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Circle Of Mana Trademarked By Square Enix

Square Enix has filed for a new trademark called Circle of Mana. So far, there’s nothing known about this project, but let’s hope it’ll be like the fantastic Secret of Mana for SNES, which can be downloaded for 800 Wii Points via Wii’s Virtual Console. Because the last title in the series, Heroes of Mana, is for Nintendo DS, perhaps Circle of Mana will be for Nintendo 3DS.



      1. Great! Oh wait – almost nobody actually owns a 4K TV, and since it’s thousands now, it won’t become cheap enough for people to buy it anytime soon. At least five years go over such developments.

        Nice try anyway though, and as always: get cancer! =3 <3


      1. Some Autistics work making the programs for the very stuff you enjoy on your oh-so-precious PC.
        Geniuses with Aspergers Syndrome.
        Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, hippie scum.


      1. *please.

        Also where you are placing your comma’s are incorrect. Oh and why with the grammar checking Nessy? I thought it didn’t matter on the internet? Lol.


    1. “So far, there’s nothing known about this project”

      So mature Aeolus clone. You’re judging a game based on it’s name. You’re such a gamer! *Slow Clap*


  1. If this comes out for 3DS or Wii U, and if its gameplay is like Secret of Mana, I’ll be on cloud 9.
    Few games captured my sense of adventure as much as Secret of Mana did.
    It would be a harken back to the golden years of gaming.


  2. Not related to the topic, but for some reason I’m not receiving notifications when someone replies to my comments. This is for people who have a Gravatar and have to use word press. I’m talking about the little box that would light up red at the top of the window btw and not the email notifications.


      1. Do you really think Nintendo will add on a feature which will put another $50 onto the price of the Wii U, which will barely be used at all?


  3. Here my guess on the trademark Circle of Mana will be a Compilation of all the Mana games on one disc for the Wii U! Lets see the accuracy roll in I very much doubt they will make a new mana game with the way there new games of old franchises have been lacking lately that and the constant release of compilations lately in the biz this will probably be the case!


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