An image has surfaced online from GameFAQS which apparently shows the title screen of the next Zelda game on the Nintendo 3DS. After the picture did the rounds many gamers deduced that it is a fake mock-up which was probably designed using the Colours application on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has said that they’re working on a Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS, but no one knows for sure when we will see it.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.



  1. it says “The Legend of Zelda – Ebishiirudo”, so it’s supposed to be called “ebi shield”, which translates to “shrimp shield” :P not very likely!


    • It’s not. There was another pic and it showed something that looked like a scene from Wind Waker (could barely see), there was a ridiculously small minimap on the top screen when it would make more sense for the map to be on the touch screen, the 3D was all the way up and it was at a bad angle which makes no sense for taking a pic…. yeah, it’s not real.


  2. People should be able to see that this is a fake. I mean, with the GREZZO logo the and everything, it’s pretty obvious. Nintendo wouldn’t let them make a brand new Zelda game.


  3. I’d rather have a DKC or Pikmin for the 3DS Im good on Zelda for now! As a matter of fact Just tell me the launch date/price for the Wii U let the handheld rest a bit.


  4. Well this picture was never POSTED in colors gallery, but he could have made it and never uploaded, otherwise like any zelda picture, it would be popular.


  5. First of all… Shimp Shield? Really? If you think that’s real, then go see a doctor. Second, why is there a “G” on the shield? Shouldn’t there be a triforce? Third, the R mark that appears next to the logo is far too small. Fourth, there was another pic that was taken at an awkward angle with 3D on full blast. Why would they do that? Fifth, it looked like a shot from Wind Waker, but it was really blurry. Lastly, there was a minimap on the top screen of the other pic when the map should’ve been on the touch screen if OoT3D taught us anything about the future of 3DS Zelda games. There are too many suspicious things for this to be real.


  6. I don’t think it would be Grezzo. They were pretty much hired by Nintendo to port OoC, probably because Nintendo didn’t have the time to work on it by themselves.


  7. How is this news?

    Really is this what this crappy website does just report every news even if they are fake?

    Might as make you own news up if you are going to do that shit.


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