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Ex Nintendo Employee Says Old Nintendo Titles “More Fun” Than Modern Games

Former Nintendo employee Howard Phillips says that although Nintendo is a great company, the publisher has changed massively since the 1980s. Phillips claims that Nintendo titles made during 1985 to 1991 were more fun than modern Nintendo games because they provided simple, albeit fun mechanics with profound and challenging levels that entertained players. Now, according to Phillips, the video game industry focuses too much on detailing characters and stories.

“Nintendo is still a great company but obviously it has changed immensely since its heyday in the ‘80s. Back then there was literally just a handful of us who formed the core of the company – we worked closely together on almost every facet of the business and the camaraderie and friendships enjoyed then remains very special to me. Also, in the early years (1985-1991) the games were more fun as emphasis was on the simple but fun mechanics with deep and challenging levels to entertain and reward players.”

“Since then the industry became overly-enamored with character and story and to some degree content. The fun in games is determined primarily by what you do, but that fact has been lost or never realized by many current-gen game creators. Generally speaking Nintendo still honors an emphasis on gameplay, but the big budget productions and marketing efforts of today’s games can pull them off point.”

174 thoughts on “Ex Nintendo Employee Says Old Nintendo Titles “More Fun” Than Modern Games”

        1. you can . they are called modern games. i apreciate nostalgic classics.
          but god i would hate to be stuck with them. modern games are about 50 times more fun. ocarina of time was not made in 80s and and its the best game ever. way more fun than the awesome but limited ALTTP . because oot’s 3d z targeting combat system is way better than swinging a top down 2d sword.
          also i think super mario 64 , sunshine and galaxy’s are a lot better than the old titles .

          1. whoa whoa ALTTP is not limited by any standards. In a way, it’s world is one of the biggest in the series. For a 2d title, it was by far the best one in the series. Ocarina of Time is amazing but don’t take anything away from Link to the Past

            1. yeh :) . i know i have ALTTP on my GBA and it is mind blowingly epic!!!!! its 10/10 for its hardware limitations :). but with ocarina nintendo were alowed to do so much more . and it really shows . that is also 10/10.
              hell pokemon red on GB is 10/10 but you calnt compare it to say a modern 10/10 like uncharted or skyward sword :).
              ”things change , thats just the way it is” – quote by tupac shakur.

              1. Your comments show you must be 12. ALTTP still remains the best, period. Ocarina, while nice, lacks the depth ALTTP still carries to this day. The pathetic features you bring up about Ocarina are ironic, since none of it is content-based, yet content is all you fangirls cry about because the graphics are always lacking. Furthermore, pokemon? Must be nice being 12.

                1. i am 21. well doen for embarassing yourself since your the 14 year old trying to make yourself look old :/. i commend your efforts.

                  i was a baby when ALTTP came out.
                  for the snes console it is an epic perfect masterpiece , as stated in my previous comment .
                  i have finished 4 times.
                  ocarina is a much better game. its fully 3d and is basically a lot better experience imo.
                  such a monsterous leap in graphics from snes to n64 made all the difference in ‘fun factor’. i remember switching OOT on for the first time in 99 (when i go it , i know it came out in 98) MY JAW DROPPED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!.
                  no video game (except mario 64) has made my jaw drop since. that was the biggest and most impresive leap made in graphics history , and to acompany the amazing leap you had this MASTERPIECE zelda game aswell. which i personaly think is better all round than ALLTP.

                  keep your opinion to your self. ocarina has a lot of content. the mini games , the heart pieces , sidequests , fishing , skultulas etc etc etc . its a truly epic masterpiece.

                  and it is the greatest achievment in video game industry by a million miles.
                  nothing even comes close to ocarina of time for the ‘best game of all time’ title , NOTHING.

                  not even your beloved (gay) uncharted trilogy

          2. You are probably like me. Ocarina of time is MY favourite game of all time. And A Link to the Past feels limited to me too. What I’ve played of Sunshine and even the little bit I played of Galaxy I enjoyed alot. They’re better than many “old” titles in the sense of content. “Old” titles have amazing gameplay, but many people can beat Super Mario Bros. in less than half an hour. I think that developers focussing on content is important. Gameplay is equally important though, because if a game has alot of content, but the gameplay sucks, then no one plays all of that content.

