloks apart frkm UK ONM an famitsu. this game is AWESOME and is the BEST NSMB yet. by far. the gameplay just feels amazing. nuff said.

      1. “you can smell peaches pussy right off the 4ds’s screen .”

        wow i want a 3ds xl right now= bigger screen for peach’s pussy to lick

  1. Makes sense, Mario is the most popular videogame character of all time. Having his face on the cover of a game automatically sells millions. So by having a Mario title at the begining of every new console it will help the initial sales of that console. It is a good strategy!

    1. yeah Mario 2D sell million MILLIONS more than 3D Mario, it makes sense why do one per platform. Because they don’t want to piss consumer or discourage people to buy it when a sequel were to come. That right there would have been milking franchise.

  2. OH MY GOD NO !! THEY CAN’T BE SERIOUS !! 1 Shitty mario game per console ? How ridiculous !! And they need a recycled Mario game every system so the shitty consoles will sell …Wii U is a disaster !! Worse than the titanic !! Worse than cancer !! Worse than AIDS !! HOLY FUCK !! SHITENDO IS THE WORST COMPANY ALIVE !! SHITENDO !! DIE ALREADY !! PLZZZ ;(

              1. False. Aeolus actually has some intelligence and half decent insults. He may be a troll, but don’t drag him down to the level Ness is.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      you are the worst guy of all time . here is your trophy . i scored NSMB2 for 3ds yesterday in UK , and its the best one yet . it is absoloutly stunning and shit’s all over the vita. its more of a golf club to the vita’s head than a new game for 3ds. the 3ds raises its golf club ‘nsmb2’ and caves the vita’s weak little nerdy head in . ”gtfo off my turf vita , you know you shouldnt be here , BAAAAAAAMM!!!!!! , huh . huh , huh , haaah . huh , huh (the sound of 3ds mercifully panting after murderinug the ps vita ).

        1. thats why its lacking 3rd party support that even the company admits it? and the 3ds gets 2x sales each month more than the vita so yeah, its amazing

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        its what the people call your legacy . the idiots who see graphics more important than your art.
        dont worry shigzy , we will never get bored of your games.
        now make sure you bring us f-zero and starfox on wiiu . its crucial for your hardcore fanbase.

    2. One NEW Super Mario Brothers Game per console.
      Key Word: New
      They’re going to make other mario games on the Wii U just not in the New Mario Bros. Series.
      And there is no company called Shitendo, but there is one called Nintendo.


    1. Hello Jake.

      At this time we are busy implementing Waluweegee into the game. Please do not give away any spoilers!


  4. I know this is off topic but what do you guys think about the console AFTER WiiU.How about it being a Virtual Reality console.WiiR yeah that sounds pretty good.

    1. Didn’t Miyamoto say something about using the idea of background and foreground from Virtual Boy Wario Land in a game? And considering Miyamoto didnt work much on this game (i heard) that means maybe he’s doing a completely different style of 2d mario? Just a thought

    2. yeah that’s what i been telling you guys (for months!!!), 6 years to be exact; why because the wii u come this year and that console can survive 6 years till its successor comes.



        1. That’s nice Bill, now go onto some other site on your Zune or whatever the fuck you use to find porn and horrible music.

    1. Hoping this is sarcasm… Pumping out a new Halo game every year is nothing to be proud of. I’d sooner have one game per console that had had a lot of work put into it than one a year with the only updates being new weapons and maps.

      1. You do know that this fine young man is a great views of health and mightyness of the xbox gaming community!?

            1. To be fairly honest here, I find that the PS Vita is actually pretty decent for a handheld games console. The line up of games in the past few months including that poor excuse of a Resistance game (If it ever was good) hasn’t been great, but I’m sure that the Vita will pick up in sales but not as quickly as Sony hopes.

              I’m not affard to say that Sony has fucked up a lot of the time such as the PSN hack, lack in unique IPs, not adding a new controller to the Playstation consoles and so on.

              But I still own a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and a PS Vita but I also own so of the reival companies stuff too and I have to say I enjoy them all.

              1. You don’t have to say you enjoy them all. It’s not like we’ll think of you any more or any less of a fanboy anyway.

  6. Per console ahy? Sounds to me that Nintendo is running out of ideas… still, its better than COD where we get a new game every fucking year -_-

    1. “Per console ahy? Sounds to me that Nintendo is running out of ideas… ”

      How the fuck does this make sense? No seriously, what fucking planet do you live on?

      1. So I’m guessing that your a Ultra fan boy then, hu?
        What I mean by that is that Nintendo is rehashing the same game over and over again, and since this is going to happen with each new console that means this game is just going to be redone in some way that people don’t notice that it is the same game.

        Also to answer your planet question, I was born on a planet called Earth which you probably never heard of being born in Uranus.

        I like the Mario games too but I would like to see something unique for once like Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine.

        1. you think they make mario 2D every year? man you are really into crack. if they were to make sequel after sequel in the same platform that’s milking. you bitches would complained that its milking and i would agree to it but because there not doing that way. also once the 2D mario come they will focus on the 3D mario, they got 6 years to make a mario 3D because of 2D mario.

        2. Bro, the NSMB games aren’t going to take priority over the 3D ones. Seriously, do you think they’re going to stop making 3D Mario platformers when they make at least one per console? We’re going to continue to get the unique 3D Mario platformers just as we always have.

