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Game Informer October Cover Revealed: New Super Mario Bros U!

Nintendo’s next instalment of the New Super Mario Bros series will be gracing the cover of next months Game Informer. The publication says that it has been 16 years since their cover story has focused on one of Mario’s adventures. The team at Game Informer said that they recently went hands-on with New Super Mario Bros U at Nintendo HQ, so expect to hear plenty of impressions of possibly a new build of the game.

69 thoughts on “Game Informer October Cover Revealed: New Super Mario Bros U!”

        1. Uhm………not really Mike S!!! Metriod Prime-You explore, Find Upgrades, fight bosses at the end of each world….just different worlds.

          new Mario- start at one end at the level; end at the other
          Use upgrades to help finish, fight a boss at the end of the world

          now explain to me how all 3 Primes are ” VERY” different from each other!!!!

          1. Wrong. Prime 1 was like a 1st person NES Metroid.
            Prime 2 went into a deeper and dark story, and the Light and Dark Aether shifting, opened up the game, had less back tracking.
            Prime 3 was more cinematic, different planet, more story.

            Both control the same way, and feel the same, but are completely different

        2. That’s actually not any different from your example. I don’t know about “very different”, because they play mostly the same. Just new bosses, new planets, some new weapons, some old weapons.

          Now Mario brothers: New levels, new bosses (in a sense that they behave differently, have different attacks), some new power ups, some old power ups.

          So both series have entirely new levels, same basic game play elements as the others in the series.

          I thought NSMB 2 would be fresher, but it was not, I was able to play NSMB U at a Wii U event, and seemed to play just like the Wii one, just as I described: new levels, new power ups, old powerups… and same multiplayer mayhem from the Wii installment.

          1. I was trying to explain how the Prime series aren’t that different..from each other……and explain how the mario series isn’t different from each other…

            kinda confusing…sorry

        3. Mike S, you are a bitch and you get worse and worse everyday. Just do us all a favor and kill yourself.
          Metroid Prime sucks my cock. It’s awful. Metroid Other M, on the other hand, is a masterpiece.
          New Super Mario Bros. U will be awesome. So, shut up. Bitch.

          1. Other M was terrible. When I play Metroid, I would rather be the silent badass from Prime than the whiny prepubescent girl depicted in that game. Thankfully I didn’t waste my money buying that piece of crap and just watched it on youtube out of curiosity. The only good thing to come out of that game was the amazing orchestral version of Ridley’s theme, truly epic.

        4. are you kidding me? they are sequels so they are generally the same with new additions just like this series.

          so how is this rehashed is metroid prime isnt?

          1. They’re as different as sequels could be, of coarse some things would be similar. NSMB Wii on the other hand felt like the same game I played on DS. Which is why I traded it in towards Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which looks to be a great sequel with plenty of new things.

      1. It does indeed. Although you have to admit that they are always pretty similar. No, I’m not an Xbox fanboy. In fact, I will always stand up for the 3D Mario games, because they’re always different and fresh. The New Super series seems more like a homage to older fans, showing them that 2D Mario is still here. But there’s nothing wrong with being similar, they are really fun games.

    1. New Super Mario Bros (DS)
      New Super Mario Bros Wii (Wii obv)
      New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS) <— only rehash game
      New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U)

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    1. They know Nintendo cares about their customers so they never over charge. The trolls are scared that the 720 an PS4 will be $600 at launch like last time. They no they can’t afford it so they don’t want to be left behind.

      1. oh and let me tell you this, these fools who said that the xbox and ps4 will be more powerful and expensive than wii u are not even going to buy it. they are not even going to buy it till it becomes cheap and say to the internet that they have a powerful machine and say i have it since.

        if wii u is more than 599$ the drones are not going to even touch it, even if its more powerful and expensive.

        they are going to say 599 for a console(xbox and ps3) is ok, but when Nintendo does it, they snap.

  2. I think that these NEW SUPER MARIO titles are good…the games have the nostalgic feel but lack soul…it seems that the world designs are lacking a theme..or the flow of the levels is off….super mario world had good flow to the levels and worlds and each world had a the forest..coco island or the cave.

    1. I’d definitely say each world has a theme- the only reason levels may not seem so similar is because they’d prefer to change them up a bit within the world. For example, the world could be volcanoes, but it has a basic level, a level where you need to outrun lava, and a cave of cooled magma.
      I think this one will have even more diversity than NSMB Wii, but also that the graphics will allow them to keep the similar themes within each world.

  3. Example of my post above this one is……. Just look at this’ve got a massive tree in the same bed of water as a glacier!!!! just dosen’t mesh.

    1. Actually, those are GRASSY HILLS, not a bed of water, and it’s a STONE formation, not a glacier. It meshes just fine.

    2. So you didnt see the trees in what you called “bed of water”? Ill agree, those stone formations are different but it adds a feeling of brand new to the series in terms of backgrounds

    1. don’t underestimate the pure unrivalled simplistic joy of running through some sideway’s mario :) ,
      this game is a must buy for me. mario on gamepad . nuff said.

      DO NOT care if it is a ‘rehash’ . its HD and will be awesome

      1. Im not saying its gona be a bad game, it’s probably very fun, its just theres about 8-9 other games coming around in the last quarter of 2012 that i want to get first

  4. I’m starting to think Brawl (and I guess the other Smash Bros. titles) spoiled me as far as side-scrolling games go. In Brawl Mario moves from left to right, but he can pull off cool moves and take more than 2 hits before he goes down. Not the case in NSMB.
    This game’ll sell a billion copies in 8 seconds, but… I can’t. Lol

  5. Ok guys, for those who are saying, oh great, another 2d mario. WRONG. NSMB2 for 3ds made mario games (2d) look horrible. As fun as NSMB2 was, it barely changed from the original. The Wii version of NSMB was very fun and even had yoshi. NSMBU will definately be better, i mean, a HD mario. Brb i need to masturbate.

      1. I think it does, I vaguely remember seeing it reported on or seeing a picture somewhere.
        I could be wrong of course. Try Google!

    1. BREAKING NEWS: They actually confirmed original worlds such as a Dessert Desert and a whole world that’s inside of a Tornado. I’m super excited for this game now!

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