      1. Agree 100% everything about gaming backthen was good. The box,the box art, the gamebox with game panls, the posters,the music,the diversity in gaming i miss them all. Some of my favorite companies were atari,intellivision,commadore,nintendo,sunsoft,activision,acclaim,sunsoft,snk,konami,capcom heckeven ljn. Modern gaming has the potental to be great but its lost some of its soul:lame packaging,modiocre cover art and so much more. To me everything after ps2 and gamecube went downhill. Modern gaming is great too i mean they have more freedm of creativity and expression. I especially love game within games. Modern gaming just needs to get back on itsfeats and stop milking and rehashing tired franchises that just need a break. Gta vice should be a focal point on whqt 3d enviornments should be especially easter eggs and such


      Not at all. These games nowadays are much more fun by a LOT, would like more of a challenge and new features though

  1. Really? Story n characters? Nintendo? Were talking about the company that has Mario saving peach from bowser for 25 years

    1. peteriuss evil back up clone

      My thoughts exactly Although I love Mario as the Next guy that’s not the problem. Nintendo is focusing too much on the same material lately Too much side scrolling Mario Games I hope that changes.. and I hope we don’t have to wait 11+ years for another Luigi game Like Luigi’s Mansion.

      1. I love that because Nintendo is releasing 2 sidescrolling Mario games in one year, suddenly there’s way too many Mario games and it’s so unoriginal… the last one we had was NSMB Wii, that was what, 3 years ago? That’s a bigger gap than we get between Halo games, for instance. Sure, maybe poor timing on Nintendo’s behalf, but honestly, I’m not complaining, I have yet to play NSMB2 but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, just as I’m sure I’ll enjoy NSMBU.

      2. I doubt another Luigi game will come our way any time soon. Nintendo just doesn’t love him anymore. He got a silver to Mario’s gold. In the original Nintendo reused one of Mario’s sprites and called it a form of Luigi. At the end of every level in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario says: “Mario number one!” Luigi’s only game to himself referenced Mario alot. And maybe that’s why he used a Vaccuum so Nintendo could say: “Luigi you suck…up ghosts…”

    2. i cant agree more. sadly for me the last game (from nintendo) that make me say “wow” was mario galaxy. zelda SS was great but not that great.
      i love nintendo but heyy give me games!!!!. i remeber the first time i played Oot or metroid Prime those game where awesome, even mario sunshine and starfox adventures.

      1. Are you serious? Skyward Sword’s story made me cry. The only other videogame to do that was FFX. It also tied the entire series together quite nicely. And the gameplay was delightful. It ranks above OoT in my books.

        1. lol, am not saying its a bad game, sure i enjoyed it, but look the leap from zelda to ALTTP to OoT to WW although those are all zelda games, they all offer a diferent experience, and am not talking graphics, each one had its own “speacial” touch that made me enjoy them in many levels. i was expecting (4 years wait) a lot from SS but it never gave me what i was hoping.
          SS its better than many games out there, it can easly be in the top 50 games of all times, but is not in my top zelda games.
          but hey its my opinion and i respect yours

  2. I truly miss the Megaman Battle Network series. It was the most fun i ever had on a Nintendo console. I like good stories and cool characters in the games i play.

    1. Same. My favorite type of stories are those that play with your emotions. For example, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, in Igglypuff’s special mission, I was literally crying under my pillow when they took Armaldo away.

      1. Pkmn md is awesome.
        Grovyle I miss you. Why did not Grovyle come back. I cried at Pkmn md. I found it soooooo sad. I LOVE MYSTERY DUNGEON!!!

