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Mario Kart 7 & Super Mario 3D Land Apparently Coming To Nintendo eShop

A GBAtemp user was running a weekly scan of Nintendo’s CDN, which is the server where Nintendo hosts eShop titles, and noticed that the ID’s of the European versions of both Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario Land 3D were recently added to it. This means that, supposedly, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land will join New Super Mario Bros. 2 as downloadable titles from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks, Brandon.



      1. Ahhh, but what happens if you lose the game? Hmmmmm?

        If you lose it, you’ll never get it back. If you download digital, you’ll never lose it as it’ll always be with you… Forever… And ever… And ever… And ever…

        Unless you delete it, but you can always re-download it to get it back.


      2. Er actually you can lose the digital copy if your 3DS breaks, remember you can’t simply just pop the SD card in the new 3DS without doing a transfer and you need the old 3DS in order to do it.

        And good luck trying to get Nintendo to help you with that.


      3. unless their servers go down. unless nintendo dies. unless 3ds dies. granted there’s a very low chance of any of these to happen, but that’s a concern.


      4. i agree with you . the only way i will ever even be a tiny bit tempted into buying a full digital game instead of retail is if it cost’s £20 instead of £30 .

        NSMB2 is £40 to download in UK and £30 in the shop.

        you want me to pay more for something that hasent been manufactured and hasent gone through a stores profits ?????

        no sense made . no incentive .


      1. That’s a deeply impractical request. First of all to develop consistently high quality levels every 2 months is near impossible, even for Nintendo, second that would hog resources way too much for other game development.


  1. I’ll probably buy Mario Kart 7 again because of this. It would be cool to always have it with me on the home screen when I need it instead of switching cartridges and getting it mixed up with my friend’s games.


  2. It’d be nice if they offered a free download if you had already purchased the games in question, I wouldn’t mind always having Mario Kart 7 on me.


  3. ok im pretty sure someone already asked this but i bought the physical copy (dont like physical copies as much) of 3D Land, and if this is true do you think people with the physical copy who linked it with club nintendo will be able to get the digital version at no cost, being we already bought it?

    …probably not :/


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