        3. “Don’t “rehash” the NSMB series, rehash Sunshine and Galaxy instead!”

          And I love how you’re so fucking retarded that you think the NSMB series are just the “same games over and over again”. Dumb ass kid.

          1. They are the same you fucking retard , so you’re saying that nsmb2 is NOTHING like the DS version ? They the fucking same
            ..the 3DS version just has a shitty coin gimmick that dosnt add any interesting gameplay elements ..just more assloads of coins ..and out of all the fanboys i’ve seen on this site are the most denial and stupid

  7. Time to take those new employees and put them thur Mario boot camp! We need new enemy’s, new ways to play, new challenges and more Mario art! Nothing is holding you back now Nintendo if you want 64 Mario’s on screen then make it happen!

  8. This means we won’t see one for about 6 years; Which is how long ago the orginal came out. So around 2018 or 2019. By that time people MIGHT be asking for one.

  9. I just want a Wii U Paper Mario. That is one of my favorite series ever. XD Which I’m sure a Wii U one will happen, its just the pain of waiting haha. Though Sticker Star will help tide me over.

    1. I want a Wii U Paper Mario and a Wii U 3D Mario. The latter IS undoubtedly being made as we speak, they just haven’t told us about it yet.

  10. And so everyone complains that ‘Nintendo is milking the series way too much blah hurr rehash same game again and again”
    Nintendo announces this
    People complain that there’s not going to be enough Mario games
    I’m done.

        1. That WOULD be a little too much, as a HUGE Mario fan. They need leave Galaxy alone, two games is enough. A 3D Mario that emphasizes exploration rather than linearity would be far superior.

  11. Cant wait to see some some new franchises along with the great ones they already have. Hope there is a lot of great surprises ahead.

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        1. He didn’t hack me , it’s a clone ..there are 2 em ..and they don’t know my email ..they are stupid Nintendrones that suck miyamottos tiny dick 24/7

  13. peachy pussy, LOL you guys remember about nsmbW where yoshi’s looked like they can lick eachother and hump eachother, what’d u think bout this ness?

    1. And maybe if Nintendo loves us…. Super Mario World 3! I really want this game to happen! I am still playing the heck out of SMW !

          1. That was NOT Super Mario World 2, as much as us North Americans think it is. We just tacked on that subtitle for localization purposes, but it was actually just “Super Mario: Yoshi’s Island” in Japan. ;)

  14. This site is so has been completely fucked and overrun by trolls, and you’re all falling into it. Plus, everyone who says “ignor da troll” always end up falling right into their bait. Gaming has spawned some stupid people.

  15. One per system seems prefect, any more than that and it would get tiring. Though I do hope they have more than just the “New” Mario games on consoles, I’d love to see more 3D platformers (64, Sunshine, Galaxy)

    1. It does seem perfect! However, I’m disappointed that this means we’ll be waiting half a decade for a real improvement! I mean, the 3DS and Wii U NSMB look great but they hardly build massively on the previous games as pretty much every Mario game before it has.

      1. NSMBU looks a lot different and considering we have only seen like 2 min of it and a couple of screen shots, We can’t really judge it yet.

      2. Why would we have to wait half a decade for a 3D Mario platformer? All 3D Mario platformers were released early into their respective consoles lifetimes. Besides, it’s not as if the NSMB games take a long time to make or require any effort so I don’t see why we’d have to wait forever for a 3D Mario platformer.

  16. Shocking. So they’re continuing the same business model they’ve been using for over 25 years. Stop the presses.

  17. So we’re going to have to wait a whole console generation before we see a real new game rather than a 3D level pack or a level pack with tablet features? Disappointed. I thought NSMB2 and NSMBU were just to keep us happy until a real new game came. :-( Don’t get me wrong, they look like great games and all that but I don’t think there’s enough new stuff in them. The even used some of the same sprites in NSMB2 as in NSMB for the DS! Still, is got the game classic gameplay and I’m sure, if Amazon deliver it soon, I’ll be playing it solidly!

    1. *facepalm*

      They’re going to make “one New Super Mario Bros.” game every platform, NOT “one Mario game.” The Wii had Super Mario Galaxy, THEN New Super Mario Bros. Wii, THEN Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both Galaxy’s and NSMB Wii. Man, some people really do lack intelligence…

  18. As much as I love Nintendo, I think NSMB. can no longer be classed as new… I think the series is fine and all (Actually I think it’s great) but maybe a New Super Mario World? :P

  19. “challenge”? yeah right. all the level designers or programmers have to do is make the landscaping, add blocks, place enemies, coins, ect. and to be honest (not trying to be cocky or anything) it really doesn’t seem THAT difficult to do. sorry nintendo :T

    1. It is not hard to just place them, but they have to place them with perfection. That’s how big N works, they don’t rush things.

    1. It’s obviously happening as we speak, Nintendo just hasn’t officially announced it yet. You think Nintendo would just skip a platform and NOT make a 3D Mario? Please, don’t make such stupid assumptions.

  20. So where is my New Super Mario Bros 64, Super New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Land/Colour, New Super Mario Bros Dolphin, New Super Mario Bros Advance and how about a Virtual New Super Mario Bros?

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