    2. ahh dude i seriously love the battle network series the most, if you know, many players are still online and they use emulators to play the game online, i can play bn6 online you should search it up

  3. Now I bet people here will agree and say simple game mechanics make for a better game just because someone who worked for Nintendo said so, but you’ll still bash Angry Birds, a game with simple game mechanics.

    1. They’d have a different thing to say as well if it was initially for a Nintendo platform with that kind of success. That’s how double standards work.

      1. Totally agreed. Or if it were the other way around. I bet they’d only have bad things to say about original Donkey Kong if it were in Angry Bird’s place.

        1. I dislike Angry Birds because I find it too difficult, mostly because I didn’t pick it up when everyone else did so I haven’t had the practice… and it just doesn’t really interest me as a game. I can appreciate its design and gameplay though, I just don’t enjoy it personally.

          1. Pretty much what you said.
            I don’t hate the game, but it isn’t my cup of tea.
            Nor was the original Donkey Kong and many other classic games.
            Something people need to learn; disliking a game does not make the game bad.

    2. Thats totally out of context. Did you read the article? The point is that was the standard back then, things have chaned a lot today!

    1. the n64 is by far the best and most important console in history.
      oot , majora’s mask , goldeneye , perfect dark , super mario 64 , Super smash bro’s.
      it was the console which defined modern video gaming. the ps1 was awesome aswell , but i do think the n64’s best games were better than the ps1’a best games. although the ps1 probably had more great games overall.

          1. The ps1 had a ton of great games but ultimately the n64 ,even though it lack memory space and cutscences, savjng grace is the fact that it has cartridge based games which will last longer than cds. So ps1 games will go bye bye within 20 years good care can last 100 yrs but tbe system itself since it has moving parts will last 10-15 more years tops while n64 will last longer untile either the controller,pins or motherboards burn out . Thats why i like vita over psp because of cartridges. Only complaint is that oled screen which is fucking bullshit it will only last 1,600 hours if your lucky while lcd screens last 60 thousand hours. Although i think being touchacreen reduces lifespan greatly?

            1. 1,600 hours ????? then what are you supposed to do ?????
              i spent over 500 hours on monster hunter tri for the wii (sad i know) . but thats a third of that time.
              you supposed to send it off or some shit ?

  4. I have to agree with him on this one. Some of the games back then were ridiculously simple, but also ridiculously fun. Some of them were crazy hard and some were pick up and play masterpieces. Gaming had a better feel to it back then. It was definitely more about fun and engaging gameplay.

    I do think Nintendo is carrying on this tradition well. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. If Nintendo had never grew to include character and story development, we would never have enjoyed titles such as Ocarina of Time.

  6. That’s just like saying “The games that I helped make were better than what they make now”. All this person is doing is patting himself on the back.
    I also disagree with his opinion. Many of Nintendo’s titles are more enjoyable now than any of the past games have been. But of course, it all depends on the types of games one would rather play.

    1. the majority of nintendo’s greatest achievments came on the N64 . so i totaly diasagree with this guy. there was masterpieces on the NES . but post 91 snes games and n64 is nintendo’s golden years. and obviously they ARE STILL golden today.

  7. This doesn’t just apply to Ninten, this applies to all video game industries and nearly all video games in general. *applause*


      1. i don’t piss you off. you should get an original user name, it took me ages to think up mine. your’s is a bit boring.

    1. Umm there’s been graphic whores since the beginning, but try calming down and accept that good graphics don’t make a game bad. And bad graphics don’t make a game good, it doesn’t matter, gameplay is best(I kno wyou know that) and graphics aren’t as important, but they can help add to the experience and immerse the player. Don’t be such a fanboy. Once your no longer a fanboy, you have infinite choices of games.

      1. Although it was justifiable when graphics actually allowed more to be added to the game. SNES to N64 as a prime example. Nowadays, graphics are just a bit… pointless beyond 480p.

