Hyrule Historia Replaces 50 Shades Of Grey As Amazon’s Best Selling Book Right Now

The Hyrule Historia has managed to take the number one spot of Amazon’s best-selling books, dethroning the immensely popular 50 Shades of Grey series. The Hyrule Historia is available to pre-order right now at the ultra-low price of $20.99. The book will be released in the United States on January 29th.

Thanks, Brian



  1. Proof that the people prefer legends and video games over badly written Twilight fanfiction that totally misrepresents S&M as some kind of excuse to be an abuse creep.

    Whenever I begin to lose faith in humanity, I shall remember this moment. The day when the Hero of Time defeated Snowqueens Icedragon.


  2. OH SWEET MERCIFUL GOD IN HEAVEN YES! I was getting really sick of walking through stores and BAM porn right next to my Percy Jackson. If Hyrule Historia can just replace 50 Shades of Grey everywhere else, and then kill it with Din’s Fire, all will be right with the world.


  3. Looks like all of those middle aged housewives finally got tired of flicking their bean to 50 Shades. Go Zelda. Leave luck to heaven.


    1. What, of Zelda?
      Noooooooooo, no no no no no……..
      If you want something that’s actually half-way decent on that score, though, take a look at this:

      It’s one of the best attempts currently out there, and deserves a fair chance by skeptics.


    >everyone in that’s commenting here

    Jesus, why does the internet hate popular phenomenon so much? Have you guys even read the books? I’m happy for Hyrule Historia and all but man, quit acting like it’s all of you against the world.


  5. I’m confused can someone clear this up for me?

    So you pay this super low pre-order price and you get the book when it’s released? Or you pay this simply to pre order it, then pay for the rest of the book?


  6. I don’t understand why women would need a story or plot to masterbate…us men all we need is a picture of a hot broad. Like they say a pictures worth a thousand words….hahaha!


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