Nintendo has revealed that a massive 35 billion coins have been collected worldwide in the recently released New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Japan says 30 billion coins have been collected in the region, while 5 billion coins have been collected in the rest of the world. How many coins have you managed to accumulate?



  1. So we can’t see the global coin counter for ourselves, and we have to depend on Nintendo to tell us? That’s… disappointing.

    But it’s a really fun game, though a tad expensive.


  2. Time to start addin mine to the total as i got my 3DS today :p will add people once i get it set up on my internet (its a pain in the ass)


  3. so far I have 0 coins.




      • I dont play COD ;) I love Nintendo but This is just a lazy rehash. I want a real mario game… hell even 3D land was different to other mario titles.


        • Eh, it is partly. Im playing it now and its still alot of fun and the whole coin thing is actually really cool, i like it. The visuals are alot better than i thought, and the use of sound and music is great, although the 3D does really add much in this game, duno about other games. The only slight problems i have with it is the fact its not exactly original, and the amount of lives you have is just silly and pointless


          • nintendo said it wanted to make it easier on newer players to enter into the mario franchise. they thought adding infinite lives would help with that. i think that’s why the game has so many coins


  4. PS4 will be a little competition to the Wii U. No matter how much power the 720 shall have it will not have creative minds behind it. Seriously think about it. Nintendo is like mercedes, all their products are made magestically. Ms’s xbox line is like ford, mass produced nonsense.


  5. Just went over 70K, even though most of that is from a couple of hours of coin rush. Best score so far is 8812 on Mushroom Pack, can definitely go over 9000 though (no pun intended).


  6. None…. my game is still in the post, I preordered from GAME and it was sent on the 14th saying 3-5 days so I hoped it would be here Friday but it wasn’t… and now it’s tuesday and it’s still not here…


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