        1. You have to understand that resolution does not mean graphics. Resolution Does make a difference, but soon thanks to sony 1080p will be the next sd, anyways, what I mean by graphics is “power” you can have a further draw distance, use more AI, improve the art direction to newer hights, you could have less loading times, lrger worlds, more details to everything, and the over all HD details are jst a cherry on the top. I think as long as each generation continues to get more powerful, new and improved experiences can be born and can change gaming still.

  8. I agree, games are not the same generally speaking. Developers these days, are too much worried about making games to look like movies, and sometimes they even seem to forget what makes games special and different from any form of Art: The Gameplay. Still, I think Nintendo still have simple characters and great focus on gameplay.

        1. you will pay for that,microsoft gave you the vest things and you…never mind you are still in our team for eva

          1. The only chance I got of not being a dancing kinect character in the next Rare game, is if Microsoft realise that I would sell million times more gold on a Nintendo Handheld system.

                  1. Madworld, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, Black Ops, The Last Story, Monster Hunter 3, Okami, and many, many more games would like to have a word with you.

                    1. Such a tiny list of non-casual games in the sea of utter shit.

                      Also there isn’t “many, many more”.

                      You feel good about posting that? That’s actually embarrassing.

                    2. Xenoblade, Pandora’s tower, Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye 007, Project Zero 2, SSBB…

                  2. Aeolus, actually, there’s many many more Good Wii Tittles: Metroid Prime Trilogy and Corruption, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Sin & Punishment 2, Muramasa, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Paper Mario, No-More Heroes 1 & 2, The conduit 1 & 2, Red Steel 2, Little King’s Story, Xenoblade Cronicles, Wario Ware, Kirby, Zack and Wiki, Punch Out, Sonic Colors, Dead Space, Donkey kong Country Returns. If you have a Wii, did you played all these games? you can’t complain about quality when you didn’t run out of nice games to play!

                  3. I have to slightly agree with aeolus here, wii was originally marketed for casual gamers and still is. It worked out very well for nintendo. But a lot of fans were unhappy, so they released a few hardcore games, but sadly the wii has too much casual shovelware titles, that make the real hardcore titles look really small. It. Was both a good and bad strategy.

        2. Don’t worry about it, Banjo; if I ever strike it rich, I’ll make it a point to raise all of the money needed specifically to buy the Banjo-Kazooie franchise.
          Then I’ll give it, yes, GIVE IT, right back to Nintendo, on the condition that they make it a long-running PLATFORMING series again, just like the good old days.

            1. Nintendo has enough talented people with them that, if they bought back Rare, they could fill the gaps that cropped up when the good people in it left for other places.
              I’m just praying that someone buys them from Micro before the entire company name becomes known for failures.

              1. That’s right. Their names already don’t mean much to the games, they only mean something if you know what they did in Nintendo’s systems. Microsoft should give them freedom to work, just like Nintendo did back then.

    1. I like to call a lot of modern games “movie games”, because there’s so many pointless cutscenes and realism that you might as well just make it a movie, not a game.

      1. Sure! and i’m not saying that games can’t have a ”movie appeal”, if its possible, it can be made. but it can’t be, as you said, pointless. A great example is Metal gear solid: the proposal is being like a movie, an interactive movie, but the cutscenes and story are well made, even better than a lot of real movies, and the gameplay, wow, it’s a piece of gold!

  9. Ohh and by the way I got Fios and its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Netflix on the Wii plays @ a perfect 720p and worthy of every penny.

  10. Have to agree with this guy. Even though graphics and story are nice, they should never replace gameplay as the main focus of games. Too many developers these days forget that these days. If I was ever interested in a game just for the story and graphics and didn’t care for the gameplay, I would just watch a walkthrough of it on the Internet.

    1. BTW, what happened to the comment rating system? I actually thought the troll situation got better after it was implemented.

