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Here’s The Boss Wii U Box Art Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The cover art of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features the main protagonist of the Tekken series, Jin Kazama, along with his trainer/grandfather, Heihachi Mishmima. The game will launch later this month for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and this holiday for Wii U.

62 thoughts on “Here’s The Boss Wii U Box Art Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2”

    1. this game just scored 39/40 in amitsu magazine :O .

      that means we have a seriously fuking good fighting game to look forward to on wiiu .
      also it has a mario mushroom in the wiiu version and you can draw designs on your char’s face to customize your online apearance.

      tekken tag 2 on wiiu could be a must buy . *will be a must buy*

            1. pokemon black and white are fuking amazing . and recieved a 9/10 everywhere else.

              especialy for japanese gamers , that game is perfect.

              whats wrong with it ???? apart from about 8 dodgey looking pokemon .

              1. Black and White are great games, and the game was received so well because it was with a more unusual background compared to the previous games.

                As you said, there are a few dodgy Pokemon, but when haven’t there been. I like almost all Pokemon and I can’t think of many this Gen that I dislike.

  1. Now it’s settled: I have to get this game! Wow that looks awesome. (And no I’m not getting this game just because of the artwork. I’ve been wanting this game for a while and the real decisive factor is when I saw the Megashroom in the trailer at E3.)

    1. Is that meant to say ugly? If so, I don’t really see how in my opinion. I think it’s one of the better box-arts on the Wii U, along with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed and the North American ZombiU.

      How come you dislike the box-art?

      1. I still see many people complaining about it. Every WiiU box art article always has them. I personally don’t see why it’s such a big deal. It’s a tiny line that is barely even visible.

  2. Sickr ♥ Alba | Patcher sucks dick

    I Must say that the blue with yellow at the top is fuckng ugly!!! it mades it look poor and cheap.

  3. Well this cover art has been around for a whileeeee. Just not with the slightly odd wii u thing on the top. I will be buying this game ASAP. I love the Tekken series and finally a good one on a Nintendo console! I am excited for the ninja lady umm yotimitsu or something.. my bro likes xbox games so he plays 360 mostly and I enjoy 3ds and wii… although I can’t ignore assasins creed, tekken and a few other series.

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  5. As cool as the boxart looks, I still don’t like the thin yellow line up there with the WiiU logo. It’s very distracting, sadly.

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