        1. Really? Didn’t see any anti-Nintendo-Aelous posts, and those are by far the worse in my opinion, but whatever. All this site needs is a spam button that removes or hides the comment after 15 or so presses, then everything will be fine.

          1. Needs to be more clever than that, otherwise trolls could just click that button 15 times and kill whatever comments they like. It needs to keep a backlog of who’s reported, it needs someone to manually check for non-spam posts… it needs so much more.

  11. While i love old games, nintendos wii games are some of my favourite of all time. Metroid prime, Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy, DKCR. Id say Nintendo always stick by its roots, and thats to make something fun

    1. Only thing i should add is that recent Mario games are painfully easy, and thT eould be my only complaint, although Galaxy 1 & 2 had some pure rage levels (luigis purple coins). Every other franchise has stayed pretty hardcore (Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, blah blah)

      1. As long as the games are fun, I don’t care if they’re easy or hard.
        Difficulty isn’t a prerequisite for entertainment value, IMO.
        I wish more people would take that lesson to heart.

        1. I know, i hate difficulty levels, they should only be there as an optional challenge or the game should be build difficult, but i just thought it was way to easy :/ Galaxy was a much better balance of easy, hard and coin/silver star collecting

      2. you have a point about the difficulty of games, they seems to be less harder than before. but, it’s not only because they are made to be less harder, The systems have enough power these days to simulate better physics. The controls are much better responsive than back in the 80’s and 90’s. these things make games easier because a jump it’s not anymore about math, it’s more intuitive, the players can be more creative to achieve some objectives.

        About Mario games, did you get all Star Coins in SM3D Land? I find it really hard to get. The game can be beated in a blink of an eye, but if you like mario games, and call yourself a ”hardcore” gamer, you will want to complete the game 100% and that’s when you find the hardest challenges! it can be applied to almost every nintendo game.

        1. I got them all in a few hours…haha the extra world didnt take me much longer than the standard world either. I dont know if thats because im good at the game or if its easy…

          1. You must be good for sure! I find some jumps really hard in that game, and when you have to beat the levels with shadow mario pursuing you? wow, that was hard for me!

  12. These games today are good but to me games should emphasis more on the story. But the quality in gaming has been going down the toilet these days. A good example is Capcom. They have DLC on the disks already not to mention they really have messed up the fighting games these days. Look at Marvel vs Capcom3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcomthey have an
    Easy mode to where u can hit one button and it will do a crazy combo. Not to mention theirs no thinking anymore in these games. You just set your opponent up for these ridiculous infinite combos. In today’s fighting games Alone the glitches that were in the old games, are now te standard or these new fighting games. Not to mention Resident Evil has gone down the tubes cause its not a survival horror game no more. Only good game by Capcom as
    Of late is Asura’s Wrath cause the story in this game was fantastic. An it’s a very under rated game

    1. No, they shouldnt focus on story. Mario doesnt need a story, its not neccessary. The big problem with games today, is like of originality, or the fact that 80% of games are shooters….and that games a WAY too short these days. Im playing Darksiders 2 right now. Such a big game, im clocking in over 20 hours and in still a good while away from conpleting it, as well as side missions, and new game +. And yet the game, while not the “best” looking open world game, has an amazing art style, incredible soundtrack, probably one of the best in the past decade, and a reasonably ok story with great voice acting. But its gameplay is incredibly fun, on top of all that.

      Now look at it sales counterpart, Sleepibg Dogs. Basically Hong Kong GTA, with a broke Arkham City fighting mechanic. Boring story, dull characters, boring gameplay. Oh but games visuals are pretty good, and “better” or should i say more realistic than Darksiders 2. Reviewers gave Sleeping Dogs a higher score. Which bring the second biggest problem with the industry. Bullshit review sites and rep of gaming (Pachter ect)

  13. There is indeed some merit to what has been said here in many ways – however, one cannot state that modern gaming lacks fun…as a matter of fact, we have had great amounts of entertainment from many gaming experiences over the last few years – many on the DS, moreso than many of the central consoles!

    At the end of the day, it’s all about what one wants from the developer and the company along with whether or not one can overlook the errors that have transpired along the way…thus if thou compare companies here and now to those back in yonder times, it is far more difficult to perhaps overcome the senses of nostalgia, because ones views were simpler and far less tainted towards their mistakes in comparison to the modern times, where every developer is perhaps guilty of something we all disagree with!

      1. Well, since thou asked so kindly….

        The Ace Attorney Series, Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk, Bowsers Inside Story…this would be ones definition of fun in the context one discussed, dear Dragon!

        { And whilst we are aware you were speaking quotes, one felt that perhaps this particular clarification was still of relevence regardless! :P }

  14. No! Kid Icarus: Uprising is way better than the older ones. Oh and the reason he thinks that is mabye because they were original and brand new. For instance people thought that toast/toaster oven was the greatest invention ever and now people it’s just whatever.

  15. Super Mario bros 1,2, and 3 are so so so so so much better than new super Mario bros, new super mario bros 2, Mario wii, and eventually Mario wii u

  16. I think he has a point. While many games today are fun there are many that are not focused on much as the fun as they are on looking pretty or something. Before consoles were pretty limited on what they could do so they had to be fun. I do like many modern games but I play games from my N64 and older at least half the time now.

  17. Simple is fine with me, but I love a great story more then mindless stomping(still fun). That’s why I play pokemon, halo, kid icarus,revelations, games just feel “empty”without a story to me, of course this is. All opinion.

    1. Well minecraft doesn’t have much of a story but for some reason its in my top favorite games! I guess any kind of game can be great! It all comes down to personal prefeance.

      1. The story spans further than most video game series out there, it has books which add to the story, an internet series, a huge fanbase, an awesome community, the story itself spans billions of years with a plethora of characters. It is truly one, of the top stories in video game history, this is alll of course my opinion, and I share it with millions of otther halo fans out there, note I say “one of the best” because there are, and I agree, hundreds of other games out there with rich and unique story lines which people enjoy. Except for this ex nintendo employee, boy is he missing out.

          1. That is in no way a line, or an action in halo. Have you ever even played all of the halos? Or read the books? I didn’t think so, halo isn’t about the weopons, its about the story, about solving a mystery, and most of all having fun.

            1. Solving a mystery… By blowing stuff up with a rocket launcher.

              Seriously, the weapons in Halo are so unbalanced you may as well just ignore the assault rifle that takes a clip to kill at point blank, and overly spam the rocket launchers which chew through tanks like butter.

              1. The weopons in halo are unbalanced??? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Halo is considered to have the most balanced gameplay along with weopons in the entire fps genre.

  18. I think that, ultimately, the “how much story video games should have” thing comes down to taste and personal preference. Saying that games that focus on story are less fun is kinda unfair. Same with complexity and stuff. It is simply how you like your games. Just because how you like your games is different from how everybody else likes their games doesn’t make you right or wrong. What is wrong is when you state that one way is when you make sweeping generalizations.

  19. The first Mario game has given me, what. A few minutes of play? In the end, I’ve only bothered to get to level 2.

    3D land has given me almost 15 hours of gameplay. I’ve completed the WHOLE game.

    I have to whole-heartedly disagree.

  20. 1. story & gameplay
    2. graphics.

    The older games had no story and good but frustrating gameplay and ok graphics. Now it is all graphics, good gameplay, no story.

    1. Your mostly correct, but I’ve been noticing much greater stories lately, they seem to becoming instead of games, but “interactive movies”. That’s what I would call a lot of games now. But I mostly agree with you as yes some games are good gameplay and graphics but lack a story. But I guess story and graphics aren’t as important as gameplay, proof is minecraft Its only on(only counting 360 version) on one pllatform and has almost managed to sell more than MW3. I think its the only game without a story I like, except for tetris!

  21. I agree and disagree. Yes, the classics is and always be the best, but that doesn’t mean easy modern games had to be ignored. Back then, the games were difficult because is an easy cash-in for companies (paying quarters in arcades to continue, or buying Nintendo Power’s for cheats) Now, most game companies are a bit more generous, giving non-gamers a chance without punishing them too harshly for not being so good. And with that, They sells alot of games by making them a bit easy for newcomer casual gamers. I know most gamers would disagree of my theory, but that’s just my opinion :) What’s yours?

  22. Bop Bam Boom!!! This just sounds like a typical old guy ranting about the “good old days.” Like how old people hated rock and roll and parents now-a-days hate rap hip hop and pop music… same thing here. I wouldnt be into video games if they were still 8 bit games. Graphics arent everything but they still mean SOMTHING. Bippity Boppity Bam!!!

  23. Wow, this post is going to cause a shit storm. I do agree, I like my older games better for the most part, but some games ARE getting better. For example, Pokemon is growing at an astounding rate and the many glitches and broken mechanics from the first games have been fixed ten fold.

    Then we have games like Legend of Zelda. The story is an important part, yes. But the way the game is built is far different now and I don’t like it as much. The rewards and the challenge feel watered down. Yes, the game is much more actiony, but don’t you miss the excitement of figuring out how to find all the secrets by pleasant surprise while trying to clear a dungeon? In SS I noticed that not only are the secrets more scarce, but they’re not nearly as rewarding. I didn’t feel inclined to bother getting all the goddess cubes/walls other than getting the heart pieces.

    I also liked it better when Zelda games gave you the tool and then you pretty much had to learn for yourself. Now every little thing needs a tutorial and I find it annoying. It hardly even feels worth it to back track, either. SS lacks the feel of adventure that the other games have because of it’s small and linear environments. Yeah, you can make some shortcuts.. but for the most part once you finish the area, you’ve already seen everything. How dull. In games like Wind Waker and Link to the Past there was always more to find in old locations, and that included new areas to explore and loot for treasure. I’m sorry, but the newer Zelda games just don’t have it the same way. It’s not necessarily bad, but at the same time Nintendo lost the grip it had with franchises like Zelda. They’re not emphasizing the features that made games like Zelda and Metroid popular in the first place.

  24. maniax300 doesn't feel like logging in (LOL)

    How to troll:

    Step 1: Trolololololololololololooooo

    This Is a lie comments up there prove that this = LIE

  25. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Phillips never stated that Modern Nintendo games didn’t focus on simple fun gameplay, he stated that Modern Games sometimes pressure Nintendo to add more story and character development to games, such as Zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox. It looks like he was talking about Modern Games as a whole. But in this article, you seem to have twisted his words. Dude, you gotta stop this.

  26. I half agree with this. It almost like the Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic debate, where people think Classic Sonic is the best. However, as a classic and modern Sonic fan, both types had flaws in them. The same can be said with this. While I do like classic games, I do not see all of them being superior over modern games now. Most modern games now are just as great as the classics. I would rather have a mixture of both than just one or the other.

    I prefer games to have a good story than a rushed one. Games without stories are good, but over time they may get boring faster than ones with stories.

  27. Also, if change never happened, then we would be stuck with repetitiveness of the “classic” feel. I am not saying the “classic” feel is bad, but variety can help makes things more fresh and not feel outdated.

  28. Yeah, I tend to agree. I often find myself playing and buying games for my NES than my Wii, 3DS, or 360.

    I wonder how Howard feels about the closing of Nintendo Power…

  29. I don’t like that he says they’re focusing “too much” on the games’ stories. The storylines of the Zelda games are one of the biggest reasons why the series is so successful…take away the stories and you lose most of the RPG fans, and I would assume that’s a lot of people.

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